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April 6, 2021
Status Money
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Status Money, a savings and investment tracking platform, allows you to view your net worth, track your credit score and connect with other users. Compare financial progress toward some of the most common goals with your peers and link bank and investing accounts all through a single simple interface. Status Money, free to use for basic services, also offers access to affordable one-on-one financial planning sessions and additional functions for $10 or less a month.

Best For
  • Social investing features
  • Free budgeting and savings app users
  • Anyone looking for affordable one-on-one coaching with a financial planner
  • Social investing features allow you to connect with other users
  • Offers affordable one-on-one financial planning services
  • Allows users to compare finances anonymously with peers
  • Limited options to contact customer service
  • Not available outside of the United States

Status Money Ratings at a Glance

You’ve probably wondered how your emergency fund, level of debt, progress toward financial milestones and overall financial health compares to your peers. Unfortunately, you may rarely share this information, even with your close friends and family members, which can make it difficult to evaluate whether you've stuck to the right goals, like owning your own home or saving for retirement.

Status Money offers a unique money management platform that allows you to anonymously compare their finances to members of their peer group, alongside additional investing and saving services. Benzinga's Status Money review will help you learn more about what sets this app apart from competitors and will help you decide whether Status makes sense for your financial management needs. 

Status Money Services

If you’ve ever used a budgeting or financial planning app, you may already understand many of the services that Status Money offers. Some of our favorite services Status Money currently offers include:

  • Financial comparisons: Whether you’ve just started saving for retirement or you’ve put money into an investment account for years, you’ve probably wondered how your holdings compare to savers your own age. Status Money allows you to compare your saving, investing and spending habits anonymously with other users in your peer group and also compares it to national averages. Averages are always kept completely anonymous, and projections you see occur through partnerships and panels with major financial institutions. 

Wonder how your spending compares to people your age? Status Money allows you to anonymously compare your habits to both national averages and spenders in your peer group.

  • Social savings tools: You don't need to be on your own when planning for retirement, saving to buy your first home or paying down debt through Status Money. In addition to projection tools and tracking features, Status Money also offers social investing and savings features that allow you to anonymously connect with other users on the platform. Ask for advice and earn badges as you participate in the community.


Status Money doesn’t just help you project your future net worth and plan ahead. You can also easily and anonymously ask for advice and help others with the platform’s Social Trading features. 

  • Free credit score monitoring: Tracking your credit score remains an important part of balancing your finances and achieving your future financial goals. Status Money allows you to track your credit score for free and you can also enable alerts that inform you whenever a new item gets added to your credit report. 
  • Personalized recommendations and cash rewards: Status Money’s algorithms analyze your spending, interest rates and the fees that you regularly pay on your accounts. The platform then recommends lower-interest options to help you pay less for the cards and services that you need. You’ll also earn cash rewards when you act on recommendations or when friends join the platform. You can claim as many rewards as you want just for saving and inviting friends to save. 

Status Money Pricing

Unlike some other budgeting apps, you don’t need to subscribe to a paid Status Money account in order to use the platform’s services. Status Money offers free basic features (including net worth calculation, credit monitoring and social community features). The company earns money by providing sponsored offers to you by analyzing your spending and by serving advertisements. For example, if Status Money has an advertising partnership with a credit card that offers lower interest rates for users like you, it serves you an ad for its partner card. 

If you’d like to unlock advanced features from Status Money, you can also join Status Money Premium. Status Money Premium lets you can take advantage of:

  • Advanced charting: Status Money Premium accounts include advanced charting options that allow you to better visualize spending and saving patterns.
  • One-on-one coaching: Status Money Premium users can chat one-on-one with a financial planner once a month via video. This can help you ensure that you stay on track toward the goals that you set.
  • More customization features: Think that your automatically generated peer group doesn’t exactly match up with your lifestyle? Premium users can further customize their peer group and comparison features.
  • Credit report updates: Premium users can access their full credit report on a weekly basis directly through their Status Money platform.

Status Money Premium costs $10 per month when you choose monthly billing and $96 per year when you choose a single annual payment. Subscribing to Premium using an annual plan allows you to save 20%.

Customer Service

Status Money currently offers 1 method that you can use to get in contact with its customer service team — via email. To contact Status Money’s customer service team by email, send a message detailing the issue to For the quickest possible response, use the email account that you used to sign up for your Status Money account.

We’d love to see Status Money continue to develop its customer service options to include services like live chat and phone support. 

Status Money Mobile App

Status Money’s financial app mimics full desktop functionality. Track your investments, access social trading features and even manage your rewards with Status’s intuitive mobile interface. You can also enable two-factor authentication to secure your account when you access Status Money through public WiFi.

Status Money has taken steps to ensure that (even when using the mobile platform) your data stays secure. The application uses 256-bit encryption to keep data out of the hands of hackers, which is the highest practical level of encryption employable for everyday use. It offers the same services as the desktop platform and a completely synced system so you can seamlessly and safely transition from your computer to your mobile device at any time. 

Status Money Overall Rating

With a quick signup process, unique tools that you can use to compare your finances to your peers and a simple and straightforward platform that easily transfers to mobile, Status Money offers an excellent option if you want to track your net worth and budget better. You can also access one-on-one coaching and advanced services affordably through Status Money for less than $10 a month with an annual plan. While we’d love to see the company continue to expand its offerings and customer service options, Status Money remains a low-cost option for money managers.  

Status Money vs. Competitors

Status Money offers a few unique advantages over competitors, including:

  • Financial comparisons: Status Money allows you to anonymously compare your finances with your peers to ensure that you stay on track to achieve your goals.
  • Social investing features: Connect anonymously, give and get advice and earn badges all through Status Money’s social investing community.
  • Affordable one-on-one sessions with financial planners: Some companies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to meet with a financial planner. With Status Money Premium, you can video chat with a certified financial planner once a month to help you stay on track toward your goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Status Money available outside of the United States?


No, you can only use Status Money within the United States.


Do I have to link my credit file to use Status Money?


No, linking your credit file is optional and you don’t need to link any bank account information to open your account with Status. However, the company recommends that you do link this information for the best possible user experience.   

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