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June 8, 2022
Silvia Bellrock
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When Silvia Bellrock began helping clients, her vision was to give new and aspiring traders easy-to-follow trading strategies that were usable in every market situation. Relying on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis allowed Bellrock the ability to routinely find 100% movers. Her strategies are great for part-time traders and for those who do not want to spend all day looking over stock charts. In Bellrock’s words, “Life is too short for that.”   

Best For
  • Novice and intermediate traders
  • Personal attention
  • Rich content
  • Daily posts of analysis, trade ideas and trade alerts in real-time with entries, stop losses and targets
  • Newer service so it lacks a long documented history of success for subscribers

Silvia Bellrock Ratings at a Glance

Investment Tips, Alerts and Education from Silvia Bellrock

Bellrock’s platform rests on a concept she calls The Inner Circle. This includes the Bellrock Accelerator Trading Course, lifetime access to the Bellrock PRO membership with personalized coaching and video meetings. 

The Bellrock Accelerator seeks to declutter the process of trading, making it easier for the trader, which in turn will lead to faster profits. She uses that premise to provide her clients with uncomplicated charts and usable indicators that clear up confusion rather than complicating the trading process. The Bellrock Accelerator trading course covers Bellrock’s proven swing trading formula and strategies that follow the theory that "less is more" and quality over quantity. Bellrock uses a straightforward, uncomplicated approach that focuses on a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. It is excellent for those who do not wish to sit in front of a computer all day staring at charts and those who have time constraints and need an easy-to-follow streamlined process. Not only does the course provide investment analysis, but it also offers courses on psychological topics that go along with investing, risk management, fundamental research and market cycles. 

This depth of knowledge given to the client through the course is made to strengthen their ability to make sound, profitable investments. The content is continually updated, which is advantageous to the client as it allows them to learn more about the market as the market changes in real-time. The timeliness of this feature is a strength of the Bellrock Accelerator strategy and its ability to adapt to different markets. 

The Bellrock Accelerator course focuses on a risk-on/risk-off approach to trading. The course provides you with the tools to differentiate when it's time to go all-in and when to sit still, and teaching clients when to take action is a hallmark strength of the program. 

Bellrock PRO membership offers a growing educational catalog that gives guidelines on how to react to market cycles and the setups for cycles, how to find good stocks, a guide to fundamentals of analysis, how to hedge for stock and options and how to grow a small account. It includes a newsletter and access to Bellrocks 3 main profitable trading strategies. Additionally, Silvia shares her trades in real-time.

As an Inner Circle member you get lifetime access to the course and to the Bellrock PRO membership. You can chat with her daily and network with other traders in the Bellrock community.

Silvia Bellrock Customer Service

The customer service of Bellrock’s program is personalized and fast-acting, as she is her own support channel and responds directly to her clients. She encourages her traders to share their current trading journey and goes out of her way to make herself available for 1:1 training calls if needed. 

Once a week, Bellrock provides a private meeting for all members where they are not only given further trading education but can ask her questions on live video + screen share to discuss trades, setup, and the good and bad of a certain trading week. This level of personalization is rarely seen, and Bellrock is committed to aiding her clients in any way possible. The program’s customer service receives a perfect score of 5 out of 5. 

Silvia Bellrock Pricing

The pricing model for Bellrock services are as follows: 

  • Bellrock Pro $119 Monthly: Included in this package is access to Podia and all the educational videos, daily reports, weekly detailed fundamental and technical analysis reports. It includes access to Telegram with all trading alerts and ideas, as well as updates during the day on the current market environment. Also included is access to Bellrock personally via email and a weekly meeting/webinar personalized for members. Almost every month Bellrock offers a special for $100 per month or sometimes a $150 for 3 months package that allows customers to test Bellrock's platform. 
  • Bellrock Accelerator Course $900: This course includes the Bellrock Accelerator Training Course on Podia with all future updates to the course, allowing for further trading education. Almost every month Bellrock offers a 30% discount. 
  • Inner Circle Lifetime $2,500: This is Bellrock’s best value; it includes lifetime access to Bellrock PRO, 1:1 calls with every member for trading planning and personalized help on any trading issue. It also includes the Bellrock Accelerator trading education course with all future trading courses. Bellrock frequently gives a 30% discount on this package as well. 

The longevity of the trading educational material, its consistent growth in content, the personal care from Bellrock, the discounts on her services and the ability to test her platform make this a service worthy of its price. 

Silvia Bellrock User Benefits

The unique benefit to clients from Bellrock services is the amount of personalized care and attention given to new and intermediate traders. This mentorship mindset from Bellrock gives her members a sense of comfort and trust in her, allowing them to fully gain the knowledge given to them by Bellrock and her various learning materials. That alone is worth the price of Bellrock’s platform. Her approach is unique, and it's doubtful that any of the retail brokerage platforms invest that amount of care into every one of its clients. 

Silvia Bellrock User Experience

The site is easy to use and navigate. The user interface of the website is eye-catching and not overboard with information as it was given clearly and consistently. It is simple to sign up, and the Bellrock resources are pleasant to use.  

Silvia Bellrock
Best For
  • Novice Traders
securely through Silvia Bellrock's website

Silvia Bellrock vs. Competitors

When comparing Bellrock to her competitors there are 2 opposing mindsets. On one hand, Bellrock offers a personalized experience in a clear and concise mindset delivered in a simple and non-intimidating manner. On the other hand are larger retail brokerages like Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCHW), which can be intimidating for a new trader. This is where Bellrock’s method is different: she walks on a journey side by side with beginning investors and aids them in their quest for understanding how the market works.  

Silvia Bellrock Overall Rating

Bellrock’s customized services and platform provide a unique approach in the investing strategy market. Many people wish to invest but feel intimidated. The Bellrock platform gives the power back to the individual by providing them with the knowledge and tools which allows them to be in control of their financial destiny. 

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