ServicePlus Home Warranty Review

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October 18, 2022
Total Home Protection/Service Plus
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Total Home Protection/Service Plus is a good place to go when you want to see more optional extras and choose from an extensive menu of new coverages. When you need to customize your plan, you can. The service offers year-round support, and you can handle everything online.

Best For
  • Specials and optional extras
  • Options for real estate pros and contractors
  • Two affordable plans
  • Use the a la carte menu to protect your home
  • Affordable extras
  • Online service and support at all times
  • Gold plan may not cover enough

Total Home Protection/Service Plus Ratings at a Glance

ServicePlus Home Warranty’s Product Offering
Customer Service
Customer Pricing
User Benefits
User Experience

ServicePlus Home Warranty was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. The company was formerly known as Total Home Protection but has since been rebranded under the ServicePlus Home Warranty name. The company’s home warranty protection serves customers in 48 states. ServicePlus has a solid customer base despite being in business for a relatively short time.

ServicePlus Home Warranty’s Product Offering

Home warranties protect against unexpected breakdowns of appliances and major household systems. A warranty can reduce common repair bills homeowners face. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers two tiers of service — Gold and Platinum plans. 

The Gold plan covers the following units and systems:

  • Plumbing blocks or systems 
  • Water heater
  • Ductwork
  • Oven, range and stove
  • Cooktop
  • Sump pump
  • Microwave (built-in)
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage disposal
  • Electrical system
  • Trash Compactor
  • Whirlpool bathtub
  • Garage door opener
  • Ceiling and exhaust fans

The Platinum plan covers everything in the Gold plan and also includes coverage for the following systems and appliances:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Heating system 
  • Washing machine
  • Clothes dryer
  • Refrigerator

Homeowners who have luxury features may opt to customize their plans by adding coverage for any of the following systems or appliances:

  • Pools and spas
  • Additional spa
  • Roof leak (limited coverage)
  • Central vacuum
  • Well pump
  • Septic system
  • Septic plumbing
  • Stand-alone freezer
  • Water softener
  • Ice maker in the refrigerator
  • Freestanding ice maker
  • Second air conditioning system
  • Sump pump
  • Second heating system
  • Second water heater
  • Second refrigerator
  • Additional garage door opener
  • Additional ovens, ranges or stoves

In addition to serving homeowners, ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a program for real estate professionals. Seller's agents can include a home warranty in the listing to pay for repairs while the home is being listed for sale. Buyers also benefit by getting a year or so of the warranty to protect their purchase. It is a win-win situation for real estate agents, sellers and buyers. 

Contractors also benefit by partnering with ServicePlus Home Warranty. As a ServicePlus service contractor, service companies gain new customers without the expense of marketing. Each contractor gets a contractor relations representative as their personal contact. Contractors can view and monitor their service requests using an online portal. 

Benzinga gives ServicePlus Home Warranty 4 of 5 stars for its product offering. If the company could do anything better it would be to include the refrigerator in the Gold plan under the appliance warranty. 

Customer Service

Customers give ServicePlus Home Warranty mixed reviews.

ServicePlus Home Warranty commits to sending a service person out within 48 hours of placing a call to the company. Many customers claimed someone arrived right away, and others said it took longer than the agreed timeframe. The 48-hour response time is longer than many other companies that respond within 24 hours. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also does not list ServicePlus Home Warranty as an accredited company. There are over 1,400 complaints on BBB, and 550 of them have been closed. Customers complained about not receiving service in a timely manner, not getting calls back and long delays for refunds. 

Google reviews give much higher ratings for customer service. Most customers report receiving repairs in a timely manner and having a quality work experience. They also report good customer service and attractive pricing. 

Considering the online reviews, Benzinga gives ServicePlus Home Warranty 2 out of 5 stars for customer service. 

Customer Pricing

The pricing for ServicePlus Home Warranty plans varies depending on the location, square footage and plan selected for the home. 

The Gold plan costs between $53 and $60 per month or $636 to $720 per year. ServicePlus offers coupons and discounts periodically, which can significantly reduce the cost of the warranty. The company may offer one or more months of free service or a large dollar amount off the regular price. 

The fees are less for customers who choose to pay annually. 

Customers can easily get an accurate quote for either of the plans and optional coverages by requesting a quote online or calling the company directly. 

Customers must pay a service fee if they file a claim. The service fee runs about $75 per call, which is reasonable considering an electrical or plumbing repair can be extremely costly. 

Labor on all repairs is guaranteed for 30 days. If a service person requires parts, the parts are also guaranteed for up to 90 days. 

User Benefits

Home warranties benefit homeowners, real estate agents and contractors. 

The Gold plan covers many of the systems and appliances that are likely to break down in a home, such as plumbing and electrical issues. 

The Platinum plan covers big-ticket items like the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer. It also covers systems that keep homeowners comfortable, such as the heating and air conditioning systems, for a slightly higher fee. 

Rather than offering a higher third tier, ServicePlus Home Warranty allows customers to customize their warranty plans by adding optional coverages for an additional fee. 

Filing a claim is easy. Customers can log into their accounts online and file a claim day or night. They can also call the toll-free customer service number to file a claim. Customer service representatives are also available on major holidays. That is a nice benefit if the heating system goes out on a cold Christmas Day. 

If a customer decides they no longer want the warranty, they can cancel it within the first 30 days and receive a full refund. 

Real estate agents benefit because a warranty covers unexpected repairs that can hold up a sale. 

Contractors expand their customer base without having to increase their marketing budgets. 

User Experience

The eye-catching website displays the ServicePlus brand’s blue and gold colors. The header shows customers exactly what it can cost to replace major appliances and how the cost of a warranty is justified. 

A helpful video concisely explains what the home warranty covers and how it works. Users can click a button to get a free quote right away. They can also choose the Protection Plan button and will be taken to a different landing page to view the various protection plans. Once there, users can clearly see what is covered under each tier and optional coverage for other items. 

The coverage page leads to another webpage that highlights the benefits customers receive from their home warranty, including convenience, savings, superior customer service, a 24/7 claims hotline and the advantages for realtors. 

Yet another button directs customers to a landing page where they can get a quote and leverage the current discount offerings. 

The website is laid out nicely and the user experience is excellent, so Benzinga gives ServicePlus Home Warranty 5 stars for the user experience. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty Versus Competitors

ServicePlus Home Warranty's main competitors are Choice Home Warranty, Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty. 

Most home warranties have two or three tiers, and some offer optional coverage for specialty items. 

Much like its competitors, the contract for ServicePlus carries various exclusions and limitations on what they cover. It also charges more for residences that are over 5,000 square feet, although that is typical of the home warranty industry.  

Depending on which plan customers choose, pricing tends to be a bit higher than Choice Home Warranty and a bit lower than Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty. ServicePlus’s response time is the same as these competitors at 48 hours, although service can be delayed by two days if the call comes in on a holiday or weekend. 

Each of these warranty companies operates in almost all states, so shoppers should check to make sure their shortlist of preferred home warranty companies operates in their state of residence. 

Considering ServicePlus has not been in business that long, Benzinga considers the company a contender in the home warranty industry. 


The product offering for ServicePlus is quite strong as it includes most of the systems and appliances homeowners are most concerned about breaking. Much like other home warranty companies, ServicePlus also offers programs for real estate agents and contractors. 

The website is eye-catching and easy to navigate. The information is clear and informative, and it is easy to get a quote online or by phone. 

The pricing for ServicePlus plans is in line with similar companies in the industry. The company could improve its customer service department. 

Overall, Benzinga gives ServicePlus Home Warranty a 4 of 5 stars. 

ServicePlus Home Warranty Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


Is ServicePlus Home Warranty a good deal?


ServicePlus Home Warranty is a good deal for anyone who wants the convenience of having one company to schedule and manage repairs of household breakdowns of systems or appliances.


Are home warranties a waste of money?


It is subjective whether home warranties are a waste of money as some people can do certain repairs themselves. Some people prefer to pay for the warranty upfront rather than face a large, unexpected repair bill at a time they can least afford to pay for it. It is simply a matter of choice.

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