Orbital Trading Computers Review

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February 22, 2022
Orbital Trading Computers
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Day trading continually surprises traders, offering the highest highs and the deepest lows, sometimes in a single hour. Every second counts, and interruptions can cost thousands — as any trader with a cat, child or overturned coffee cup knows. The more distractions you remove and the faster you operate directly translates to higher day-trading profits. You’ve already found the best trading platform, but you might not realize that a computer built specifically for day trading offers an unbeatable edge. Orbital Computers manufactures the top trading computers for day traders.

Best For
  • Traders of all levels seeking the computer speed needed to make money day trading
  • Responsive, human, expert customer service
  • Specifically designed for day trading
  • Lightning-fast computer speeds
  • Free shipping
  • Free tech support for life
  • Basic model lacks “whisper-quiet” feature
  • USB connection ports stiff

Orbital Trading Computers Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Benefits
User Experience

You could apply the Swedish proverb “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes” to the day-trading workstations Orbital builds. A direct extension to “no bad trades; only bad workstations” would be an aspirational stretch, but an Orbital computer designed specifically for day trading by computer experts who fully comprehend the actions a day trader takes to be profitable will enhance your trading experience. 

In addition to its ability to build custom day-trading machines, Orbital offers two PC models — the X1000 and the Silenced X2000. Both machines are exceptional computers for day trading. 

Prices for the X1000 start at $1,330. This base version is all any budding day trader needs with 4.9GHz and supports a three-monitor array. You can buy the bundle, which includes a four-monitor array and four 24-inch full high-definition (HD) monitors for roughly another $1,000. 

The additional cost of the silenced addition to the X1000 or an upgrade to the Silenced X2000 are well worth the expense. In these PCs, you don’t hear a thing from your CPU, so you can focus on the task at hand.

If you trade on the go, Orbital sells a trading laptop with the latest 11th Gen i7 11800H CPU. Top-of-the-line single and multi-threaded performance make the MW1000 ideal for trading, 3D CAD and audio production workloads.

If you want to save a bit of money, talk to one of the team members about buying a refurbished or clearance workstation.

In addition to trading computers, Orbital is a leading expert in CAD/CAM/CAE workstation PCs and audio production workstations.

Orbital Trading Computers Customer Service

Have you ever experienced a tech problem where you work with one or more people for hours, resulting in a resolution of the issue but an unrecoverable loss of your time? There’s the lip-service brand of customer service, and then there’s a commitment to serving customers in a way that solves their problems fast and efficiently. Orbital subscribes to the latter.

You can get answers from the folks at Orbital in all the methods available today including:

  • Phone: 877-976-7510 or 425-374-7947 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday-Friday)     
  • Email: support@orbitalcomputers.com
  • Online contact form, monitored continually 
  • Live Chat 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • FAQs page
  • Physical address listed on website although office not open to public

The Orbital team really wants to hear from you.

Orbital Trading Computers Pricing

Orbital prices its computers fairly. Its models are priced as follows:

  • Trader X: $1,330
  • X1000 Bundle: $2,399
  • Silenced X2000: $2,032
  • Orbital MW1000: $2,251
  • AMD-1000: $955

You can also work with the Orbital team to customize your machine. If prices seem high to you, consider potential losses in a trade that you couldn’t execute because your computer failed you. Preventing one bad trade could pay several times over for an Orbital model. 

If you pay for the whisper-quiet feature, you can better hear TV stock market programs and Benzinga Pro squawk, plus the absence of the continual running of louder methods lets you think straight.

Orbital Trading Computers User Benefits

Orbital Computer customers get the white-glove treatment. In addition to getting as much help as you want to make sure you buy the right model or build the custom machine you need, Orbital computers come with free tech support for life, a warranty, low prices, free shipping, multimonitor capability and the highest frequency Intel Core i7 and i9 processors. 

Orbital Trading Computers User Experience

Orbital Computers’ website reflects its company values and mission — honest, precise, organized, efficient. Transparent pricing and clear specs mean you know what you’re getting and how much you’re paying. You can buy a bundled package or have the experts at Orbital work with you to build to your specifications. A day trader looking to maximize their trading prowess couldn’t do better anywhere; five stars don’t do the experience justice. 

Compare Orbital Computers vs. Competitors 

In the relatively narrow day-trading computer space where expert teams configure computers specifically for day traders, Orbital faces little direct competition. Of its competitors, computer builds and options seem similar in offerings and price. Other competitors fall short of offering eight ways to reach support, although a person at one of the competitors did answer the phone the old-fashioned way — in person — as does the team at Orbital Computers.

Orbital Trading Computers Overall

When the Wall Street bell rings — and in the hours before and after — your best trading partner is an Orbital Trading computer. Glowing Trustpilot reviews rate Orbital at 4.7 with no reviews below a 4. Benzinga considers Orbital to earn a perfect five-star rating based primarily on unparalleled utility, responsive humans ready to help seven days a week in the rare instance of problems, affordability and customization. This reviewer has used an Orbital model X2000 for 12 years for heavy day trading after trading for seven glitch-filled years without an Orbital computer.

Orbital Trading Computers Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of computers do traders use?


Day traders need higher processing speeds to crunch data and maximize order time. Orbital Computers gives you up to 16 cores, 24 threads, 5.2GHz processing speed in the X2000 version. The X1000 delivers eight cores,16 threads and 4.9GHz. Both models get the job done.  Your system will also need the capability to support three to four monitors so you have all the trading information that interests you readily available. 


What computer should I buy for day trading?


Every second counts in today’s fast-paced financial markets, so nothing in your trading system is more important than your computer. The best technicals and fundamentals fall to pieces if your machine can’t execute your strategy. Day traders benefit from buying a trading computer specially built for that use. Choose a computer built by trading computer experts that allows 5.3 GHz, as many as 12 monitors, premium components, free tech support for life, an extended warranty and free shipping.

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