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April 13, 2021
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MS Algo seeks to provide the most accurate buy, sell, exit, and take profit signals around. Investors can see those signals right on their Trading View charts so that they can act quickly to make trades based on those signals.

Best For
  • Day traders or swing traders who want accurate entry and exit signals
  • Investors looking for a tool to look for good long and short opportunities
  • Works on all types of securities including stocks, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency
  • Affordable pricing
  • High degree of accuracy
  • More signals available.
  • The tool is currently only compatible with Trading View

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MS Algo Services
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MS Algo Overall Rating

MS Algo is a tool for traders to clearly see signals like buy, sell, or take profit on their charts. One of the most challenging aspects of short- or medium-term trading is identifying your entry and exit points. While there are a ton of tools out there that claim to provide support in this area, they aren’t always reliable, especially when it comes to exit signals. That’s where MS Algo comes in. It’s a tool that provides various signals and offers a high level of customizability so that you can tailor those signals to your strategy. Learn more about what the tool can do for traders in our MS Algo review:

MS Algo Services

MS Algo provides signals that integrate with your Trading View stock charts. While it calls itself a “market scalper,” it can actually be used for trading in any time frame. Scalping typically refers to strategies where traders enter and exit a position in a matter of minutes or even seconds—often with the help of an algorithm. The signals you’ll be able to see on your charts are the following:

  • Buy: when to open a trading position or go long on a security.
  • Sell: when to close a trading position or short a security.
  • Take Profit: when to close a profitable position if you’re more risk averse.
  • Exit: when to close a losing position to cut your losses.

While these definitely work for scalping, they can also be adapted to day trading, swing trading, or even long-term buy and hold strategies.

The take profit point identifies an earlier exit point that is still profitable but lower risk than waiting for the ideal exit. This, the exit signal, and the more accurate signals in general are what give MS Algo its edge. 

You can use these signals in three different modes:

  • Scalping Mode. This is for extremely short-term intraday trading, although you’ll occasionally see longer swings, lasting a few days. Positions can be as short as 15 seconds.
  • Trending Mode. This mode is for somewhat longer day trades and swing trades. Because of that, it uses different parameters for identifying signals than the scalping mode.
  • Merged Mode. This uses a blend of strategies from both modes, for traders who do a combination of intraday and longer swing trades.

Within each of those modes, investors are able to further tweak the settings to tailor it to their trading strategy. By adjusting sensitivity and agility levels, you can heighten or lower how risk-averse the signals are.

Increasing the sensitivity of any of the signals will increase the speed at which it reacts to market changes. Too much sensitivity might signal you to enter or exit too early. Too little sensitivity might cause you to wait too long to enter or hold too long before exiting. So, tweaking these to your risk tolerance level and investing goals allows you to create a signaling tool that is perfectly tailored to your trading style. 

MS Algo Pricing

MS Algo pricing is really straight forward, without any hidden fees or complicated pricing plans. Your subscription gives you access to the full scope of services that MS Algo offers. The only difference between the different plans is how long your subscription lasts. The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Month: $49
  • 3 Months: $139
  • 6 Months: $249
  • 12 Months: $459
  • Lifetime: $899

These are all flat fees, paid upfront which can be a little inconvenient for the longer plans. If you want to enjoy the savings of a 12 month or lifetime plan, you have to drop a few hundred bucks up front.

However, the advantage of this pricing structure is that you only have to commit for as long as you want to. If you just want to try it out, start with a 1-month subscription and see how it goes. You get full access to the whole product, regardless of which subscription you choose. So, you can get that 1 month and then test out all the different features and see if it’s worth committing to a longer plan. 

Customer Service

MS Algo provides a lot of ways to reach out to them with questions, comments, or technical support requests. You can contact them via email, their website, or on a wide range of social media channels including Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Rumble, Instagram, Gab, and YouTube. They seem to be most active in their Discord group but aim to respond quickly to customer questions however you connect with them.

MS Algo Mobile App

Because MS Algo is a tool that integrates into your Trading View platform, it doesn’t have an app and there isn’t really a need for one. That said, investors can setup automatic alerts that are sent directly to your phone via text or to your email. With these automatic alerts, you’re still always plugged into your charts, even when you’re not at your desk.

MS Algo Overall Rating

The precision, customizability, and variety of signals that MS Algo offers make it an incredibly useful tool for day or swing traders. You can integrate it into your existing charts and set up automatic alerts so that you’re ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. While it’s only compatible with Trading View at the moment, the company is working to expand to other platforms. So, more traders will be able to benefit from an affordably priced subscription to MS Algo soon!

Benefits of MS Algo 

MS Algo sets itself apart from its competitors in a lot of ways. Here are some of the most unique features that make its signals a top choice for so many traders:

  • Take profit signal. Most competitors only have two signals: buy and sell. This is such a handy addition that helps more conservative traders manage risk. It’s useful for any trading style, though, as risk management is always an important component of any strategy.
  • Accuracy. The ability to switch between modes and tweak the sensitivity levels so the signals are custom fitted to your risk tolerance level and investing goals. Once you customize your settings, you won’t get signals too early or too late.
  • Works with any security. Whether you’re scalping futures, trading forex, or just buying and selling stocks, the MS Algo signals can be adapted to your trading strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I setup MS Algo?


The setup process is pretty simple. If you don’t have a Trading View account already, start by making an account there. Then, you just pick the right MS Algo subscription plan for you and pay the subscription fee. MS Algo will then work with Trading View to get their indicators installed on the Trading View platform. 

You’ll get an email when that’s done. After that, you can just pick and choose the indicators you want to add to your charts—and you’re ready to go!


What other platforms can MS Algo work on?


For now, MS Algo only works on Trading View. They do have plans to make the platform compatible with Ninja Trader, Think Or Swim, Trade Station, and Meta Trader in the future. So, it will be more widespread soon. In the meantime, though, you’ll need to use Trading View. 

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