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March 26, 2021
Market Gear
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Market Gear is an online trading and analysis platform featuring a powerful suite of options and stock tools. Users can perform their own technical analysis with more than 100 unique indicators, create custom alerts and watchlists, explore and scan the options market with advanced features and much more through Market Gear’s all-inclusive platform. Though this investing option may be intimidating for new users, experienced traders and professional investors will love Market Gear’s expansive range of news, journaling and trading features. 

Best For
  • Options investors
  • High-level investors who place multiple trades throughout the day
  • Experienced investors who perform technical analysis before placing a trade
  • Detailed charting tools with more than 100 individual indicators
  • High-level options trading and analysis features
  • Journaling features make trades easier to track and manage
  • Pricing may be prohibitive for new investors

Market Gear Ratings at a Glance

Working together with Benzinga, Market Gear is a newly developed trading and analysis platform from iVest that offers an enhanced suite of stock and option investing tools. Our Market Gear review will help you learn a little more about what Market Gear offers, what sets it apart from competitors and will help you decide if this platform is right for your needs as an investor.

Market Gear Services

One of the most comprehensive trading analysis software options we’ve seen, Market Gear offers a massive range of tools and services experienced investors can use to further hone their investing strategies. Some of our favorite features offered through the Market Gear platform include:

  • Customizable price alerts. Set custom price alerts delivered straight to you via email, SMS and desktop notifications to ensure that you never miss a trading opportunity.
  • Hundreds of charting and analysis tools. Market Gear provides investors with access to hundreds of unique charting options, including both price-based and non-price indicators.
  • Customizable heat maps. A heat map is a tool that allows you to get a picture of how a certain industry or market is moving with a single glance. Market Gear is one of only a few stock and option analysis platforms that allow users to customize their home screen heat maps to focus on stocks and market sectors that they trade most frequently. 

Market Gear allows you to learn more about how today’s market is moving in the industries you care most about with its customizable heat maps. 

  • News on insider and institutional activity. Have you ever wondered how insiders and institutional investors are buying and selling shares of the companies you’re interested in? Market Gear’s platform provides you with in-depth information on insider buying and selling, completed with cross-referenced data. 

Market Gear provides you with insider buying and selling information to help you guide your trades. 

  • Easy options templates. Market Gear’s latest build includes a range of tools that options traders will appreciate. The platform includes more than 20 pre-built options strategies that allow you to customize strike prices and expirations with a single click. You can even view risk and reward ratios for each individual option to help you better gauge the chance that your trade will be in the money at the time of expiration. 
  • Real-time options scanning. Market Gear’s Master package includes real-time options scanning, which allows you to search entire markets and industries for options pricing that fits your needs and trading strategy.
  • Trading journal. Track your trades and your investing progress with Market Gear’s trading journal. Mark trades using hashtags and quickly sort through your trade history. Market Gear’s auto-journal feature can even recognize the types of trades that you place and automatically catalog them on your behalf.
  • Trade sharing. If you’re an investing educator or team member, Market Gear’s trade sharing feature will help you share trades with your students or friends with less hassle. You can also set your trades to public to allow everyone to view your market movements.
  • Stock screener. Market Gear’s screener lets you pick from over 200 data points and then sort by the high and low of each. This includes everything from technical data to moving averages and fundamental data, like price-to-book, and more. You can even screen intraday based on average volume in stocks at that point in the trading day.

These are just a few of the dozens of options Market Gear offers to account holders. With a diverse-yet-intuitive range of platform options and tools, Market Gear earns high marks for its commitment to providing investors with cutting-edge services. In particular, options traders will love Market Gear’s wide selection of instant options tools that we haven’t seen from competitors. 

Market Gear Pricing

Market Gear offers 3 package plans billed on a monthly basis. The plan that you choose will determine the tools and options that you can use through your account. Market Gear’s current package offerings include:

  • Essential Kit. The Essential Kit is Market Gear’s most basic plan offering, including access to most charting and analysis options, dividend calendars, basic trade journal functionality and access to a full help center. The Essential Kit costs between $38 and $45 per month depending on whether you choose to pay in annual or monthly installments.
  • Signature Kit. The Signature Kit includes all of the features and functionality found in the Essential Kit plus additional screening and journaling tools. Some additional features included with the Signature Kit range from trade sharing to intra-day options scanning. The Signature Kit is the recommended plan choice for users looking to take advantage of all of Market Gear’s unique options trading tools. The Signature Kit costs between $65 and $75 per month depending on whether you choose to pay in annual or monthly installments.
  • Master Kit. When you choose the Master Kit, you receive access to Market Gear’s entire range of trading and analysis tools plus additional news and media features from Benzinga — built directly into your platform. The Master Kit costs between $125 and $145 depending on billing preferences. 

You can read more about what is included on each plan here

Customer Service

Market Gear offers 2 methods that you can use to get in contact with its customer service team:

  • By email. To contact Market Gear by email, send a message to
  • Though a support ticket. If you’re experiencing a specific problem with your Market Gear account, you can start a support ticket here to detail the problem. You can then track the status of your ticket and where you are in the customer service queue.

According to a call with the Market Gear team, the company claims that the average support ticket inquiry receives a response in about 12 minutes. You can also schedule a live meeting during the company’s “Office Hours” to receive a personalized platform tutorial. 

Market Gear Mobile App

If you’re the type of investor who trades and performs analysis operations on-the-go, you’ll love Market Gear’s completely operational mobile options. Market Gear’s mobile app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android platforms, and each app mimics full account functionality. If you prefer to trade with desktop applications, Market Gear also offers downloadable platforms for Windows and Apple operating systems.

Prefer not to add another app to your phone or tablet? Market Gear’s web operations have also been optimized for mobile and can run with full compatibility on any web browser.  

Market Gear Overall Rating

With a huge selection of stock, ETF and options trading tools, Market Gear provides users with a full range of professional-grade analysis options at a fraction of the price of institutional accounts. Though high-level accounts might be cost-prohibitive for new investors, experienced professionals will find plenty of customization options and tools to love when they choose Market Gear to automate and assist their trading. 

Market Gear vs Competitors

Market Gear offers users one of the most comprehensive investing analysis platforms we’ve seen, offering a host of tools that set them apart from competitors. Some of our favorite features that set Market Gear apart include:

  • Around-the-clock news from Benzinga. Market Gear is the exclusive provider of Benzinga’s Squawk on the Go, which allows you to monitor major market movements no matter where you are. Market Gear’s desktop and mobile platforms also include a number of additional analysis and market news items from the team at Benzinga.
  • Automatic trade journaling. Market Gear’s automatic journaling feature adds tags to your trades, allowing you to sort and track trade types and transactions without spending hours cataloging each trade.
  • Real-time options scanning. Market Gear is one of the only platforms we’ve seen to offer real-time options scanning that allows you to instantly search the market for opportunities within your trading strategy and price range. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I access the Education Courses of Market Gear?


You can browse educational offerings and platform usage courses on their website


Is there a free version of Market Gear?


Market Gear doesn’t currently offer a free version, but you can get a 14-day free trial when you sign up.

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