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September 16, 2021
Janover Ventures
Overall Rating:
securely through Janover Ventures's website

Janover Ventures is a fintech company founded by its current CEO, Blake Janover. It aims to make commercial property and small business financing easier by matching suitable borrowers and lenders via an easy-to-use web portal. Janover Ventures’ innovative frictionless technology and education-based online presence can serve as the first digital touchpoint for U.S.-based small business borrowers and those looking to finance multifamily and commercial property.

Best For
  • Small business borrowers
  • Multifamily property borrowers
  • Commercial property borrowers
  • Convenient and efficient online lending portal
  • Educational material on its website
  • Connects small businesses with suitable lenders
  • Good support for multifamily and commercial real estate borrowers
  • Only services U.S.-based borrowers
  • Does not offer owner-occupied single-family home financing
  • Does not offer personal loans

Janover Ventures Ratings at a Glance

Get Financing with Janover Ventures

Obtaining commercial property or small business financing via Janover Ventures is remarkably straightforward. Janover’s online lending platform basically matches data obtained from a borrower questionnaire with appropriate lenders and loan products. This helps reduce friction so both lenders and borrowers can conduct business efficiently.  

To start with, you just need to click on the Get Financing button, then select either the Investment or Business button to proceed, depending on whether you are borrowing for an investment property or for a business loan. 

  • Investment: If you select Investment, you must next choose the type of property you’ll be obtaining a loan for — this option is generally used for financing a commercial property. It can be for uses that include multifamily, retail or office space, industrial, hospitality, or 1-4 unit residential properties to be held as an investment. Just click on the appropriate button as shown in the image below (select “Multifamily” if the property you want to finance has that use plus another commercial use). You’ll also be asked if the loan is for a new property, a refinance or construction purposes. 

Part of the investment property loan questionnaire on Janover’s website. Source: Janover Ventures

  • Business: For business loans, Janover’s website prompts you to enter the amount of the loan you require in the form shown below. You will then be asked for your estimated credit score from 499 or below to 720 or above. After entering your estimated credit score, the website asks you to select the primary business purpose of the loan you seek. Your choices for business loans range from: 
    • Starting a business 
    • Purchasing or expanding an existing business 
    • Purchasing a franchise  
    • Buying out a partner 
    • Funding a payroll 
    • Buying additional equipment 
    • Purchasing or refinancing real estate 
    • Financing accounts receivable 
    • Expanding e-commerce inventory 
    • Construction financing  

After entering your information, you will be asked what is the purpose of the business loan.


Part of the business loan questionnaire on Janover’s website. Source: Janover Ventures

No matter whether you plan on purchasing an investment property or getting a business loan, you’ll subsequently be asked a series of questions relating to the type of loan you’re looking for. 

After you answer all the queries, which does involve supplying some personal information, you’ll then be asked for the requested loan amount. The Janover algorithm will then search through thousands of lenders to find the best fit and loan for your particular situation and credit score.    

Janover Ventures Customer Service

Contacting Janover Ventures for customer service can be done through its toll-free U.S. number of 844-885-5974, by sending an email to hello@janover.ventures or by filling out a web form with your name, email address, phone number and question so that a Janover representative can get in touch with you. 

The company’s website did not seem to have a Live Chat feature. Also, customer service via phone is currently only available from 9-6 EST, Monday through Friday. Only email support is available on a 24/7 basis, but that is not generally a very responsive way to get customer support. 

You can also send mail via the U.S. postal service to Janover Inc.’s corporate headquarters: 7601 North Federal Highway, Ste. B-140, Boca Raton, FL 33487. 

Janover Ventures Pricing

Janover Ventures aims to help you find the best small business or commercial real estate loan for your unique needs. Services for using its web lending portal are fee-based and priced according to the type and size of the loan. Note that Janover typically receives compensation directly from the lender and not the borrower, so borrowers do not pay any fees directly for using its service. 

Janover Ventures User Benefits

Janover connects its clients to multifamily residence and apartment complex loans, commercial real estate loans and small business loans. If you are looking to get a loan for your small business or finance the purchase of commercial real estate, then Janover can probably help you find a suitable lender very quickly.

Once you have filled out the appropriate borrower questionnaire on its website, Janover Ventures then does all the work of matching your requirements with a suitable lender for a commercial real estate or small business loan. 

Janover Ventures User Experience

Perhaps the best thing about using Janover Venture’s online lending portal is that it provides a simple and efficient way to get connected with competitive commercial real estate lenders and loans. This seems quite different and more intuitive to use than other available commercial loan sourcing options. 

Also, lenders identified by Janover generally respond promptly to loan inquiries made via Janover’s web portal. This helps cut down on time spent waiting for a reply to a commercial loan application. 

Janover Ventures
Best For
  • Commercial Property Borrowers
securely through Janover Ventures's website

Janover Ventures vs. Competitors

Janover Ventures has few competitors in its specific market sector, although some small businesses may opt to contact the U.S. Small Business Administration and use its Lender Match service instead to see whether an SBA loan is available to them. 

While some of the services for commercial and multifamily listings can be found on multiple listing services (MLSs), the access to an algorithm that matches real estate investors to lenders remains a useful service with relatively few competitors. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Janover’s business has increased as more people switch to using online services. In addition to providing online real estate and business loan services, the company gives clients access to free education about commercial real estate and small business financing through its extensive network of free educational digital media assets. These educational materials teach potential clients about loan options they may not have been previously aware of. 

The company’s proprietary technology helps borrowers get access to superior options for loans, while simultaneously helping lenders find the best candidates for their required credit profiles. According to founder and CEO Blake Janover, “Our team is democratizing and simplifying access to commercial property, multifamily and business financing while embracing technology and data to supercharge the experience for borrowers and lenders alike.”

Janover Ventures Overall Rating

Janover Ventures owns and controls some of the most valuable and high-traffic multifamily, commercial real estate and small business finance websites on the internet. This allows the company to offer high-level financing services, as well as free educational content to clients. Appearing on top of the world’s most popular search engines when searching for real estate loans can be extremely valuable to both lenders and borrowers using the service. 

While many real estate websites only allow you to shop for property, Janover Ventures focuses on loans. Also, its search algorithm matches real estate lenders and borrowers much more closely and efficiently than any other current online option. 

Thanks to the company’s data-driven expertise in the growth of digital assets and engineering, web development and capital markets, you can unlock access to multifamily, business and commercial real estate debt capital in a fraction of the time it used to take. 

Janover Ventures Tutorial

For a brief introduction to Janover Ventures (presented by CEO Blake Janover), you can watch this 2-minute YouTube video. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get a second small business loan?


Yes, if you can provide evidence of supporting business requirements and creditworthiness. Before approaching a lender for a second business loan, you will probably want to put together a statement with the total loan amount requested and your specific business reasons for needing that sum.


Can you get a business loan with 10% down?


You generally do not put any funds down to get a small business loan, but you might have to pledge something of value as collateral. In contrast, you will probably have to make a substantial downpayment on any commercial real estate you decide to purchase for your business. Minimum down payment percentages range between 25% to 30% to qualify for a property loan from most commercial real estate lenders. 


While some private commercial lenders might lend on a property with as low as a 15% down payment, getting a business real estate loan with just 10% down seems unlikely.

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