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December 12, 2022
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IQcent is a comprehensive online trading center that offers you a single place to trade stocks, indexes, digital currencies and more. IQcent offers its own proprietary platform, which supports 24/7 trading on any type of major device — no download necessary.  Customer service is also available around the clock and in multiple languages, which can be a major benefit for international traders.

IQcent’s commission-free trading, wide selection of more than 100 tradable assets and low $500 account minimum can make the broker appealing to frequent traders and new investors alike. However, it’s important to note that IQcent’s services are currently not available in any part of the United States nor is it regulated by any domestic financial body. This means that if you experience a funding problem with your account, your recourse routes are limited — so always be sure to avoid investing more than you can afford to lose. 

Best For
  • Casual investors looking for an all-in-one place to trade
  • Traders looking for quick withdrawals
  • Experienced traders looking for higher leverage limits
  • Provides copy trading features that help you mimic professional trading strategies
  • Offers up to 1:500 leverage
  • Guaranteed withdrawal processing one hour after you settle a trade
  • Not registered with any U.S.-based regulatory body; does not provide account services to U.S. citizens

IQCent Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Experience

IQCent Products

IQcent is an all-in-one trading platform that provides investors with a single space to trade cryptocurrencies, other types of digital assets, indexes, stocks and more. While you cannot open an account with IQcent as a U.S. resident, it can be a powerful tool for international traders looking for a range of assets and low trading costs and minimums.

IQcent offers its own proprietary trading platform, which has been specially developed to be compatible with all types of devices. You won’t need to worry about downloading software or app compatibility before you start trading. IQcent has also designed its platform to be straightforward and easily navigable, which can be especially beneficial for frequent traders or those who need to manage their orders on the go.

iqcent desktop

With an easily navigable platform that doesn’t require a major download, IQcent provides you with a simple place to make fast trades on both desktop and mobile.

Beyond its unique design, IQcent also offers a number of additional features that make it stand out from similar exchanges, including the following.

  • Wide range of selectable assets: IQcent was designed to provide traders with a single all-in-one account that they can use to trade stocks, indexes and commodities. It also supports options trading and cryptocurrencies as well. The platform currently supports more than 100 unique assets, which can make IQcent beneficial for investors who prefer to trade in multiple financial spaces.
  • High leverage: Financial leverage is a tool that you can use to enter into a trading position that’s more valuable than the balance of funds in your account. IQcent offers up to 1:500 leverage for select account holders, which can compound the effect of your orders. While this high leverage level isn’t safe for new traders, experienced investors may appreciate the availability.
  • Small minimum order size: IQcent’s minimum order size is just $0.01. This can be beneficial for traders who prefer to buy and sell lower-value assets (like select digital currencies) and casual traders who only want to place a few small trades.
  • Instant funding options: If you’ve ever opened an account with another cryptocurrency broker, you’ve likely had to wait a few days between the time when you deposit funds into your account and the time when you can actually use those funds to start trading. IQcent offers you multiple options to fund your account instantly, which can be beneficial for swing traders, scalpers and other investors who need quick access to trading funds on a variable schedule.
  • Multiple funding options: IQcent allows you to fund your account using more than 10 sources, ranging from previous Bitcoin holdings to direct credit card purchases. If you have multiple cryptocurrency accounts, this can make IQcent a strong area to consolidate them with other assets.

IQcent offers multiple account levels. Your initial deposit determines the level of your account, and each account level includes different benefits. Depending on your initial deposit and the type of account you open, you may be eligible for an exclusive trading masterclass web seminar, up to 100% trading bonus and up to three risk-free trades.

iqcent platform

Image text: IQcent is currently offering new users a significant sign-on bonus that helps you compound your initial deposit. You may also have access to special masterclasses and guided trading assistance depending on your account level. 

Overall, IQcent offers a strong offering for traders outside of the United States. However, it’s important to note that IQcent is not registered with any overarching financial authority and is based in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to open an account with IQcent — and never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. 

IQCent Customer Service

IQcent offers 24/7 customer service online via chat. After entering the site, you’ll see a small chat box located in the bottom right of the page — click to instantly open and connect to customer service. You don’t need to be logged into an account to take advantage of online customer service, which can make this a great resource to ask questions you have about the platform before opening an account.

When connecting to customer service, you have the option to connect with multiple agents online in case you experience a disconnection. When we tested IQcent’s customer service connectivity, we found customer service representatives to be friendly and well-informed. We were also able to connect in under a minute at multiple times of the day. IQcent does not currently offer customer service over the phone or through email. 

IQCent Security

IQcent uses a number of features to ensure that your funds and personal information are safe and accessible to only you.

Two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security screening that only enables you to log into your account after you’re able to provide security credentials from a separate account. Examples can include verifying your identity using an email or text message before you can fully access your account info. IQcent offers 2FA on all accounts and recommends that you leave it enabled to better protect your account. 

High-level encryption services: IQcent’s data is protected with 256-bit encryption, one of the most secure methods of encryption used in everyday technology. This high level of site security reduces the possibility of a hack or personal data leak. 

IQcent also requires that you verify your email before opening an account, reducing the possibility of fraud. 

IQCent Pricing

IQcent offers affordable minimum account balances, which may vary depending on your region. In most areas, you can fund an account with as little as $500, making trading accessible for most investors. While you can open an account with less, funding your account with up to $1,000 can also help you qualify for a trading bonus.

In addition to a low account minimum, IQcent also offers no-commission trades. Trade minimums are just $0.01, which means that you can execute trades with values as low as $0.01. This feature can make the platform suitable for traders who use a short-term trading strategy that requires making multiple small trades throughout the day.   

IQCent User Experience

One area where IQcent shines is in the area of user experience. IQcent has introduced a number of features that make its platform easy and inviting for beginners or those testing out a new investment market for the first time. Some of the features that help IQcent stand out include the following.

  • Copy trader feature: If you’re new to investing, you might want to begin with IQcent’s copy trader function, which allows you to mimic the trading strategies of other users. Select a user whose trades you’d like to “copy” and enable copy trading, and your account will automatically follow your trader’s investments according to your selection. This unique feature can help you learn to trade from an experienced guide without spending hundreds on training services.
  • Fast withdrawal processing: While some cryptocurrency exchanges might take days or even weeks to finish a fund withdrawal test, IQcent guarantees that your withdrawal will begin processing within one business day of your request. If you’ve ever been left frustrated by wait times after taking profits, IQcent may be able to provide you with faster funds. Trading and customer service are also available around the clock, which adds even more convenience for travelers on the go.
  • Fast account setups: IQcent makes it exceptionally easy to begin trading. Most users will be able to create an account in as little as 30 seconds, meaning that you can get started linking your accounts and testing out the platform in an afternoon. IQcent also makes it easy to fund your account by supporting more than 10 unique ways to start buying and selling assets.

IQcent also offers demo account access upon request. However, you must first open and fund an account to gain access to demo functions. Keep this in mind before signing up for an account or deciding to link your accounts to IQcent. 

IQcent vs Competitors

While IQcent presents a compelling option for frequent traders and those looking for low commissions, it isn’t the right trading platform for everyone. Investors in the United States cannot currently trade with IQcent, as the company is not licensed to provide accounts under the country’s financial regulatory laws. This means that you’ll need to choose an alternative platform like Coinbase, Interactive Brokers or eToro depending on your asset selections.

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following IQcent competitors. You may want to consider continuing your search for the right trading account using a few of the links in the table below.  

IQCent Overall

If you’re a frequent trader looking for an all-in-one place to start investing in multiple types of assets, IQcent might be worth considering. The broker offers access to more than 100 unique digital currencies, stocks, indexes and more, allowing you to create a fully diversified portfolio. With minimum account balances as low as $500 and minimum trade values set at just $0.01, most types of investors will find something to love about IQcent’s offerings.

IQcent also supports its own proprietary platform, allowing you to trade from desktop and mobile without worrying about app compatibility or functionality. It is also one of the only brokerage companies Benzinga has seen that offers around-the-clock customer service in multiple languages.

Before you open an account with IQcent, it’s important to remember that the broker lacks the regulations required to operate in the United States. If you do decide to open an account with IQcent, you should not do so as an alternative to another long-term investing account (like an IRA or 401(k) account). You should also be careful to avoid investing more than you can afford to lose.  

Frequently Asked Questions


Is IQcent a regulated trader?


No, IQcent is not a regulated trader. Neither IQcent nor its agents or partners are registered with agencies in the United States. 


Can you use IQcent in the U.S.?


No, you cannot use IQcent in the U.S. The company is based in the Marshall Islands and is not currently authorized to provide services to those living in the United States. 

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