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September 1, 2021
Huobi Global
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Founded in 2013, Huobi Global is a world-leading virtual asset exchange. The platform itself was created in China, but is now in Seychelles, from the Chinese government’s recently imposed crypto regulations.  With currently more than 380 crypto assets listed on the platform, Huobi Global offers a variety of features that simplify your trading. Staking pools, margin trading and crypto loans are some examples. With volumes above $23 billion per day, Huobi Global stands as 1 of the top exchanges around the world. But what makes the Asian giant such a good exchange?

Best For
  • Intermediate traders
  • Advanced and professional traders
  • 24/7 customer service support chat
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum deposit of just $50
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Functional and easy to navigate website
  • Vast variety of features
  • Requires experience to understand all features
  • Might not be ideal for beginners

Huobi Global Ratings at a Glance

Ease of Use
Customer Support
Mobile App

Huobi Global Pricing

Huobi Global doesn’t have an account minimum, but it does have a minimum deposit. To provide users with more efficient and convenient services, Huobi has decided to set the minimum deposit amount of USDT to 100 USDT and a BTC minimum deposit of 0.001BTC.

Although it does not have a deposit fee, the platform applies a withdrawal fee on your crypto. Depending on the chain used, the fee will range between $1 to $28.

Huobi Global Ease of Use

It is important to realize that this platform is not for beginners. It has a really clean and visually pleasing interface, available in more than 10 languages, so navigating the web is easy. However, it takes some knowledge to fully understand all the tools featured on the website.

The first thing is signing up, which won’t take more than 5 minutes. Once the account is created, you are all set to start trading. To buy crypto, you can easily do it by the well-known P2P market, as well as buying it via credit or debit card. You can get easy access to all the crypto assets listed with 57 local currencies and 60 payment methods.

The platform includes an extensive FAQ section with lots of educational and informative articles where you can learn how to effect trades, deposit money and use the tools available on the website. This feature allows you to sort out any problem or doubt you might have when using the exchange without having to consult any external resource.

As stated before, the highly intuitive interface displays every feature as cleanly as possible. With charts, data analysis, historical price movements and live price fluctuations, the platform offers all the necessary tools to trade efficiently. 

The content bar at the top of the site helps you browse through the tools.

One of the best features Huobi Global offers is its fully customizable trading bot. You set the price range where you allow your bot to trade and the grid quantity, and it will start running automatically. When you are ready, close the bot and the balance will be transferred to your exchange account.

Huobi Global Education

Huobi Global comes with an educational section featured on its website that allows intermediate users to learn how to use the trading tools, as well as to keep up with important news. This section is organized in different topics: cryptocurrency, where you can find beginners articles to understand Bitcoin, Blockchain, and other crypto-related terms; investing, which includes user guides to get started on Huobi; how-to guides, which have articles explaining some of the features of the website; and latest articles, a segment where last-minute news and articles are posted.

These sections harmonize well as they explain every single concept before jumping into a more advanced, developed explanation of any functionality. So, before reading an article on how to mine Bitcoin, the website provides an article on what is Blockchain, what is Bitcoin, what is proof of work, what are smart contracts, etc. Even though most intermediate and advanced users already have this knowledge, this information is a must-have within the platform. This progressive learning mechanism makes the website a great educational tool.

Moreover, some of the tools of the platform include a simple but clear mini-tour around the website. When clicking on the Trading Bot tool, for example, a small chart will pop up and help you set up the bot. Thanks to this teaching system, the user has a more enjoyable experience while learning how to use the platform.

Although it offers plenty of information to benefit from, the platform could definitely include video tutorials on how to browse and best use its features. While its articles explain some of the tools on the website, video guides would certainly provide a great extra learning tool.

Huobi Global Customer Support

Overall, Huobi Global provides great support. The platform customer service works with a  bot that redirects you to the information you might be looking for. Although this process might not seem the best idea, the network has lots of informative articles and FAQs that can answer most of your inquiries. Also, you can find links to community groups on almost every social media.

If you have more detailed questions, you can contact customer service and leave a message to be contacted or email 

Huobi Global Offerings

Being a cryptocurrency leader since 2013, Huobi Global offers the possibility to buy and trade more than 380 crypto assets. The website also offers a vast range of features useful for intermediate and advanced users. The tools available on the platform provide helpful data and insights traders can benefit from. Over time, the company has been adding more and more services.

Besides trading crypto assets, Huobi Global also offers users the ability to enter staking pools, set up trading bots, trade futures and apply for cryptocurrency loans. On the whole, the exchange comes with a huge variety of well-developed and efficient tools that makes the website a great option.

Huobi Global Mobile App

Launched in November 2017, Huobi Global’s mobile app is available on iOS and Android. With over 1 million downloads, the app supports more than 10 languages, recently including Italian and Traditional Chinese. Its 24/7 multilingual customer service is provided in the mobile app, so any doubt or inquiries can be solved with just your phone.

Huobi Global supports trading within the app, real-time pricing and charts and up-to-date index analyses. It also includes flexible trading methods: market orders, stop-limit orders and limit orders. Fast crediting of withdrawals, as well as deposits, is also a superior feature of the app.

Contrary to being confusing and cluttered, the page display is really clean, which makes its use easier. The design helps to fully enjoy the features and tools provided.

The 4.0 update launched in October 2018 came with an excellent new feature that improved the app considerably. The “Discover” function added a section where breaking news and updates are published, helping users to be informed anywhere, anytime. This useful tool eliminates the struggle of searching for news and displays it in a simple and easy-to-read way.

Additionally, the application’s K-line chart, also launched with the 4.0 update, helps users to have better insight into market movements. These charts are useful for traders because they can capture even the tiniest market fluctuations, providing significant insights and data.

Huobi Global Overall

If you are looking for a safe, internationally used exchange, Huobi Global could be an excellent choice for you. Having wide support for many altcoins and a huge variety of stable coins, Huobi Global offers a reliable platform to trade your cryptocurrency.

Being in the industry for more than 7 years, the exchange has a strong professional approach to crypto, providing technical analysis for traders to manage their investments to the maximum. The informational articles and news posted on the platform also enhance your experience while trading. Language diversity and active customer support expand the exchange’s range, making it a great option in most countries.

To sum up, Huobi should be taken into consideration when choosing your next exchange. It has been able to build a successful exchange platform in the highly competitive crypto scenery, with its reputation increasing over the last few years. 

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