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September 9, 2021
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HUMBL Inc (OTCPK: HMBL) is a platform that connects consumers and merchants in the digital economy across the HUMBL Marketplace, HUMBL Pay, HUMBL Financial and HUMBL Ticketing divisions. HUMBL Mobile Applications aims to deliver easier global transactions. HUMBL Marketplace was developed to connect customers and merchants online, using improved commerce, deal discovery and blockchain tokenization programs. In addition, HUMBL Financial has developed software and algorithms for digital asset trading markets.

Should you buy HUMBL stock? Continue reading below to learn more about HUMBL’s current share price and its potential direction and how you can invest in the stock. 

HMBL Stock Price

HUMBL shares are back below $1 after rising to nearly $8 in 2020. The increase probably had more to do with the fact that it is associated with the crypto industry than the current business itself, which made it more of a meme stock at the time. Its popularity has faded since the $7.72 high, and its shares have been trading sideways for the past few months. Dropping below $1 in July 2021, HUMBL’s shares have headed back towards that level recently, but it is also slowly approaching the oversold area on the Relative Strength Index (RSI)

HMBL Stock Forecast

Unfortunately for HUMBL, recent history and accompanying analyst reports don’t suggest that the company is on track to achieve its targets. In May 2021, the short-selling firm Hindenburg Research released a report on the company called “Illusions of Grandeur, Collapsing International Deals, and Lurking Dilution.”

As mentioned, Hindenburg is a short-selling firm and so had a vested interest in HUMBL shares falling at the time. However, Hindenburg said, “the company has failed to deliver on even the most basic aspects of its business plan, including features it claimed were completed months ago.”

Hindenburg also took aim at the HUMBL pay app. It is available on Android and Apple but only in some countries. Looking at the reviews, you can find many generic 5-star reviews alongside a smaller amount of negative ones, which suggests the app has done well so far but has some way to go to win over a lot of customers. In addition, its website is also underwhelming but more may be added to it in the coming months.

While the company has so far failed to impress investors, the ideas were obviously enough to cause some initial excitement. In addition, HUMBL has recently announced partnerships and a new division that could help push the company forward, but it could still take some work and time before it reaches its targets.

No direct competitors are listed, but similar stocks such as Encounter Technologies 

(OTCPK: ENTI) are trading significantly lower. 

HMBL Stock News

HUMBL has announced several updates in the past few months:

Adding HUMBL to your watchlist is a great way of keeping up to date with the latest news. 

In the lead-up to its stock price almost reaching the $8 mark in 2020, HMBL became somewhat of a meme stock. Its categorization as a meme is not surprising due to the mention of blockchain and crypto and the surge in cryptocurrency-based investing at the time. The recent announcement of an NFT gallery is sure to attract investors interested in the blockchain and NFT industries. HUMBL also acquired Tickeri for $20 million and Monster LA for $8 million in June and July. 

In Q1 2021, HUMBL reported revenue of $156,260, with only $2,156 coming from HUMBL Financial. Its operating loss for the quarter was $1.44 million. The period saw it add just 7,500 customers to HUMBL Financial, with the company stating that it will grow revenues of the segment by $37,425.

How to Buy HUMBL Stock

If you have purchased shares of a company before, then you can search for and buy HUMBL shares through your brokerage platform if it offers HUMBL stock. However, if you haven’t bought stock before, you need to set up a brokerage account

You can follow the steps below to get started.

Find a brokerage.

A broker is a firm that acts as an intermediary between you and the stock exchange. It is authorized to buy and sell shares on behalf of its customers. The broker’s commissions vary along with the platform it offers and the assets you can trade or invest in. 

Not every broker offers HUMBL as it is an over-the-counter (OTC) stock. It means that you need to research which brokers allow you to buy and sell HUMBL shares. Alternatively, you can head to the next section to view the best online stock brokers for HUMBL shares. 

Calculate the number of shares to buy.

The next step is to decide how many shares you want to buy. It depends on various factors such as the amount you can afford, the size of your portfolio attributed to HUMBL shares and the amount of risk you want to take. 

Remember, you don’t need to rush into purchasing a lot of shares at once. Instead, if you are confident in the company’s outlook, you can build a larger position over time by investing in small amounts on each pullback in price. 

Pick the order type.

Next you need to pick the order type. Here you fill in details such as the number of shares you buy and when the order is executed.

Market orders are filled at the current market price, which means the price you buy the shares at is determined by the market. Therefore, choosing a market order means your order is likely to be filled, but you cannot guarantee you will pay the amount you hope for.

Limit orders are executed at a price you have specified. For example, if you place an order to buy 100 HMBL shares at $0.90, the order will only be filled if the market price falls to $0.90 or below. 

Click buy and submit.

Once you have filled out the details (and checked them over), all you need to do is click the “buy” or “submit” button at the bottom of the ticket. If the order is filled, the broker will let you know, and you can see the shares in your account. From there, you can decide on potentially investing more into the stock or researching another potential investment. 

If the broker cannot fill the order, it may be canceled or left for a certain amount of time.

Best Online Stock Brokers for HMBL Stock

You can choose from hundreds of online stock brokers available but not all will provide you with the opportunity to trade HUMBL. Below you can see a comparison of the online stock brokers for HUMBL stock. 

HMBL on Benzinga Pro


Screenshot taken from Benzinga Pro on 09/08/2021

HUMBL’s share price has seen a lack of movement in the last few months caused in part by lowered volume despite positive news announcements. 

As you can see, it is fast approaching overbought territory on the RSI and has also crossed above the 50-day moving average. However, the latest move in its share price suggests it is struggling to hold that level, and after crossing the $1 mark again, it may face more selling pressure in the near future. 

HMBL is a Stock Under Pressure

Despite the initial positivity surrounding the company, HUMBL’s share price is struggling. This situation developed because the hype from its involvement in the crypto and NFT industries has now worn off, and it is down to the company to deliver on its plans.

While the current outlook isn’t the best, the company has recently made announcements that suggest it is working hard to improve its business. Whether that is enough for investors to get excited about the company once more remains to be seen. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What does HUMBL company do?


HUMBL’s platform connects consumers and retailers in the digital economy through its products such as HUMBL Marketplace, HUMBL Pay, HUMBL Financial and HUMBL Ticketing divisions. The company also recently launched an NFT gallery that allows the creation, listing, sale and purchase of NFTs on the blockchain.


Is HUMBL being shorted?


Hindenburg Research released a report in May 2021, relaying its reasons why it believes the company’s shares will head lower. Hindenburg also confirmed it has taken a short position in the company.


Where is HUMBL pay accepted?


HUMBL Pay is currently accepted in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand.