How to Buy Phunware (PHUN) Stock

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May 19, 2021

Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN) stock boomed after its CEO outlined the commercial launch of its blockchain-enabled products at the Proactive Investors One2One Investor Forum.

The company focuses on mobile app products to engage customers, including client messaging, data and audience building. In its most recent quarter, the firm reported revenues of $3.13 million — an increase of more than 42% quarter-over-quarter.

Want in on the fun? Learn how you can buy Phunware stock now.

How to Buy Phunware (PHUN) Stock

You can buy PHUN stock like you can a share in any other company. If this is your first stock purchase, follow along to learn how you can invest in Phunware now.

  1. Pick a Brokerage

    Committing to a brokerage is a personal decision, and preference is all relative. But to help you narrow your choices, here are our recommended considerations as you weigh your options:

    - Do you want more comprehensive analysis tools and research available or are you ready to dig into the details on your own?
    - Is it important to have commission-free trading or are you willing to spend for full service?
    - Are third-party integrations available? How about personal investment advice? Look beyond the ability to buy and sell and understand what a brokerage can deliver over the long term. 
    - Is the site optimized for mobile? Is the app user-friendly? Take a glance at the ease-of-use and find a platform that jives with your thought process.
    - Is customer service on call 24/7? Many brokerages offer phone and live chat support at all times. Don’t settle for less than you need. 

    Remember, when you make your choice, be sure it is best for your needs. A sleek app may be best for someone else, but a low-cost option could be what you prefer. Compare brokerage offerings with your starting point to find your fit. 

    Signing on with a broker is just as quick as any online transaction. Be ready with your personal info like Social Security number and other information the platform might require. This often depends on the investments you want to pursue. 

    Once your account is established, you can transfer funds electronically, by wire or an asset transfer. With money in the account, you’re ready to buy Phunware stock.

  2. Decide How Many Shares You Want

    How many shares you buy should always directly correlate with what you are willing to lose. Do not invest more than you can say goodbye to. 

    Before you decide how many shares, decide the total amount you are ready to invest. You can figure out how many shares you can afford with simple math — divide your total investment by the price of a share. 

  3. Choose Your Order Type

    Your order type serves as directions to your broker. It tells the broker when to execute your order, the price you want to pay and more. 
    The order type ensures clear communication and keeps control in your hands. Learn our quick rundown of the most common order types.

    The bid price refers to the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for a single share of any stock. But the bid price isn’t actually an order type. 
    A buy can happen when the seller finds the bid agreeable or the buyer adjusts the bid to match the ask price of the stock. 

    The ask price (often referred to as just “ask”) is the lowest amount of money a seller is willing to sell shares. 
    If PHUN is priced at $3, you can set your ask price for $4. As soon as PHUN reaches $4, your order will be executed.

    The spread is the difference between the bid and ask price. If the bid price for PHUN is $3, and the ask price is $4, the spread is $1.

    Spreads get tighter when a stock has many buyers and sellers, and spreads grow when stocks have low liquidity and fewer buyers and sellers. 

    Limit Order
    A limit order is an order to buy or sell a stock at a specific price or more. If you set your limit order for PHUN at $3, a buy limit order will only execute at $3 and a sell limit order will execute at $3 or higher.

    Market Order
    A market order is an order to buy or sell immediately. A market order guarantees the buy or sell but it does not set a price. It usually executes at or near the current bid or ask price.

    Stop-Loss Order
    A stop-loss order signals you want to sell if the specified stock falls to a certain price. This order helps prevent excessive loss if your stock price drops.
    If you buy 5 shares of PHUN at an average price of $5 a share, you might set a stop-loss order at $3. If PHUN falls to $3, your broker will sell your shares. 

    Stop-Limit Order
    A stop-limit order combines 2 types of orders: a stop order and a limit order. Use a stop-limit order when you set a stop price and trigger a limit order. 
    The limit order will execute at your limit price or better. It’s wise to use a stop-limit order to limit a loss or protect a profit because you can never be sure exactly where a stock may go.   

  4. Execute Your Trade

    You can buy PHUN stock along with any other stock you want to invest in. Take a look at stocks under $20, stocks under $10 or even stocks under $5

    It’s easy to execute your trade. Choose your order type, click “buy” and you’ll own a bit of PHUN. 

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PHUN Stock History

Phunware launched in 2009 and it continues to focus on mobile apps. Technically, Phunware is a Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) cloud platform for mobile. It equips companies with solutions, data and services to engage, manage and monetize audiences.

The company also offers services like location tracking, advertising software and audience building and engagement technology. With Phunware, a company could line up services like:

  • Light up, on-premise ads
  • Customer messaging before, during and after service
  • Customer analysis through company, Phunware and third-party data
  • Customer rewards with PhunCoin, a security token backed by Phunware
  • Create mobile experiences with Phunware’s custom app development
  • A wide variety of app add-ons

Totally new to Phunware? Here’s a snapshot of why the company made waves lately:

  • Phunware reported revenues of $3.13 million — an increase of more than 42% quarter-over-quarter.
  • $2.86 million of the total revenue emerged from Phunware’s MaaS platform subscriptions and services.
  • The company also stated its gross margin for the quarter was 71.3%.

Pros to Buying PHUN Stock

The major pro of buying PHUN stock is that it is projected to grow at a rate of nearly 30% per year. 

And according to the Phunware website, it’s scalable to 25 million concurrent users. Its solutions have helped companies connect with customers despite the pandemic and it seems Phunware may be prepared to help its clients embrace new ways of doing business.

Cons to Buying PHUN Stock

Phunware does present investors with some risk. It has negative shareholder equity and the share price has been volatile over the past few months. 

Get in on the PHUN

Phunware is honed in on the customer connection and experience. As companies seek to understand and stay in touch with clients in more personal ways, it’s likely Phunware’s services will continue to grow in demand.

Don’t miss out on the fun — find your online brokerage and invest in Phunware today.