How to Buy Inspira Technologies Oxy (NASDAQ: IINN) Stock

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December 29, 2021

Inspira Technologies Oxy (NASDAQ: IINN), an Israeli medical devices company, focuses on the research and development of hospital-grade respiratory tracking systems. The company’s lead product is an augmented respiratory technology system that provides patients with a less traumatic and invasive alternative to traditional mechanical ventilation procedures.

Interested in learning more about Inspira Technologies Oxy’s and whether you should add this stock to your portfolio? Our guide will help you learn a little more about the company and if its stock is a good buy.

When Did Inspira Technologies IPO?

Inspira Technologies Oxy filed its IPO paperwork on March 5, 2021 and IPOed on July 14, 2021 at $5.51 per share.

Inspira Technologies Oxy Financial History

Inspira Technologies Oxy’s financials are typical for companies focused on medical research. According to NASDAQ filing data, the company’s revenue was $4.3 million while its total outstanding liabilities are equal to $8.1 million.

During the IPO, Inspira offered its stock at an initial target price of between $5.51 per share. The company plans to use the funds acquired through the IPO to continue research and development on a number of respiratory devices and products.

Inspira Technologies Oxy Potential

Traditional mechanical ventilation is a very invasive procedure, which requires inserting a device into the throat of the patient to push air into the patient’s lungs when they experience respiratory failure. Though the treatment is effective at rescuing patients who have trouble breathing on their own, mechanical ventilators involve extended hospital stays, increased medical care costs, infections and ventilator dependency. Patients must also be put into a medically induced coma before ventilator use, which has been associated with higher rates of mortality.

Inspira Technologies Oxy’s primary product, an augmented respiration technology system, uses a unique dual lumen cannula inserted into the jugular vein. This system allows medical professionals to directly introduce oxygen into the bloodstream without the use of a ventilator or an induced coma. 

As the medical community continues to fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s possible that this less invasive treatment may become an important tool in battling respiratory disease. However, it’s important to note that Inspira Technologies Oxy has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in any medical context, nor has it been tested on a human. While the company plans to seek FDA approval in 2022 and beyond, this stock will likely remain a very uncertain investment until trials conclude. 

How to Buy Inspira Technologies Oxy (IINN) Stock

If you’ve never bought or sold stock before, learn what to expect before you make your first investment.  

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Pick a brokerage.

    An online broker is a financial service provider authorized to buy and sell stocks on behalf of retail investors. When you open an account with a broker, your broker will help you set up a trading platform that you can use to deposit trading funds into your account and buy and sell shares of stock.

    One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when you start to invest is where you want to open a brokerage account. The best brokers offer access to advanced order types and a host of educational resources that you can use to learn more about trading before you enter the market. Some of the qualities you might want to look for when you open a brokerage account might include:

    • Commissions and account fees
    • The types of accounts that the broker offers access to
    • Trading platform, available tools and skill level

  2. Decide how many shares you want.

    It’s a good idea to set a total budget and choose how many shares you can buy based on your personal budget. Don’t worry if this doesn’t round out to an even number of shares. Most brokers now allow you to invest in “fractional shares” of stock with as little as a single dollar in your account.  

  3. Choose your order type.

    When you know how many shares of stock you want to buy, choose an order type next. The type of order that you place determines when your order will execute and the price that you’ll pay per share. Some of the most common order types include:

    Market order: When you place a market order, your broker will execute the order as soon as possible at the current market rate that shares trade.
    Limit order: When you place a limit order, your broker will only execute the order at or below a predefined “limit price.” For example, if you set your limit price to $5.50 per share, your broker will only execute the order if it’s possible to buy each share at a price of $5.50 or less.
    Trailing stop order: When you place a trailing stop order, your broker will execute the order when the price of a stock falls to a predefined price. Many brokers also allow you to place a trailing stop order to invest in a stock when it reaches a certain percentage below its current or lowest price.

    Depending on the broker you buy through, you might also have access to additional order types. 

  4. Execute your trade. 

    Double-check the details of your order before placing it, then submit it to your broker. From here, your broker will take care of filling the order on your behalf. One of 2 things can occur after you submit your order:

    Your broker fills the order. If your broker can fill the order according to your specifications, you’ll see your shares in your account. Don’t be afraid to walk away from your trading platform — the broker will automatically execute the order once limit and stop conditions are met. 
    Your broker cannot fill the order. If your broker cannot fill the order at specified prices before the end of the trading day, the broker might cancel the order or leave the order open for up to 90 days. You can specify whether you’d like your order to remain open indefinitely or to close at the end of the trading day when you place your order.

    Most brokers will also send you a notification via email or push message when your order is filled or closed. 

Best Online Stockbrokers

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Preparing for Upcoming IPOs

Whether you plan to invest in an upcoming IPO or blue-chip stocks, remember that the price of any stock can decline at any point. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose in a single asset and flesh out your investment portfolio with total market index funds and diverse ETFs. This will help you protect your portfolio against loss in a single industry or within a single company. 

Look Into IINN Today

If you’re thinking of diversifying your portfolio, you can invest in Inspira Technologies Oxy today. Gaining some exposure in the medical device sector can help you move into the healthcare sector without the risk involved with pharmaceuticals, healthcare systems or property groups.

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