How To Buy Hamster Coin (HAM)

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October 21, 2021

Wondering how to buy hamster coin? You can get it on PancakeSwap using BNB purchased from FTX or Binance.US.

In a thread of Tweets, Jack Dorsey implied that HamsterCoin is the biggest threat to Ethereum. Dorsey’s tweet was in response to a user claiming that Dogecoin is the biggest threat to Ethereum, but both of these tweets are likely just jokes.

Unlike Ethereum, HamsterCoin doesn’t support smart contracts, nor does it have the security of decentralization that Ethereum boasts. Even though this tweet was clearly a joke, Hamster pumped over 100% since Dorsey’s tweet. Can Hamster continue on this course, or will it live around a penny with many other meme coins?

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What is Hamster Coin?

Hamster is another useless Binance Smart Chain token that has no clear advantages over more established cryptocurrencies. Its website has little information about the project, but if you’re familiar with any other frictionless yield farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain, this is yet another copy of SafeMoon

Hamster Token is your run-of-the-mill pyramid scheme token where the early investors receive the most token rewards while smaller investors simply hold up the price of the token for those at the top to make a profit.

If you decide to put your hard earned money into Hamster, there’s a good chance you’ll lose money. Hamster should be treated as a gamble rather than a sound investment. 

Brief History of Hamster Coin

Hamster token is trading well below a penny, primarily due to the enormous total supply of 10 quadrillion tokens, so the coin won’t be able to reach $1 anytime soon.

If anyone tells you that their Binance shitcoin is going to a dollar, they’re either lying or don’t understand how investing works. With the current supply of Hamster (and most other Binance Smart Chain tokens) in the quadrillions, it would take more money than there is in the U.S economy to make the token worth anywhere near $1.

How to Buy Hamster Coin (HAM)

  1. Open a Binance Account

    Since the only place to buy Hamster is on Binance’s decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, you'll have to make a Binance account to trade Hamster tokens. PancakeSwap uses Binance Coin to swap into other cryptocurrencies, so you’ll 1st need to buy Binance Coin on Binance Exchange.

  2. Download Trust Wallet

    Once you’ve bought Binance Coin, you’ll need to send it to a cryptocurrency wallet that’s compatible with PancakeSwap. The best wallet to do this is Trust Wallet, as its mobile app makes it easy to interact with decentralized programs like PancakeSwap.

    You'll have to convert your BNB to the Binance Smart Chain version using Trust wallet before sending it to PancakeSwap.

  3. Make Your Purchase

    After connecting to Binance Smart Chain, you can visit to make your purchase. Once your wallet is set up, buying crypto on PancakeSwap is a relatively simple process. Go to the exchange tab, then search for Hamster. Once you’ve found the token, select the amount of BNB you seek to convert into Hamster.

    If you receive an error, you may need to increase your slippage. Since Hamster charges a 10% fee for both buying and selling the token, you may need to set your slippage tolerance over 10%.

Best Crypto Exchanges For BNB

As previously mentioned, the only way to get Binance Coin to use on PancakeSwap is with Binance Exchange. The platform is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, so there's significant liquidity to make any size cryptocurrency trade. Make a Binance account today to be ready for the next up and coming altcoin on PancakeSwap!

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Is Hamster Coin a Good Investment?

From a fundamental perspective, Hamster Coin is 1 of the worst investments you could possibly make. However, in this day and age fundamentals simply don’t matter. Cryptocurrencies with no real world use case have gained millions of dollars in funding, so just because Hamster is a poor fundamental investment doesn’t mean that the token can’t go up. This being said, Hamster should be treated as a gamble, not an investment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are cryptocurrencies profitable?


Yes, cryptocurrencies can be profitable, but you must invest wisely and carefully monitor the markets.


Is Hamster token a safe investment?


All investments have risk, but you can make your investments safer by keeping crypto in a secure wallet and exiting your position at opportune times to avoid losses—or hodling over long periods of time.

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