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September 25, 2023
Global Trading Software
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Traders or investors in the financial markets have diverse requirements for trading indicators, software and algorithms. These needs are often influenced by their preferred tradable instruments — stocks, forex and cryptocurrency. For instance, stock traders might choose software that provides real-time data and advanced charting tools. In contrast, forex traders may prioritize software with integrated news feeds and customizable order types. Trading indicators like moving averages and relative strength index (RSI) are popular among stock traders compared with Bollinger Bands and MACD for forex traders.

Since every tradable asset necessitates distinct analytical strategies, traders often prioritize tools that offer personalized solutions in line with their assets. Global Trading Software (GTS) stands out as a reputable marketplace for high-quality trading indicators, software and algorithms, giving diverse retail traders a competitive edge in the stock, futures, cryptocurrency and forex markets. As a trading and investment software company, GTS takes pride in its dedication to quality and innovation, guaranteeing traders and investors the finest cutting-edge tools needed to enhance their trading journeys.

Thanks to its expert teams of developers, traders can access a vast range of technical tools that suit their trading strategy and preferred tradable asset classes. GTS’s diverse and robust trading tools can swiftly identify at lightning speed with precision, allowing traders to maximize profits while minimizing risk. GTS provides various educational resources to assist novice and seasoned traders in enhancing their skills and comprehending the markets. Read on for a comprehensive review of the company, including its pros, cons and core offerings.

Best For
  • Experienced and beginner traders seeking trading indicators and other technical tools needed to advance their trading strategies 
  • Long-term investors looking for sophisticated tools to optimize their trading decisions and stay updated with market trends 
  • Technical analysts seeking robust indicators tools to swiftly identify support and resistance or make more precise predictions of future market movements 
  • Day traders, scalpers and swing traders looking for a suite of cutting-edge technical tools to expedite market analysis and make profitable trading decisions 
  • Prop traders seeking customizable, accurate and advanced indicators to improve the evaluation outcomes and potentially qualify for funding 
  • Algorithmic and automated trading enthusiasts and traders seeking an effective avenue for learning and trading skills improvement
  • Sophisticated and cutting-edge indicators and tools
  • Excellent and comprehensive educational and training resources 
  • Emphasizes quality and innovation, ensuring traders can access reliable and efficient analytical tool
  • Diverse trading indicator strategies tailored for different trading platforms — MT4, Thinkorswim, TradingView, NinjaTrader and more 
  • Available tools support diverse strategies, including day trading, swing trading, scalping, algo and automated trading
  • Indicators are a higher investment than others on the market, so more likely going to be for the serious trader
  • No 24/7 customer support

Global Trading Software Ratings at a Glance

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User Experience

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GTS Product Offering

GTS assists traders in making informed investment choices by offering precise and easily applicable rules for diverse trading strategies ideal for various market scenarios and timeframes. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, GTS's dashboard-based graphical software and tools are designed to guide you away from common trading errors, ensure steady profits and lead you toward financial independence. 

These software are built on the backbone of six topmost complex trading strategies (including Elliot Wave and Harmonics) and simplify trading experiences by translating trends across various markets and time zones into user-friendly customized visual representations. GTS trading software and indicators are available on major trading platforms, including TradeStation, TradingView, MMT4, thinkorswim, NinjaTrader, MotiveWave and Stocks Predator — an innovative new trading platform developed by GTS. GTS core trading indicators and software offerings include:

The Cradle2Grave Bundle

GTS's Cradle2Grave strategy is based on the idea that every effective trading strategy has a clear starting and ending point. The starting point "Cradle" refers to a trading signal generated by a specific set of rules from GTS's two trading indicator signal generators — xBrat Algo and xBrat Range Breakout. The xBrat Algo employs 12 decision points to create and evaluate trading signals, with the Buy and Sell Signals graded from 3 to 6 stars. A 6-star Buy/Sell signal is generated when all 12 points are met, while 11 points result in a 5-star signal, 10 points lead to a 4-star signal and 9 points generate a 3-star signal. 

The xBrat Range Breakout strategy establishes initial market ranges or economic data points and assigns a BIAS, subsequently executing trades based on this range through four distinct modules that encompass reversal and straddle trading strategies. The aim is to allow traders to leverage such a comprehensive strategy and exploit potential price fluctuations and market movements. In the endpoint "Grave," both xBrat Algo and xBrat Range Breakout are matched to the xBrat Manager, forming a complete circle of "Cradle2Grave" trading strategies.

The xBrat Manager presents a clear graphical overview of an asset's behavior, including price action, average volume comparisons, Volume Distribution and Volume Accumulation. The idea is to enable traders to consistently maximize profits via a simple and repeated trade management strategy instead of panicking and getting out of trade too early. The bundle is available in all the trading platforms available in GTS. 

Swing Trading Software Bundles

Unlike day traders, swing traders hold positions for many days and weeks, including overnight and weekend. Therefore, it's essential to employ varying trading strategies to optimize trading opportunities in swing trading. Regardless of the asset class, successful swing trading requires a structured routine encompassing trading signals, signal confirmation, entry strategy and trade management. GTS's Swing Trading Indicator Bundle incorporates the xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap for signal confirmation. 

The BIAS Depth Heatmap acts as a "Go – No-Go Gauge," scanning six timeframes to provide real-time BIAS indications of bullish, neutral or bearish sentiments at each level. That is, it summarizes complex trading signals across diverse timeframes. So, if you've got a long signal with only two green (bullish) timeframes while others are yellow or red, that doesn't indicate a strong bullish signal. Like the "Cradle2Grave" bundle, the "Swing Trading" bundle also employs xBrat Manager for trade management.

To ensure high-quality swing trading signals that optimize trading opportunities within the trading funnel, the Swing Trading Indicators Bundle combines the xBrat Algo, xBrat Elliott Wave and xBrat Auto Harmonic Patterns trading indicators. These three distinct strategies work together to provide top-notch signals across various markets. The Swing Trading Indicators Bundle is available on TradingView, NinjaTrader and thinkorswim platforms. 

Day Trading Software Bundles

GTS's Day Trading Software Bundles comprise the same indicators as the Swing Trading Software Bundles. These include xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap for signal confirmation and xBrat Manager for trade management. Day traders also require effective signals from various strategies throughout their trading sessions to identify opportunities more quickly. However, the specific indicators vary among GTS's three Trading Software Bundles: the Basic, the Premium and the Ultimate Bundle. 

The Basic Bundle comprises two xBrat Trading Indicators — the xBrat Algo and the xBrat Auto Harmonic Patterns; two different trading strategies signaling varying markets. They're complex strategies, simplified and repeatable by xBrat software dev teams. The Premium Bundle includes the two indicators from the Basic Bundle along with the xBrat Roller Coaster — an advanced Stochastic/MACD Cross that's been simplified and made repeatable to enhance performance and maximize trading opportunities. The Day Trading Indicators Bundles are available on MotiveWave, TradingView, NinjaTrader and thinkorswim platforms. 

The Ultimate Bundle encompasses a comprehensive range of xBrat indicators, including Elliot Wave, xBrat Rollercoaster, Algo, Manager, Range Breakout, BIAS Depth Heatmap, Auto Harmonics, ITS and VWAP Predators. With this array of indicators, the Ultimate Bundle caters to various traders, including swing and day traders, making it suitable for trading diverse instruments. It is available on NinjaTrader, thinkorswim and TradingView.

xBrat Stocks Predator

Stock Predator is GTS's proprietary trading platform for stock traders seeking a more innovative environment to maximize trading opportunities and performance. This trading platform is particularly suitable for stock swing traders and investors, especially those interested in insider trading, thanks to core features like the complete stock scanner for insider traders and the sector analysis of buy/sell by insiders.

For instance, you can gain top confidential insider information before the general public and start making monster returns by leveraging the complete stock scanner for insider traders. Confidential insider information may include details about a company's financial performance, upcoming mergers or acquisitions, regulatory decisions, new product launches, executive changes, and other non-public developments that can significantly impact the company's stock value. Access to such information before it's made public can provide you with a competitive advantage in predicting how stock prices may react to these events.

Furthermore, the Stock Predator features a proprietary scanner for unusual options activity that helps traders gain valuable insight into the trading behavior of institutional option traders. Institutional investors are the major option market movers, so understanding their sentiment or trading behavior can help you anticipate market movements and make more strategic investment choices. Stock Predator's robust standalone desktop dashboard streamlines fundamental and technical analysis.

Unsurprisingly, the platform features most of GTS's cutting-edge technical indicators, including xBrat Algo, xBrat Roller Coaster and xBrat Manager. Additionally, the platform offers integrated charts, watchlists, and more. GTS aims to continually introduce additional trading features with the goal of establishing the trading platform as a highly sophisticated and sought-after tool within the financial market. As is customary with the company, they provide live training sessions to assist users in mastering the utilization of the platform.

Educational and Training Tools 

GTS offers an excellent selection of educational and training tools to assist beginners in getting started and to support expert traders in enhancing or updating their trading skills or strategies. These include over 500 YouTube videos encompassing training on its indicators and trading software applications, tutorials on diverse trading strategies (including scalping, day trading and swing trading) and webinars. It serves as a boot camp, offering an excellent means of learning about the indicator suites, including the xBrat Manager. 

Also offered is an apprenticeship program led by Paul, which accommodates 10 students simultaneously, guiding them through an intensive 40-week training program with the aim of nurturing their abilities to become proficient traders. This program is designed to equip aspiring traders with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the trading industry. Paul's mentorship plays a pivotal role in their development, ensuring they receive comprehensive training and support throughout the 40-week duration. This initiative reflects the commitment to fostering the next generation of successful traders and providing them with the tools they need for success.

The blog contains an extensive library of articles on general trading knowledge, especially stock trading, trading platforms (including NinjaTrader and MotiveWave), indicators like Elliott Waves, trading management and trading algorithms. You can also learn how to construct your own automated trading strategies using the tools and training provided. Alternatively, you can subscribe and lease a strategy if you prefer a more hands-on approach and are tired of how-to tutorials. 

Coming soon: a learning platform that will make searching for content easier along with training on each indicator.

Global Trading Software Customer Service

GTS offers customer support via live chat and email. You can reach out for inquiries regarding the trading software and indicators or how to use them via these channels. You can also contact the team by filling out the online contact form. It's hard to tell between that and direct email, which will work faster. Typically, live chats facilitate immediate assistance or real-time response. If you need help regarding what indicators to use, GTS offers a separate form for that. Customer service hours are as follows:

UTC Time

  • Monday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Thursday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Friday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Sunday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

You can also connect with the community via the Discord channel to share trading ideas. GTS maintains an active presence on multiple social media channels, including Facebook, X, Instagram and YouTube. These platforms present an alternative means of contacting and engaging the firm and asking questions. GTS has a Trustpilot rating of 4.2/5 from six reviewers. While this rating reflects excellent customer support and service offerings, it's hard to judge the depth of its customer support from such a few reviewers.  

Global Trading Software Security

GTS implements adequate user privacy policies to protect users' data. Order information collected is used strictly to fulfill orders placed on the website, including payment processing, arranging shipment and invoicing. Additionally, GTS may use such information for personalized service delivery and marketing. However, users' data is never shared or sold to a third party without their consent unless required by prevailing legal requirements. Users also have the absolute right to rectify, revoke, restrict or erase their data, and they can exercise this right as needed. GTS is neither a brokerage nor a bank and so doesn't store users' funds.

Global Trading Software Minimum Investment and Pricing

GTS offers transparent pricing for its trading software and indicators. Price ranges from $99 for indicators like the EMA Cloud Chart trading add-on to $999 for the xBrat Algo. Bundling the indicators presents an ideal way to minimize cost. Bundled indicators can range from $1,500+ to over $5,700. The Stocks Predator, which is GTS's proprietary trading platform, is currently available for a one-time lifetime license fee of $2,000, but starting in November, the price will change to a monthly subscription of $250.

Separately leasing each Automated Trading Software costs $299 per month. However, you can access all three Autotraders (scalping and day trading strategy, day trading strategy and scalping strategy) and pre-set strategies through the GTS Enterprise Membership, priced at $499 monthly. While GTS's suite of trading indicators offers good value for money, it might be too expensive for undercapitalized traders and beginners just starting. You pay via credit or debit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. 

Global Trading Software User Experience

Global Trading Software (GTS) offers traders a comprehensive and accessible marketplace with a wide array of trading indicators and tools. Stock traders, forex dealers, futures and crypto traders can browse through the website and find and buy trading indicators that align with their trading strategies and asset classes. They can also access educational resources and training materials to understand how to use the indicators and gain broader knowledge about trading. The availability of different software bundles tailored to specific trading needs allows users to choose the option that best suits their preferences. GTS provides a valuable user experience, combining powerful tools and educational support.

Global Trading Software vs. Competitors

GTS simplifies complex trading strategies and makes them repeatable through technology, providing a unique marketplace for diverse traders to shop for innovative trading indicators and software to help them minimize trading mistakes and maximize profit. This novel approach differentiates GTS from traditional trading platforms like TradeStation, NinjaTrader, thinkorswim, MetaTrader and TradingView.

Global Trading Software Overall

GTS offers a wide range of trading indicators suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform's intuitive dashboard-based tools help traders avoid common mistakes and make consistent profits. Its diverse trading tools, such as xBrat Algo and xBrat Roller Coaster, cater to various trading strategies, asset classes and market conditions. With accessible educational materials and training resources, traders can enhance their skills and master the application of the indicators and understanding of the markets. While the pricing may be a barrier for some, GTS provides an efficient and innovative solution for traders seeking to improve their trading careers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which software do traders use?


Traders use various software tools to analyze markets, execute trades and manage their trading strategies. The specific software used by a trader depends on their trading strategies and asset class.



What are the best stock indicators?


The choice of the best stock indicators depends on individual trading strategies and goals, but some commonly used and respected indicators include moving averages, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence).



Can you see stock indicators on live charts?


Yes, stock indicators can be displayed on live charts. Most trading platforms provide the option to overlay indicators onto price charts to help traders analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions.

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