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June 16, 2021
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securely through's website aims to be your one-stop shop for cryptocurrency trading. The platform carries nearly 200 different currencies spread across over 350 markets. Traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency, with spot and margin trading being the most commonly used markets. The platform also allows traders to use peer-to-peer transactions through its “push transaction” function. 

Multiple security protocols ensure your safety while using mobile or desktop browsers. Plus, a trading guide explains how to use the system for your first few trades. Not sure if you can trade your preferred currency? There’s a “Coin List” at the bottom of the homepage.

Best For
  • Beginners and professionals hoping to trade cryptocurrency across multiple markets
  • Anyone concerned with security
  • Traders needing additional information for their investments
  • Consumers looking for an expansive rewards program
  • Many cryptocurrencies from which to choose
  • Multiple trading styles
  • Enhanced, industry-leading security
  • Low fees
  • Quality mobile app
  • Almost too much functionality
  • A busy customer support system Ratings at a Glance

Product Selection
Customer Service
Mobile App
User Benefits
Overall Rating

If you want to trade, buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency, is one of the oldest exchanges in existence. Unlike the certain apps or websites designed for a small number of specific currencies (Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc.) — is a gateway to access hundreds of cryptocurrencies across hundreds of markets.

During this review, we evaluate its various trading methods, security protocols, reward programs, and educational materials. You can settle in and manage your portfolio in a single location with help from this platform. Product Selection brings together countless cryptocurrencies and markets in one place. There are almost too many cryptocurrencies to count and even more markets from which to choose. 

When you open the “Markets” tab, a list of digital currencies opens on the left, allowing you to search for your preferred currency. On the right, you can view the current order book, prices in markets across the world and information on your chosen virtual currencies.

Place a limit order, try basic or professional grid trading, or “time condition” your trades. In each category, you may either buy or sell depending on the needs of your portfolio. Our only issue is that this site may be so complex that you lose your way if you’re not a professional/experienced trader. The crypto market is complex enough, and some novice traders might get confused. Pricing publishes its trading fees for every market and every digital asset trade type. prices are competitive. It appears the site charges no more than 0.2% on market activity with rates from just over 5% to 18% on crypto lending and overall, very low withdrawal fees. There is no fee to make a deposit — check the fee schedule for your preferred cryptocurrency and the corresponding withdrawal charges. Promotions takes its promotions and reward programs seriously. So expansive is their rewards system that it reads much like the promotions in an online casino. bases its rewards system on tasks that you can complete on the site, whether they are simple (completing your profile, making a deposit, etc.) or more complex like completing a trade.

Additional bonuses tie in with your trading activity. On the “HODL & Earn” list, you may participate in a certain type of trade that results in specific bonuses. You can also collect points for additional rewards.

Sign up to the newsletter for a chance to win prizes, or take advantage of a $1000 USDTest reward when signing up to the app (this reward is also prominent when you download the app.) You also receive a 30% commission rate share when you invite friends. Customer Service has a listed email address for support inquiries. You may choose to submit a support ticket using a tab at the bottom of every page, or you can visit the help center.

There is a guide for C2C trading, spot and margin trading, options and futures, HODL & Earn, announcements and basic FAQs. If you don’t find what you need, you can email the company from the help center, submit a ticket request or enter the live chat to speak with a customer service associate.

When you enter the live chat, you must select the reason for your request, and you are placed in the queue — which could be time consuming. A customer support phone number is not available. Mobile App

The mobile app nearly mirrors the website. When you reduce this amount of information to a smaller screen, it may appear muddled. However, you can still select  the markets or currencies you prefer, check the futures and read chatter from other traders in the “News” section.

You also have the option to check your balance and deposit or withdraw money at any time. UX offers a quality user experience, providing you with trading information, hundreds of trading options and live market updates. The rewards system makes the platform a bit more exciting, and you can generally find all the information you need through the help center or customer support options. also provides a “Cryptopedia” of terminology and additional information for the inexperienced investor. This helps increase your knowledge of the technology to make informed decisions. 

Blockchain comics explain the technology in an interesting way. You will find the comics especially helpful if you are a visual learner. Educational videos expand on the information in the comics, and this page also provides a calendar of major crypto events that have shaped (and will continue to shape) the market. User Benefits

The cryptocurrency exchange benefits users by allowing them to earn money buying and selling cryptocurrency in addition to site-based rewards. Instead of trading in a vacuum, the site gives you several “backup” options — in the form of rewards — that might add to your earnings.

Additionally, you may research cryptocurrencies, study the markets and review the trajectory of any currency. Chat rooms allow you to share information with other traders. Or, you can check the market and coin lists to seek new investment opportunities. Security

As the Securities and Exchange Commission calls for enhanced security in the cryptocurrency market, goes above and beyond in terms of securing its site. The site uses a secure server, and it offers several tips for securing your information, including:

  • Signing in with Google’s Two-Factor Authentication
  • Two-Factor Authentication via SMS
  • Creating a fund withdrawal password

With this level of security, the site is ranked No. 1 by Cybersecurity Rating. Remember, you should also use digital wallets to protect your crypto investments. For added security, you can use cold storage options that you can keep on your person. Overall Rating

We give a 4.5 rating. Offering several benefits, including multiple trading options, it serves as a gateway to many cryptocurrency markets. Download the app, visit its website and set up an account to enjoy extensive rewards and the freedom to manage several cryptocurrencies at once. vs Competitors stands head and shoulders above the competition by:

  • Not requiring KYC verification to trade
  • Offering higher withdrawal limits for more currencies
  • Creating a robust rewards program
  • Offering a mobile app that almost mirrors the website Tutorial

For more information on and how to deposit money in your account, review the following video tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can U.S. citizens use


Yes. In recent developments, U.S. citizens may use However, does not operate in Washington State or New York State.


Is a safe exchange?

A’s security protocols have top ratings from CER (Crypto Exchange Rates,) featuring several security mechanisms and safety precautions.

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Exchange with a friendly interface for beginners, very easy to understand even a person who does not know at all about cryptocurrencies and trading them on the market, as well as there is a responsive assistant who will help to solve all emerging issues

Evhen Rudniev

How do you use this product to boost your finances? has significantly boosted my financial strategy. The user-friendly interface simplifies trading, and the diverse range of cryptocurrencies available ensures ample investment opportunities. The platform's security measures instill confidence, and p

Pleader Ishan

How do you use this product to boost your finances? is generally considered a reputable cryptocurrency exchange known for its wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. It offers a user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and decent liquidity for trading.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Even though I am US citizen residing in the USA and have cleared KYC2 still being told I am in a restricted country. Can someone explain what I should think or do? Have written support several times complaining about that but the answer is the same.

Laura welch

How do you use this product to boost your finances?


Ali farhat

How do you use this product to boost your finances?


chandra gollapudy

How do you use this product to boost your finances?


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