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July 11, 2023
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Forex trading presents an exciting opportunity for potential profit and independence but also involves challenges and risks. Suppose you’re a high-frequency trader or trade using Expert Advisors (EAs) or trade copiers. In that case, the challenges may range from technical (slow connection and high latency) to hardware issues. These issues can lead to trade mismanagement, missed trades, inconsistent results and significant loss of money. While investing in high-end computers might help, it is not always feasible because of cost considerations. That’s where Forex VPS comes in. 

Founded in 2012, Forex VPS offers top-tier VPS services customized for the needs of forex traders. Its VPS solutions are especially ideal for traders using algorithms, managing multiple accounts or aiming to minimize latency with the market. Core features like ultra-low latency, guaranteed uptime, fast or hassle-free setup, multiple server locations, round-the-clock customer support and exceptional compatibility with numerous trading platforms explain its popularity among forex traders

Forex VPS has been used by more than a million forex traders and is considered the best forex VPS by many traders. Read on for a constructive overview of this hosting provider’s offering, appealing features, pros and cons and how it compares with similar services.

Best For
  • High-frequency traders who rely on fast order execution and low latency to capitalize on short-term market movements
  • Algo traders or those utilizing algorithmic trading strategies that require uninterrupted and reliable connectivity to execute trades automatically
  • Traders managing multiple forex accounts simultaneously and seeking efficient management and execution of trades
  • Traders using EAs to automate their trading strategies and execute trades based on predefined algorithms
  • Forex traders aiming to optimize their trading performance by minimizing the impact of technical issues such as slow internet connections or hardware limitations
  • Fast or instant setup
  • Guaranteed or 100% uptime
  • Ultra-low latency and trade execution as fast as 1 millisecond
  • Reliable and stable hosting infrastructure
  • Dedicated resources for optimal performance
  • Compatibility with popular trading platforms and brokers
  • Support for all EAs
  • Flexible pricing plans to accommodate different budgets
  • 24/7 technical support for assistance and issue resolution
  • Scalability to handle increasing trading demands
  • Secure and protected environment for trading activities
  • No call support Ratings at a Glance

Product Offering
ForexVPS Customer Service
ForexVPS Security
ForexVPS Minimum Investment and Pricing
ForexVPS User Experience
Overall Product Offering

Forex VPS offers a wide range of convenient and accessible services targeting EA traders. These services include Free Forex VPS, Forex VPS Hosting, Forex Dedicated Servers and Forex Broker VPS Solutions. Here's a breakdown of these offerings.

Free Forex VPS

You can get a free or discounted Forex VPS service depending on your chosen platform. Forex VPS partners with various financial services providers who subsidize the service, making it available for their traders. However, you must meet a specific monthly trading volume or lots to access the service. To get started, you set up a live trading account with the eligible FX broker and deposit the required account minimum. Subsequently, Forex VPS will create and send you the login details to your free VPS. 

Free Perks

Forex VPS offers attractive free perks. In addition to new clients getting 15% off new orders, perks for signing up include the “HowToTrade” educational guide on software, robots and other trading fundamentals and “TrackATrader” analytics software that provides insights into crucial metrics, including win rate, average win/loss and best trade, which illuminate areas for refinement and enhancement.

  • Free HowToTrade for proper education on trading robots: HowToTrade will help you understand your trading software and how trading fundamentals impact your results from your trading robots. You can connect with traders just like you.
  • Free TrackATrader for statistics and trade history: TrackATrader lets you bring your EA performance to life with a seamless visual experience, empowering you to optimize your trading strategies with ease. It lets you learn from your mistakes and make smarter decisions by reviewing past transactions and spotting patterns.

Use Your Current Broker

Suppose you already have an account with an eligible provider. In that case, you can contact it and request that your account be placed under Forex VPS and the team will get your VPS set up immediately. Some of the platform's partners include IC Market, Pepperstone, Global Prime, FX Pro, SwitchMarkets and AxiTraders. Each of these companies has a specific monthly trading volume or lots you must meet to access the free VPS services. If you miss the monthly volume, the broker can bill you for the missing volume or lots. You can check the Forex VPS website to see if your current or preferred provider is among its partners. If you can't meet the broker's monthly volume requirements, you can signup for the Basic+ VPS at $19.20 per month. It is the best available deal and enables you to build your account while trading your way to a free VPS. 

ForexVPS Hosting 

Forex VPS Hosting comprises four paid packages — Basic, Basic+, Standard and High Frequency, each with a dedicated IP address. Here's how they compare.

The Basic

This is the starting and most reasonable offer at $31 per month. Suppose you're a retail forex investor with a small operation, utilizing a few EAs and running limited platforms. In that case, this offer will be perfect for you. It is a Windows 2012 Server with 1 core CPU and 60GB of disk space.  

The Basic+

With 80 GB of disk space and 2 core CPUs, this package is slightly bigger than the Basic and potentially faster and more valuable. It is also highly affordable at $35 per month and is the favorite among investors. The server can be Windows 2012, 2016, 2019 or 2022. 

The Standard 

The Standard package is an improvement on the Basic+ since both have the same number of CPU cores and use essentially the same server. However, its 90GB of disk space means better and faster execution than the Basic+. It has 4GB RAM compared to 2.5GB for the Basic+ and 2GB for the Basic packages. It costs $51 per month and is ideal if you're running many EAs, operating an extensive trade copier system or seeking the fastest VPS service possible.

High Frequency 

This top-tier package is the most expensive at $59 per month. It has a 1-core (3.4GHz+) CPU, 3GB RAM and 90GB of disk space. The server can be any of Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019. Suppose you have high-frequency trading systems, a significant number of EAs or operate a large trade copier. In that case, this package is the right choice for you. Using it for retail forex trading will amount to overkill. 

Dedicated Forex Servers

To further turbocharge your execution speed and enjoy an unmatched performance, you can use Forex VPS's Dedicated Forex Server. This premium server will enable you to handle intense and complex trading strategies seamlessly. It delivers ultra-low latency (1 millisecond) and features redundant power configuration (to keep the system running during a power outage), full hardware resources (no shared computing or storage), Tier-1 bandwidth (for optimum performance), an auto startup for MT4 and a dedicated IP. 

You can either settle with the ready-made Dedicated Server or go for the Custom Dedicated Server, with similar features and pricing of $175 per month. The former is best for running multiple trading terminals and EAs using more computing resources, while the latter allows you to create your custom server. The difference here is that the Dedicated Server uses 16GB of RAM, Intel Xeon E-2236 (6 Cores) and 2×500 GB of Storage (SSD), while the Custom Dedicated Server uses 16-64GB of RAM, Intel Xeon (6 -8 Cores) and 2×500GB - 2X2 TB of Storage (SSD), meaning it can potentially deliver more robust performance. 

Forex Broker VPS Solutions

Forex VPS collaborates with multiple forex brokers to provide subsidized services, making it accessible to their traders for free or at a discounted rate depending on the financial services provider. To access the service, investors must meet specific monthly trading volumes or lots. If you're running an FX brokerage service, you can use this service to retain your forex clients. According to the company's website, implementing this service increased algo traders' retention by 25%. 

You can implement this either using the IFRAME or API integration. The former allows you to seamlessly integrate by adding just one line of code and quickly incorporating the request form on any landing page with minimal development efforts. In contrast, the latter enables you to use the company's API to automate creating and destroying the VPS, giving you greater control and the ability to customize request forms to your specific needs. Core benefits of this service include pro-rata billing, 100% uptime for your buyer/seller, preinstalled MT4/MT5 platform for them to dive in and no shared resources. The benefits to your clients translate to improved retention.

Essential Features of ForexVPS 

Now you're aware of the platform's core services, here are a few of its most appealing features. 

Ultra-Low Latency

Forex VPS offers ultra-low latency, possibly the lowest in the industry. All servers have Tier 1 bandwidth enabling lightning-fast trade execution (less than 1 millisecond), and the resources are not shared. Moreover, Forex VPS enables you to check network latency with top forex brokerages before opening a trading account, so you can receive the best latency.

Guaranteed or 100% Uptime 

Forex VPS ensures 100% uptime thanks to its power backup systems. Suppose you're a high-frequency buyer or seller or you handle a large volume of positions. In that case, any downtime can result in significant losses to your balance sheet. With Forex VPS, you won't have to worry about this scenario, unlike other VPS providers.

Equinix Data Center

Forex VPS employs Equinix Data Center — one of the world's most reputable, secure, sustainable and expansive data infrastructure providers. The implication is that your server is close to your broker's and your bank's servers, ensuring a highly optimized connection and minimal latency, which is central to optimal trading and profitable trading. Forex VPS has data centers in major global business hubs or megacities, including London, New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Hong Kong, further streamlining access and connectivity.

Dedicated IP and Hardware

Hosting service providers often do not include a dedicated IP address, even for dedicated servers. However, Forex VPS distinguishes itself by offering a dedicated IP address for its dedicated forex servers. The platform fronts the latest hardware like SSD storage for better storage capacity, Intel Xeon core for fast processing and DDoS volumetric and L4 protocol-based protection for enhanced security.

ForexVPS Customer Service

Forex VPS provides 24/7 tech support via live chat, which is essential because many forex speculators concentrate more on trading and less on technical details. A trading system that's not properly functioning can significantly impact your portfolio. Forex VPS has a dedicated team of professionals managing the infrastructure and security and providing round-the-clock support. These professionals will directly engage with you to address any situation or need you might have. Benzinga tried the live chat; the average response time was one and a half minutes, and the agents were professional in answering questions. 

You can also connect with the team by completing the online contact form. You can access tutorials, in-depth coverage of technical concepts and how-to guides through the knowledge base, blogs and the FAQ section, providing you with comprehensive educational resources. Forex VPS has impressive ratings across various independent platforms, including a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot from over 2,000 reviewers. Comments were overwhelmingly positive, and Benzinga had difficulty finding negative feedback, indicating the platform's strong reputation.

ForexVPS Security

Forex VPS employs robust encryption protocols to protect users' privacy during signup or information transfer. Personally identifiable data collected during signup is used strictly for service or product improvement purposes and is not shared with a third party except on consent. The DDoS volumetric and L4 protocol-based protection offer enhanced security during usage. The platform also provides a firewall for extra security. These security measures are sufficient for the services it offers. 

ForexVPS Minimum Investment and Pricing

Forex VPS offers transparent pricing like most hosting providers. If your broker is one of its partners, you can access the service for free by meeting specific monthly trading volumes or lots set by your broker. If you can't meet the required monthly trading volume, then you can sign up for the Basic+ VPS at $19.20 per month and trade your way to a free VPS. It is the best deal. For the main packages, pricing ranges from $31 per month for the Basic to $59 per month for the High Frequency. 

The Basic+ and Standard are the intermediate packages at $35 and $51 per month, respectively; the dedicated forex server costs $175 per month. While these offers may seem pricey compared to competitors like FXVPS, which has a starting price of $4.89 per month, the core features of Forex VPS more than justify its pricing. Additionally, Forex VPS offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans, and new users can take advantage of a 15% discount.

ForexVPS User Experience

Forex VPS offers a seamless, user-friendly experience with fast and hassle-free signup of less than 5 minutes. The platform provides reliable and fast VPS services tailored to the needs of diverse forex investors, especially high-frequency, algo and EA investors. Users can benefit from a range of features, including access to dedicated IP addresses, 100% uptime, low latency, 24/7 technical support and a resource-rich knowledge base for technical education. Additionally, the platform offers competitive pricing and discounts, providing added value for traders seeking a reliable VPS solution. Benzinga considers Forex VPS a user-friendly and highly recommendable hosting service.

Forex VPS vs. Competitors

Forex VPS has few competitors like FXVM VPS. Like Forex VPS, other providers offer excellent hosting service with low latency, impressive uptime, dedicated IP, multiple server locations and more. FXVM VPS offers lower starting prices at $20 per month compared to $31 for Forex VPS. However, you can access Forex VPS for free, depending on your provider and the ability to meet specific minimum trading volumes. 

Forex VPS also provides the most robust and latest hardware infrastructure, including DDoS protection for enhanced security, unlike its peers.


Forex VPS is a specialized hosting service designed for any type of investorr, offering optimized performance and ultra-low latency for trading activities. With a range of tailored VPS plans, it caters to the specific needs of high-frequency, algo and EA or trade copiers. The platform ensures uninterrupted trading operations with its robust infrastructure, dedicated IP addresses and DDoS protection.

It provides 24/7 technical support and comprehensive educational resources comprising tutorials and articles via its knowledge base, blog and FAQ to assist users with technical issues. With positive ratings and affordable pricing, Forex VPS is a reliable and trusted choice for traders seeking a seamless trading experience. It is also easy to set up, requiring under 5 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Forex VPS hosting?


Forex VPS hosting is a specialized service that provides virtual private servers optimized for forex trading, offering traders a stable and low-latency environment to run their trading platforms and strategies.




Is a Forex VPS safe?


Yes, forex VPS hosting can provide a safe and secure environment for traders, as it offers dedicated resources, robust security measures and encryption protocols.



How many MT4s can you run on a VPS?


The number of MT4 instances you can run on a VPS depends on the VPS plan and resources allocated, but typically you can run multiple MT4 instances simultaneously.

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