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June 8, 2022
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FlowTrade is an algorithmic trading system created by traders to improve skill sets, provide mentoring and enhance traders’ strategies. FlowTrade’s team of traders united to share their experiences working with other mentoring programs and trading platforms that produced no results. Over time, FlowTrade became a community of traders that mentor each other on the Flow Index, Dark Flow and Algo Flow for finding buy and sell points.

Best For
  • Beginning traders
  • Identifying institutional buys
  • Mentoring programs
  • Community support
  • Higher costs

FlowTrade Ratings at a Glance

FlowTrade Investment Options

FlowTrade is an excellent tool that allows you to improve your trading in stocks. Using a virtual trading assistant, you see where large pools of institutional funds are building up or decreasing through the Flow Index. This kind of crucial information means you reduce guessing and can position your trades before changes happen. The Dark Pool and Algo Flow allow you to see what institutions did over the last 24 hours. These tools give you better insights about when to buy or sell. We rate the platform with 5 stars from these unique features. You can’t find such comprehensive tools about what is happening with a stock elsewhere.

The Flow Index is an algorithm that helps you see where the smart money is making buy and sell decisions in real time. A line on your chart indicates the higher frequency trades of algorithms from institutions, hedge funds and investment banks. These funds account for the majority of the trading activity in the stock. Knowing what the large institutions are doing helps you to make better buy and sell decisions.

The Dark Flow and Algo Flow let you see the large orders of buys and sells. These block trades occur in real time. All these trades appear on a chart with a time and date stamp using a horizontal line. The Dark pools represent the institutional trades that have 24 hours to report to the exchanges. The times and dates give you the levels of support and resistance in the stock.

A scanner allows you to see trades in the Dark Flow and make adjustments to what is happening.

FlowTrade has a mentoring program that lets you learn from professionals about its program features. You attend individual sessions with experienced traders who help you interpret live events, emotional behaviors and psychological factors impacting a stock’s movements.

A comprehensive learning library lets you gain more knowledge to become an independent trader.

The alerts allow you to see where changes are taking place across different stocks and help you position your trades faster.

FlowTrade assists you in creating a strategy that works for you and avoids those mistakes that can take years to learn. You become better at trading with the algorithm in just 30 days using all the tools. 

FlowTrade Customer Service

FlowTrade offers multiple customer service options, such as over the phone, email, and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Customer service responds quickly to your issues. 

FlowTrade Pricing

FlowTrade offers different pricing options that allow you to try everything for free and start paying a monthly or yearly subscription if you decide to join.

The 7-day free trial lets you test FlowTrade. You can cancel your membership at any time and are under no obligation. You get access to the Flow Index, professional mentoring, live chat, the Dark Pool trading strategy, alerts and a learning library.  

The Base Access plan gives you all the free trial features for $199 per month.

The 12 Month Access plan is $1,999, and you have access to everything for 1 year. You save $389 per year using this option.

The pricing can be expensive compared with other services, but you can try out FlowTrade free for 7 days and switch to the Base or 12 Month Access plans. If you don’t like FlowTrade, you can cancel your membership within the 7-day free trial. 

FlowTrade User Benefits

The best thing about FlowTrade is how easy its features are to use. You can quickly understand where the money is flowing and how to use the different tools to gain insights into what happens next. Mentoring and live chat help you to build your knowledge and learn from experienced traders. Any level of trader can benefit from the features FlowTrade provides.

You react early to events and profit from these changes before the markets realize what is happening. FlowTrade is a leading indicator that keeps you a step ahead of everyone else. 

FlowTrade UX

FlowTrade is simple to use once you get familiar with the features, figure out how everything works and start applying the strategies. Any level of trader will benefit from what FlowTrade provides to enhance your skills and profitability. Social media sites have stories of traders who benefited from using these tools to improve their day, swing and long-term trades.

FlowTrade is the real deal and lives up to the promises the company makes. The testimonials on the site and social media networks illustrate how ordinary traders benefit from its features. 

Best For
  • Beginning Traders
securely through FlowTrade's website

FlowTrade vs. Competitors

Competitors offer similar services to FlowTrade. Some give you introductory specials that are lower than FlowTrade with the same 7-day free trial. The difference in some of the competitors is that you may get additional packaged services such as analyst ratings, voice notification, daily winners and losers, real-time sentiment, historical sentiment or unusual options activity, but these companies provide neither mentoring nor comprehensive education on how to use the techniques.

FlowTrade is different by providing you with information that concentrates on concise analysis. You don’t have to go through all the features trying to figure out what tools work the best for you. Another difference among FlowTrade and its competitors is the mentoring program with experienced traders. You work with someone who knows how everything works, will answer your questions and can help you find the best strategies.

Competitors may have lower prices and more tools. However, too much information can make it challenging to create an effective strategy. FlowTrade keeps everything simple by devoting itself to specific tools and resources to ensure you have a good experience. Competitors sell you services at lower prices and more tools, with little or no help. 

FlowTrade Overall

FlowTrade helps you to become a better trader with its tools and support. These factors are critical in knowing how to access the information and use it to improve your skills. FlowTrade works well with charts and breaking news to better understand where the smart money is moving. Trading like this takes practice, experience, knowledge and resources. Using FlowTrade, you receive all these in different programs to learn and utilize the information successfully.

The only real drawback is the higher prices for FlowTrade. The trade-off is you have better educational resources, mentoring and support in using the tools effectively. Competitors provide you with lots of tools and little that helps you understand how to use those tools to improve your trading.

FlowTrade is a leading indicator that allows you to anticipate where the market is going. You can respond to changes quickly and decrease surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is dark pool buying?


Dark pools are large block trades completed by institutional buyers at specific prices that don’t want to impact the market with these orders. 

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