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February 9, 2021
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Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform that provides efficient end-to-end shipping to eCommerce merchants. The service takes care of logistics obstacles with its scalable shipping technology, and it’s particularly useful for sellers looking to move into global markets or independent makers. 

Though it lacks a mobile app, Easyship is an affordable, highly-functional shipping solution.

Best For
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses
  • Creators, artisans and makers
  • Free version
  • Tons of integrations with couriers, marketplaces and other platforms
  • Makes scaling shipping easy
  • No contracts
  • Tools to plan, launch and fulfill crowdfunding campaigns
  • No mobile app

Easyship Ratings at a Glance

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Easyship Pricing

Easyship offers tiered subscription plans. It offers 4 affordable package tiers, including a free version. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. If you choose to pay annually, you can save 20% on the monthly prices listed below.

  • Free: $0 monthly for up to 100 shipments per month and 1 team members
  • Plus: $29 monthly for up to 500 shipments per month and 3 team members
  • Premier: $49 monthly for up to 2,500 shipments per month and 5 team members 
  • Enterprise: Custom-fit pricing with unlimited options

Easyship supports crowdfunding projects in several ways. Most importantly, it waives all subscription fees if you reach your crowdfunding goal until you've successfully shipped to all your supporters. You’ll be responsible for taking care of shipping and fulfillment costs only. 

When your first official campaign ends, you choose the Easyship subscription plan that is best for you. 

Easyship Subscription Plans from the Easyship Website

Easyship Product Offerings

Easyship is chock full of products, services and features to streamline your end-to-end shipping process. You’ll find diverse courier selections, comprehensive shipment management, integrations, automated shipping settings and rules for your eCommerce store, shipment creation, finance tools and delivery experiences tools. 

Easyship’s features are divided into 2 categories: building and connection tools and scalability features. To compare Easyship’s full suite of offerings in one place, check out the feature index.

Build & Connect Features

Shipping Management Tool

Stay on top of logistics for each and every one of your sales channels with automation and the EasyShip all-in-one shipping tool. This cloud-based platform lets you generate labels, packing slips and customs decorations, along with managing shipping and moving through fulfillment effortlessly. 

You can customize and automate your shipping preferences to really dial things in. Automate based on courier selections, delivery preferences, package size, product value and so forth. And tracking packaging and managing returns is simple with Easyship as well.

250+ Courier Solutions

Easyship works with over 250 global shipping companies. You’ll find couriers like FedEx, DHL and more. This means you can ship to more people in more places more cost effectively.`

Platform Integrations

Sync with well-loved apps and marketplaces to supercharge your eCommerce store. Link with companies like Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce and more. 

Global Fulfillment Network

Easyship makes it possible to grow your business globally without running into any logistics issues with global fulfillment center partners. These partnerships means you can leverage your sales potential, keep your overhead low and your shipping speeds fast.

Scale Up Features

International Expansion

The Easyship platform comes with high scalability for your shipping process. EasyShip is especially adept at guiding your company through global expansion. It can help you sell and ship in over 250 countries with full pricing visibility for you and your customer.

Rates At Checkout

Using the Easyship Real-Time Shipping Rates Plugin, your customers will see multiple shipping options from different couriers with various shipping speeds and prices. This reduces the chance of your customer being unpleasantly surprised with high fees or slow speeds and abandoning their cart.

Tax & Duty Visibility

Ship globally worry-free with Easyship. Easyship handles local customs, duty and tax charges so you don’t have to worry about it. It can calculate duty and tax expenses for your international orders, so the shipping experience is painless for both you and your customer.

Manage Your Brand Experience

Providing a transparent end-to-end shipping process is important, especially as your business grows. Use tools like customer notifications, branded tracking pages and custom emails and packing slips to solidify your brand identity and improve customer satisfaction.

Easyship also has a ton of useful resources like a shipping rates calculator and functional guides for international shipping, holiday shipping and peak season.

And Easyship is the leading shipping partner for crowdfunding fulfillment. It’s designed to help you plan, launch and fulfill your crowdfunding campaign.

Easyship Customer Service

Easyship boasts a thorough help center on its website. You’ll find troubleshooting, quickstart guides and specialized expertise. 

If you need more help, submit a request or sign in to your Easyship account. Note, there is no live chat or phone support.

Easyship Mobile App

While Easyship’s mobile browser is fast and simple, it doesn’t have a true mobile app, a major drawback for a platform of its type. 

You can log in to your account and use the Easyship mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet. But an app streamlines sign up and service function beyond a mobile-friendly site. 

Easyship plans to develop a mobile application, which could take things to the next level with mobile barcode scanning and remote label printing. 

Easyship Privacy & Security

Easyship prioritizes the protection of customer data and information and always stays up to date with security protocols. But as with any data-collecting platform, you should still plan to secure your own account and protect your information and password. 

Easyship is both GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant. GDPR refers to the General Data Protection Regulation, a framework adopted by the European Union regarding the treatment of EU resident data. 

Privacy Shield is short for EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks, a set of regulations that govern how data is shared between these entities. While many companies rely on Privacy Shield, rulings invalidated the regulations twice in 2020. This means the frameworks are no longer reliable standards for data protection. No new frameworks have been established.

Easyship Performance

The Easyship platform delivers what it promises. It makes it possible to manage your shipping operations with 1 tool to compare shipping quotes, generate labels, schedule pickups and monitor your finances. And Easyship’s crowdfunding features and global fulfillment capabilities allow you to grow your business. 

Easyship is also developer friendly with access to intuitive shipping API to create and manage specific fulfilment systems. This and its countless integrations and partnerships with worldwide couriers and platforms lend to Easyship’s already impressive functionality. 

Easyship Overall Rating

Easyship is an affordable cloud-based shipping solution that can help your business streamline shipping operations and scale growth — sign up and get started on Easyship for free.

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