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October 27, 2021
Eagle Investors
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securely through Eagle Investors's website

The internet contains a massive amount of knowledge. However, the valuable information it offers is often scattered and unorganized. As a result, it is hard to find transparent, helpful companies, especially when it comes to trading. Eagle Investors describes itself as the New Age of Investing and Trading. The company’s server and diverse array of chatrooms are monitored and curated by its team of professionals. Verified traders on the site give you real strategies with what they claim is a proven track record of success within the stock, options and crypto markets.

Best For
  • Beginning investors
  • Experienced traders
  • Free membership
  • Comprehensive educational program
  • Low fees for a high-quality platform
  • Easy application process
  • Great customer support
  • Limited market variety

Eagle Investors Ratings at a Glance

Eagle Investors is a great platform and a fantastic source of information for traders. It provides trading education and can answer questions you have about the markets. In addition, the company’s verified traders offer strategies and alerts to help you navigate the markets. 

The company offers many different payment programs such as Silver, Diamond and Diamond Pro, and as each program progresses, more education is provided. For example, the Silver program offers trading chat, professional support, strategy and education and stock and option alerts. The Diamond program offers live stream and day trades, algorithm alerts and certified options flow and all silver features for 1 month. Finally, the Diamond Pro, a yearly membership, offers silver benefits, live stream and day trades in addition to all the features of the lower tiers.

The Eagle Server runs chat rooms monitored by its team to ensure that traders work together to build a strong community regardless of an individual's experience. The alerts channel is a great feature that provides a daily watchlist specially curated to improve users’ trading. It also has other channels for 24/7 market analysis. 

Eagle Investors Customer Service

The customer service for Eagle Investors is excellent. You can contact the company at its online webchat service, via an online contact form or by sending a message through Discord, where members are able to message moderators with queries. Executives are also ready to answer client questions and are readily accessible on the platform.

The firm also provides its social media details at the bottom of the site, which gives extra contact options. In addition, Eagle Investors does provide an email address; however, finding it on the website can be challenging. 

An important service that Eagle Investors offers is booking an appointment with a trader, allowing one-on-one time with a member of its team for in-depth questions you may want to ask. Something that makes them special is that they teach specific profitable trading strategies in addition to giving basic education.

Eagle Investors Pricing

Eagle Investors offer a range of programs to best suit your needs. Whether learning to trade options, trading stocks or just developing a profitable strategy, Eagle Investors has built a strong team and community. 

It currently offers a Silver membership set at its lowest price ever — $27 per month. In addition, it is running a sale for the 6-month Diamond Pro product for $497 when using the code 5U4A.

The company’s Eagle Eye SMS Monthly program offers unusual buying/selling alerts, credit put/call spread strategies, automated alerts and short/long alerts for $37 per month. These types of programs are offered throughout Eagle’s education courses and help develop investors’ skills. 

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but, unfortunately, no refunds are offered after the purchase is made.

Eagle Investors User Benefits

More people are investing than ever before, and many are new to the process. Eagle Investors provides you with an educational program, taking you through basic steps and teaching you about options trading and technical analysis with continual access to a diverse amount of channels for 24/7 market analysis.

Top user benefits are the training provided by the company and the affordable prices at which it offers the education.Its community consists of a target audience of investors in their late 20s to early 30s who trade options. The community vibe among the members can really help beginners develop their skills. 

The simplicity of the website is another benefit to the platform. Each program is outlined clearly, and it is an excellent way for the company to demonstrate its capabilities to potential users before they jump into signing up. Eagle Investors has a community of traders through its Discord channel, which means you can always get help with questions you may have. With a community of over 225,000 members, it is a great way to connect with other traders in chat rooms and learn from more experienced individuals.

The website can be used however you choose, as it also offers a blog page to access news on individual stocks and the latest market news. The company’s Discord servers are also safe as they require 2-factor authentication.

Eagle Investors User Experience

Eagle Investors’ website is easy to navigate — the layout helps you access the education sector, pricing methods and further information you require. 

Once you purchase a program, it will be added to your cart, and you input your payment details, which is a straightforward process. 

It has a contact page to write for solutions on problems you have, although it is tricky to find the company's email or contact number.

Eagle Investors
Best For
  • Experienced Traders
securely through Eagle Investors's website

Eagle Investors vs. Competitors

Through the analysis of Eagle Investors’ competitors, several qualities stood out. First, the prices are set at affordable levels compared to others, and it offers many different programs depending on what the customer needs. 

It targets a niche audience as it only offers stocks and options and crypto, allowing it to focus solely on individual markets to provide the best education. With that focus, members trade similar strategies to help everyone regardless of experience.

The company charges no added or ongoing fees.

Eagle Investors Overall

Eagle Investors receives an excellent rating from the easy navigation of the website and the services it provides. The comprehensive education program only gets better as your budget increases. 

The company cares about its users, especially helping with training, strategies and developing overall trading skills. The benefits that Eagle Investors provide seem to be worth the cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Eagle Investors free?


Eagle Investors posts free stock and option trading watchlists each day and also free trading alerts. However, if you wish to participate in an education program, it requires some form of payment depending on the duration and type of program you choose. After the 10-day free trial you need to purchase a membership to receive premium alerts.


Is Eagle Investors legit?


Eagle Investors is legit. Questions surrounding the company’s legitimacy are inevitable due to the negative reputation a lot of trading subscription services have received, but Eagle Investors provides an excellent service for traders to learn about their trades and learn different strategies. Eagle Investors is a legitimate platform.

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