Does Health Insurance Cover Homeopathic Care?

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August 3, 2021

It has become much more of a common remedy throughout society. Homeopathic care is verified as 1 of the most beneficial treatment options to treat physical and emotional ill health. However, questions remain. What is health insurance? What is homeopathic care? And does homeopathic care insurance qualify for coverage under any health care policies? Read on for answers on these questions.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance, also referred to as medical insurance or healthcare insurance, covers a portion of the cost of a policyholder’s medical costs. Further details like how much the insurance covers and how much the policyholder pays through deductibles, copays and coinsurance are determined by the policy itself. Each policy has its own specific rules and regulations that apply to its plans.

Health Insurance for Homeopathic Care Explained

A term one might not exactly be familiar with is homeopathy. This type of medicine deals primarily with deep healing and works on your body, mind and emotions. In homeopathic medicine, diseases or symptoms are regarded as the body’s warning signs for the primary purpose of grabbing our attention. 

Founded in the late 1700s by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathic medicine is based on the premise that disease could be healed by giving a medicine which, if given to a healthy person, would produce similar symptoms of that same illness but to a slighter degree.

Homeopathic care addresses the main cause of the disease or symptoms in a most interesting way. It activates the body’s own powers of self-regulation and all the while provides the chance for significant healing. This type of remedy is all-natural, non-toxic, has little to no side effects and does not interfere with other medical treatment. 

Homeopathic medicine complements your current state of being. Each individual is looked to as unique and is given a tailored remedy for their specific physical or emotional condition. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical and the most complete medical science.”

This type of medicine comes in the form of over-the-counter (OTC), non-prescription drugs that do not technically fall under the prescription medicine category. For this reason, insurance companies that offer widespread coverage of homeopathic treatment aren’t common. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only partially monitors certain facets of alternative medicines in the U.S. 

The OTC nature of homeopathy proves to be a somewhat challenging factor under health insurance because homeopathic treatment relies heavily on the type of treatment, specific medicine and the individual medical professional. Health coverage isn’t necessarily a concrete yes or no answer regarding homeopathic care. 

Types of Homeopathic Care Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is divided between acute illnesses and chronic diseases, which are not always covered by critical illness insurance. Acute treatment generally references the seasonal flu, allergies and muscle pain. A routine procedure request is easier instead for a licensed doctor to prescribe homeopathic medicines that your insurance provider will readily cover. 

On the flip side, it may be much more difficult to receive coverage for homeopathic care if chronic-disease-related symptoms are dominant. Usually, with the occasional exception, whenever healthcare providers diagnose a patient with a chronic disease or illness, that particular individual will suffer long-lasting and recurring health issues. Unfortunately, just about every health insurance company will refuse to cover homeopathic treatments in these cases.

Type of Medicines Used in Homeopathic Care Insurance Treatment

Homeopathic medicine is only approved by your doctor and health insurance if it fulfills FDA standards. In other words, homeopathic medicines like tablets, capsules and topical oils aren’t likely to be approved unless they consist of chemicals typical in standard medical prescriptions. 

The FDA does not monitor homeopathic medicine in part because officials aren’t overly concerned that oral homeopathic treatments or oils could pose a health threat to patients. The FDA does not suggest you rely on homeopathic care administered by injection or nasally. The FDA also frowns on the use of homeopathic care for children, pregnant women and senior citizens.

Licensed Medical Professionals Under Homeopathic Care Insurance

Aside from the type of treatment and medicine, your health insurance would only consider homeopathic doctors who are officially licensed medical practitioners. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a medical professional is a licensed physician. If you are not sure about your practitioner, call the doctor’s office to ensure you are dealing with a certified professional.

Best Health Insurance for Homeopathic Care

In order to get the most out of your homeopathic care insurance, first check to see if you qualify for homeopathic care coverage or disability insurance. Health insurance may cover part or all the costs of homeopathy care. A great deal depends on the practitioner’s healthcare license or certifications. Participation with an insurance plan is also evaluated to determine whether or not coverage is an option.

UnitedHealthCare Health Insurance
Best For
  • Same day coverage available

Best for Health Insurance: UnitedHealthcare

One of the largest U.S. health insurance providers, UnitedHealthcare (UnitedHealth Group; NYSE: UNH), is available in just about every zip code. You are presented with a wide variety of insurance options from supplemental plans to fully compliant Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans for individuals or families. UnitedHealthcare offers plans to help you balance your costs and coverage. You can view your account, review claims, manage your policy and schedule appointments through the online health portal. Consider UnitedHealthcare for your homeopathic care needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance
Best For
  • Nationwide coverage
securely through Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance's website

Best for Wide Coverage: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anyone looking for the widest range of coverage possible can refer to Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a policyholder, you are offered a variety of deductible and coinsurance possibilities to assist you in choosing an affordable plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield retains a comprehensive patient portal so you can find doctors in your network, view your policy and schedule appointments as well. Blue Cross Blue Shield is great for anyone who needs coverage throughout the country.  

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance
Best For
  • Access to Kaiser medical specialists

Best for Affordable Plan: Kaiser Permanente

A private health insurance that operates as both your provider and network, Kaiser Permanente cuts out the middleman, saves you money and ensures the care you need. The HMO plan of Kaiser is probably 1 of the most affordable and offers a plethora of ways for you to customize your premium and level of benefits. If you are considering homeopathic care, look to Kaiser Permanente for an affordable plan.

securely through Compare Health Insurance's website

Best for Online Access: Aetna

A tiered health insurance plan and company that takes careful steps to streamline and improve the online patient portal is Aetna (CVS Health, NYSE: CVS). Similar to other insurance providers, you can schedule appointments, view your policy and account and print your medical ID card through your specific online portal. The Aetna comprehensive app is compatible with iPhones, Androids, and the Apple Watch to help you set and attain your health goals. If you are more of a tech guru and desire homeopathic care you could consider Aetna for your primary provider.

Humana Medicare Advantage
Best For
  • Medicare Advantage Plans

Best for Medicare Advantage: Humana

Senior citizens already have access to free or low-cost Medicare issued through the federal government. The elderly might want to keep a watchful eye on what isn't covered and instead choose a Medicare Advantage plan from a private company. Humana is best known for specializing in affordable Medicare Advantage plans that are intended to offer more coverage than original Medicare. Humana (NYSE: HUM) options offer $0 monthly premiums, and some plans include $0 deductibles. You can supplement your Medicare Advantage plan with a comprehensive prescription drug plan for as low as $13 per month. If you are serious about homeopathic care and are 65 and older, Humana is your best bet.

How to Compare Health Insurance

When you are looking for the best homeopathic care insurance for you, you need to take into account your age and the plan’s price. As you get older, medical care costs tend to increase, which results in your paying more for health insurance. Each age range parallels a particular monthly premium cost. For example, if you are under 18 years old, your monthly premium would be $150 in comparison to someone from the ages 55 to 64 who might pay $580.

  • securely through Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance's website
    securely through Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance's website
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    Nationwide coverage
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  • securely through Sidecar Health Access Plan's website
    securely through Sidecar Health Access Plan's website
    Best For:
    No enrollment period health insurance
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    Plans referred to above are excepted benefit fixed indemnity insurance products marketed and administered by Sidecar Health Insurance Solutions, LLC and underwritten by Sirius America Insurance Company or United States Fire Insurance Company, depending on the state. As an excepted benefit plan, it does not provide comprehensive/major medical expenses coverage, minimum essential coverage, or essential health benefits. You cannot receive a subsidy (premium tax credit and/or cost-sharing reduction) under the ACA in connection with your purchase of such an excepted benefit fixed indemnity insurance plan. Also, the termination or loss of this policy does not entitle you to a special enrollment period to purchase a health benefit plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage outside of an open enrollment period. Coverage and plan options may vary or may not be available in all states.

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    Access to Kaiser medical specialists
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    Same day coverage available
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How to Buy Health Insurance

Buying health insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated and expensive process. Done correctly and meticulously, you can receive coverage in no time. You can apply online through websites of the companies listed above, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, and Kaiser Permanente, or by calling and speaking directly to an eHealth broker for private insurance or a representative at for an ACA plan. You can also apply in person or by mail.

Homeopathic Care Insurance Under Your Health Policy

The explanations above suggest that it is possible to cover your homeopathic treatments in some cases. For the most effective and efficient process in obtaining coverage, talk to your health insurance provider and your primary care provider about treatment and insurance coverage options. Stay up to date with research and don’t hesitate to ask companies questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of purchasing a critical illness policy under my health insurance?


This type of policy protects against life-threatening illnesses. Cancer, strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure are just some illnesses that fall under this plan. You can expect to receive a wide range of coverage from critical illnesses (depending on the plan you choose), lump-sum amount payments on tax benefits, diagnoses and more.


Why should I purchase health insurance?


It would be in everyone’s best interest to purchase health insurance. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of losing your lifelong savings while paying for a medical bill in a serious situation.