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January 20, 2022
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securely through CryptoHopper's website

Cryptohopper is an all-inclusive trading terminal that aims to make investing in the cryptocurrency market easier and more intuitive. Investors can automate their investing processes, copy professional traders, set signals and alerts through their mobile app and more directly through Cryptohopper. This allows investors to stay on top of the market no matter which coins they trade, which exchanges they use and where they travel. 

Although investors will need to invest in a paid platform to use Cryptohopper’s most advanced features, the platform doesn’t charge a per-trade commission. Instead, it bills investors a flat monthly rate proportional to the number of tools they have access to.

Best For
  • Investors interested in copy trading
  • Investors who already have accounts set up with their brokerages of choice
  • Investors looking for advanced analysis tools that don’t require professional coding experience to implement
  • Doesn’t charge an additional commission on top of monthly fees
  • Provides investors with access to high-level analysis tools
  • Comprehensive mobile app includes advanced security features
  • No phone customer service options
  • Must purchase a monthly plan to access most useful features

CryptoHopper Ratings at a Glance

Cryptohopper Fees and Account Minimums
Cryptohopper Ease of Use
Cryptohopper Education
Cryptohopper Customer Support
Cryptohopper Offerings
Cryptohopper Mobile App
Cryptohopper Overall Review

Thinking about using Cryptohopper but don't know if it's worth it? Our Cryptohopper review will educate you on its features, so you can find out whether or not Cryptohopper is right for you. The cryptocurrency markets vastly differ from traditional markets, and as such, unique tools are often needed to navigate the ever changing crypto markets.

Many investors use multiple exchanges, as not all altcoins are listed on one exchange. CryptoHopper fixes this problem by aggregating different platforms into its system to optimize your trading experience.

Cryptohopper Quick Summary

Tradable assets100+ cryptocurrencies connected through 18 major exchanges
PlatformIntuitive; combines expert-level features with beginner-friendly tools and setup options 
Mobile appFully operational, mirrors desktop platform
Account minimum$0 to link your brokerage accounts; recommended minimum is €300 for most exchanges
Available account typesCryptocurrency trading terminal

Cryptohopper Fees and Account Minimums

Cryptohopper’s platform is free to use for most investors. Track your holdings, execute trades in real-time through Cryptohopper’s trading terminal and access strategy backtesting features without any monthly or annual fees. There is no minimum amount required to get started with Cryptohoppe, but the platform does recommend depositing at least €300 to your exchange of choice so Cryptohopper can spread risk between multiple transactions while also meeting minimum trade requirements.

Best For
  • copy trading investors
securely through CryptoHopper's website

If you want to access Cryptohopper’s automated investing capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. Cryptohopper currently offers 3 levels of paid account access. The Explorer package includes 1 simulated trading bot, 80 positions and a maximum of 15 selected coins and 2 triggers. You can expect to pay about $16.58 per month for access to the Explorer package.

Cryptohopper’s middle account tier is the Adventurer package. The Adventurer package includes every functionality found in the Explorer package with extended access to 50 selected coins, the ability to enter up to 200 positions, and 5 max triggers and exchange arbitrage. You’ll pay $41.58 per month for access to Adventurer package features.

If you’re an expert-level investor and you’re looking for the most comprehensive suite of tools possible, you may want to consider choosing Cryptohopper’s all-inclusive Hero package. With the Hero package, you can enter up to 500 positions simultaneously with up to 75 different coins, utilizing 10 triggers and unlimited trading signals. You’ll also enjoy advanced technical analysis functionality and access to all of Cryptohopper’s advanced features. The Hero package comes at a cost of $83.25 per month.

Keep in mind that Cryptohopper itself isn’t an exchange — it’s a trading terminal that provides access to a range of markets. This means that you’ll also be subject to the fees charged by the exchange your order is executed on as well as any monthly charges you incur through Cryptohopper. 

Cryptohopper Ease of Use

Cryptohopper is an automated cryptocurrency investing platform. Though you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan to access Cryptohopper’s primary features, you can get started exploring the basic platform for free — you don’t even need to enter your credit card information before you know that you want to commit to a plan.  

Although Cryptohopper specializes in offering investors access to more advanced charting tools and trading options, the platform remains simple and easy to navigate. Some of our favorite features that make Cryptohopper exceptionally easy to master include:

  • Expert-level tools without coding prerequisites: Unlike most platforms with open-source capabilities, Cryptohopper allows you to customize your investing experience and access high-level tools without programming them yourself. From custom strategy scanners that instantly recognize candlestick charting patterns to backtesting investment strategies, Cryptohopper combines powerful tools with a platform that’s easy enough for beginners. 

One of the biggest benefits of Cryptohopper’s platform is that it combines a sleek, intuitive design with powerful tools.  

  • Simple and quick setup: You don’t need prior cryptocurrency knowledge to get started with Cryptohopper. You can set up a paper trading account to test out Cryptohopper’s features without already having an exchange account. Most users are able to open their account and get started in as little as 3 minutes.
  • No additional fees: Cryptohopper isn’t a broker and the platform doesn’t take a percentage fee from your trades. No matter how many trades you make per month, you’ll always pay the same, low standard fee. This also makes it easier to calculate how much your exchange will take in fees because you don’t need to account for additional charges. 

Overall, we gave Cryptohopper top marks for its platform’s ease of use. With a comprehensive trading terminal and an intuitive layout, even complete beginners can quickly get started investing through Cryptohopper. 

Cryptohopper Education

Cryptohopper not only allows you to manage all of your exchange accounts from a single platform, but it also offers beginners a number of unique resources to learn more about investing and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite educational tools and resources available through Cryptohopper.

  • Paper trading accounts: Cryptohopper’s paper trading accounts allow you to test out your investing strategy without putting any of your own money at risk. Paper trading access can also be a major benefit for those who are still deciding if Cryptohopper is the right trading terminal for them and who don’t want to commit to paying for an account yet.
  • Professional-grade analysis tools: Cryptohopper’s set of indicators and analysis tools are impressive. Depending on the package plan you choose, you’ll have access to up to 90 candlestick pattern recognitions, 30 unique indicators and customization tools that allow you to personalize your automated trading experience. All of these features don’t require coding experience to implement — simply click to set your alerts and indicators.
  • Simple copy trading functionality: Cryptohopper’s Marketplace provides investors with all the tools needed to learn from some of the most successful cryptocurrency investors on the market. Cryptohopper individually screens each applicant included in the program to ensure that you’re learning from the best, and you can quickly buy bot templates, chat with other investors or subscribe to trading signals from your phone or desktop application.  

Cryptohopper Customer Support

Cryptohopper offers users a few methods they can use to get in contact with customer service:

  • Through online chat: To access online chat through Cryptohopper, visit their website. Click on the blue speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of the homescreen to access live chat. You can connect directly to live chat or you can browse the company’s FAQ directly through the chat app. Though you’ll first be connected to a chatbot, you can connect with a team member if your answer cannot be found in the current FAQ.
  • Through support ticket service: To submit a support ticket through Cryptohopper, click here. You’ll already need to have a Cryptohopper account to use ticketing customer service.

Currently, no phone option exists for customer service needs.

Cryptohopper Offerings

Cryptohopper is an all-inclusive trading terminal that allows investors to access all of their cryptocurrency brokerage accounts through a single platform. Cryptohopper provides investors to a wide range of tools and services they can use to enhance on-exchange capabilities, including:

  • Copytrading functionality
  • Access to strategy designer tools and tools that allow investors to take advantage of differences in price between exchanges
  • Advanced analysis tools and functionality
  • Bear market tools like dollar-cost averaging and shorting tools

Investors can freely access these features without worrying about a per-trade deduction from their accounts — Cryptohopper charges a flat-rate monthly fee based on the tools available at each tier. Though Cryptohopper itself doesn’t offer brokerage capabilities, it provides investors with a comprehensive set of tools they can effectively use to make trading simpler, easier and more intuitive. 

Cryptohopper Mobile App

Cryptohopper extends its simple setup and all-inclusive access to its Apple and Android mobile platforms. Some of the features we love on the Cryptohopper app include:

  • High-level security features: The Cryptohopper app incorporates biometric security features to ensure that only you have access to your investments.
  • Optional push notifications: Set push notifications to receive instant information on predefined triggers, patterns, outstanding orders and more. Track your progress and positions from the home screen of your phone.
  • Single click orders. Cryptohopper’s mobile platform is just as user-friendly as its desktop versions. Execute trades with a single order and manage your positions wherever you are.

The Cryptohopper app is available as a free download for Apple and Android platforms. 

Cryptohopper Overall Review

If you’re a frequent cryptocurrency investor or you need more advanced tools than your current broker offers, Cryptohopper can be the answer that you’re looking for. Making it simple to analyze trades, copy professional investors and connect with a wider cryptocurrency community, Cryptohopper can act as both an introduction to the crypto market as well as a powerful tool for more experienced investors.   

Is Cryptohopper Safe?

Cryptohopper, the platform is quite safe. It is one of the best regarded crypto trading platforms available today. However, trading volatile cryptos always comes with some kind of risk, no matter if it's you or a bot making the trades. Using bots on Cryptohopper effectively can significantly reduce the risks in volatile trading but there is always a chance to lose money.

Some users are apprehensive when Cryptohopper or other trading bot platforms asks them to provide their API keys for their exchange accounts and for good reason. This is usually how the bots can access the funds in your account to trade so this may seem like a vulnerability. However, Cryptohopper bots are not given withdrawal rights so they can never actually take any money out of your account. This makes using Cryptohopper very safe aside from the risks incurred with actually trading cryptos.


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Akash Das

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Cryptohopper is automatic trading can automate your existing successful trading do not have to manually buy sell this bot. is sponsored review

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I want to learn


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

They didnt help, just took money for canceled subsriptions. Even after I closed my account. Use another service


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

For me this is a scheme.

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