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October 20, 2022
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Cova is a smart asset register enabling users to track their traditional and digital asset portfolios. It enables users to sync their banks, wallets and investment apps to track their investments in one place. 

By combining all asset classes, Cova eliminates the scattered tracking of investments and enables beneficiary notification of the user’s portfolio in the event of their death. Using Cova ensures users that their assets are claimed by beneficiaries and well protected. 

Cova’s support of over 11,000 financial institutions in North America and global crypto exchanges provides convenient asset tracking while enforcing high-security measures of investment data.  

Cova’s smart asset register enables users to link apps, accounts and assets of digital and traditional portfolios in one place. This investment tracker allows syncing and automatic tracking of the user’s investments by providing balances and holdings of all accounts. 

If the user dies, their beneficiaries are notified about their portfolio. By doing so, Cova ensures the beneficiary claims the user’s assets, and it also offers an extra layer of surety by enabling the user to appoint a trusted helper.  

Best For
  • Individuals wanting to organize their wealth in one place and securely manage important documents
  • Benefactors desiring beneficiary notifications in the event of a death
  • Traditional and digital asset investors wanting to track their portfolios
  • Investors expecting fully encrypted data and high security of investments
  • Individuals wanting to collaborate with their financial/legal advisors to optimize their portfolios
  • Enables the syncing of all investment portfolios in one place
  • Enforces high security to protect a user’s investment information and assets
  • Offers traditional and digital asset tracking
  • Supports numerous financial institutions and crypto exchanges to ensure convenient syncing
  • Provides a secured vault for document storage
  • Notifies the recipient of a user’s portfolio
  • Offers automated liability tracking
  • App unavailable for mobile investors

Cova Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
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User Benefits
User Experience
Overall Rating

Cova Product Offerings

Cova receives a near-perfect score for enabling investors to track their assets in a convenient register. Users can sync their bank accounts, investments and apps to access balances and assets holdings in one place.

The register provides real-time tracking of more than 150,000 global stocks and 8,000 crypto tickers, wallets and exchanges. Cova’s support of over 11,000 financial institutions and major global crypto exchanges enables convenient linking of accounts.

Users can collaborate with a customized peer group consisting of financial planners, attorneys and advisers by giving them access to their portfolio to assist in estate planning and other financial matters. Other collaborations can be with a spouse to share a user’s net worth and use it for loan applications.

Cova enables users to select their beneficiaries and activate the Lifechecker setting. Users receive emails requiring them to click a link if they’re inactive on Cova to prove they are alive. Users who haven’t verified life after the number of days in their settings are deemed deceased, and a folder of their portfolios is sent to beneficiaries.

Users can set an additional check to ensure their beneficiaries are informed of their investments by enabling a trusted helper to inform the recipient of the portfolio in case the recipient is unreachable. A trusted helper should be someone acting on behalf of the user and in the best interests of the recipient.

Besides enabling traditional and digital asset tracking, Cova enables users to store documents. Scattered wills, notes, videos and other media can be difficult to manage, so Cova provides document management in a secure vault.

Cova’s understanding of investors being jittery about sharing financial information has resulted in it providing encrypted data. It uses bank-grade encryption and security protocols to ensure asset protection. 

Even communication between Cova and the user is encrypted via secure sockets layer (SSL) and stored within the system with a unique key for each user. Cova enforces a two-factor (2-FA) authentication and a vault pin. It also provides notifications of unusual logins.

Users can generate monthly portfolio and asset history reports. Cova also enables users to track their liabilities such as credit cards and loans.

A beta version of asset tracking for businesses is available. It helps businesses reduce advisory paperwork by enabling them to offer clients a mobile tool for real-time tracking and syncing of their portfolios. A key reason that the business feature is in beta testing and Cova didn’t attain a perfect score for product offering is that the mobile app isn’t available yet.

Cova Customer Service

You can reach Cova via email, telephone and live chat on the website. For urgent queries, it’s best to call. Trained consultants offer detailed information about the company’s products and benefits.

Email support requires a few hours to respond during busy periods. Another option for prompt feedback is the live chat on the website. A consultant is constantly on standby during the week for a live chat, but weekend service is unavailable.

Alternatively, users can get information about Cova on its social media pages: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Cova Seccurity

Cova takes the security of a user’s information and asset holding seriously. It doesn’t have access to a user’s bank account or crypto credentials because it uses a third-party account aggregator to connect a user’s accounts.

The aggregators adhere to high ethical practices in regulatory compliance, data security and privacy. Cova collects a user’s bank account information but cannot transact on behalf of a user. Its internal process ensures that staff cannot see a user’s portfolio data.

The platform uses encrypted data at rest, in transit and in use. Communication between a user and Cova is encrypted via SSL and stored within the system by using a unique key for every user.

Users are required to enact a 2-FA authentication, and they receive a unique pin to the vault for document storage. 

Cova performs regular audits to ensure its security protocols are up to date and enables users to delete their accounts. That results in the system deleting the user’s data from the primary database and notifying the aggregators to delete the information from their system and stop account connectivity. Every 15 days, Cova purges its backup, resulting in the permanent removal of a user’s information.

Cova Pricing

The great thing about this platform is that it allows users to test it before making any financial commitments. Users can sign up for free premium access for 14 days. The key features such as tracking, app connection and real-time data are disabled.

To enjoy those features and more, users must subscribe to the premium package, costing $10 per month. Benzinga readers are entitled to a 20% discount by using the code BENZINGA20.

Cova User Benefits

The main benefit of using Cova is syncing traditional and digital asset portfolios, making it an all-in-one asset register. It enables users to track their individual assets and net worth.

But the platform’s portfolio offering extends to its notification feature. Users can stipulate the beneficiaries of their portfolios and appoint trusted helpers to ensure beneficiaries are notified. It’s the Lifecheck feature that enables users to set how Cova transfers their wealth records to loved ones in case of unexpected events like death or incapacitation.

Another feature that makes Cova stand out from its competitors is automated liability tracking. Users can see real-time data of their credit card balances and other loans.

Businesses will soon be able to offer their clients a mobile tool to sync their portfolios. That feature is currently in beta, but it will go live when Cova releases its app.

Cova User Experience

Source: Cova

Getting started on Cova is simple. All you have to do is sign up. Product information is available on the site, and the platform is designed for convenient use. Beginner investors won’t struggle with navigating the platform.

In case of queries, users can get prompt feedback via phone or live chat. The only feature that would make this platform more convenient is an app. Cova is currently designing one, so on-the-go investors will have easy access to their portfolios.

Cova vs Competitors

Some of Cova’s competitors also offer traditional and digital asset portfolio syncing, but Cova’s Lifecheck feature makes it stand out. It also enables investors to manage wills, notes and other media in one place by offering document storage in its vaults. And that’s just one of the several features Cova provides. Users can’t add recipients who should be notified about all the assets once their accounts become inactive.

Cova Overall Rating

Cova ensures a user’s portfolio tracking is convenient by combining all assets on one platform. But more importantly, it informs beneficiaries of their inheritance, ensuring a user’s portfolio doesn’t become unclaimed assets.

Once Cova releases its app, it will provide a service to businesses and enable individual investors to access their portfolios wherever they are if they have a mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do portfolio trackers work?


A portfolio tracker can be an app or a website that provides real-time data about an investor’s portfolio. A portfolio tracking app or website syncs all of the investor’s assets from various brokers and exchanges by embedding balances and holdings into its tool. Changes to the portfolio from any source are immediately reflected in the portfolio tracker. 


Is there an app that tracks your stock portfolio?


Yes. Cova is an asset register that enables investors to track their stock portfolio and combine it with all their other assets in one convenient place. Its platform is web-based, but it is releasing an assets tracker app soon.


I have a will or already have a living trust, do I still need Cova?


Yes. Trust and wills are legal documents whose primary purpose is to be enforced in a court of law. Cova gives you a dashboard to track your assets in real-time, measure your net worth and transfer the information to your loved ones in the event of an eventuality. It is your smart asset register.


What types of asset classes can I add/track with Cova?


Everything. Cova allows you to safely connect bank and investment apps, Robo Investors Cryptocurrency wallets, stocks, alternative assets, startup assets, traditional assets and track your net worth in real-time while ensuring your loved ones will find the assets in the event of an eventuality.

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