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May 3, 2022
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Changelly Crypto is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to swap, buy and sell more than 170 cryptocurrencies. 

With an intuitive and straightforward platform, tools that allow you to find the best exchange rate quickly and multiple forms of currencies and payment methods accepted, Changelly offers a wide range of benefits over its competitors. 

Though we’d love to see Changelly expand its educational offerings and consider adding phone support to its customer service repertoire, the platform is a solid choice for both new and experienced traders alike.

Best For
  • New cryptocurrency investors
  • Investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency using a non-major fiat currency
  • Investors who value high-level customer support options
  • Selection of more than 170 cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and exchange
  • Simple and straightforward platform is easy enough for beginners
  • Pro platform is ideal for advanced users
  • 24/7 live chat support is responsive and proactive
  • Currently no option for phone support

Changelly Ratings at a Glance

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage that allows you to swap, buy and sell cryptocurrency assets. With a wide number of tokens available and a platform that’s easy to use, you may want to consider opening an account with Changelly to enhance your trading. 

But is this platform the best option for your needs?  Our Changelly Crypto review will help you decide. 

History of Changelly Crypto

Founded in 2015, Changelly has focused on providing a faster and more streamlined experience for cryptocurrency investors. The company has grown steadily since its inception, adding more than 200 cryptocurrency assets to its offering list and expanding its traffic to more than 1 million users each month. 

Originally founded as an exchange to allow users to swap cryptocurrencies, Changelly has expanded to include buying and selling services serviced through 3rd-party brokerage partnerships, a more advanced Pro platform and a new Earn feature that allows influencers to earn a portion of Changelly’s revenue.  

Cryptocurrency Exchange Services from Changelly Crypto

Changelly Crypto provides users with a massive range of tools and services that make it easier to buy, sell, convert, transfer and earn a return on your cryptocurrency investments. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most useful features on Changelly.

Quick and Intuitive Exchanges

If you’ve never used a cryptocurrency exchange in the past, you’ll love Changelly’s straightforward and intuitive user interface. Simply enter the cryptocurrency that you have in your wallet and choose which cryptocurrency that you want to swap with. 

Changelly will show you how many coins or tokens that you’ll receive after the exchange closes, as well as your exchange rate. After finishing filling out your order form, you can view the network fee and Changelly fee laid out directly and subtracted from the total number of tokens or coins that will be deposited into your wallet. 

Changelly even provides you with an estimated time of completion depending on current network conditions and congestion. 


Changelly makes it easier to track how much you’re spending in fees by laying out network and exchange fees before you convert. You’ll even receive an estimate of when you can expect the transaction to clear. 

Floating vs. Fixed Exchange Rates

Unlike certain types of asset markets (like the stock market or the commodity market), the cryptocurrency market is open for active trading 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. While this can be convenient for investors, it also means that conversion rates and pricing can change at a moment’s notice.


Changelly allows you to lock in your exchange rate when trading some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.  

Changelly makes it easier to control the conversion rate that you’ll see by offering both floating and fixed rate pricing. When you select floating rate pricing, you’ll pay the current market conversion rate. 

When you choose fixed rate pricing, Changelly will lock in your exchange rate at the current most favorable rate and hold that rate for up to 30 seconds while you close your transaction. 

Vast, Responsive Marketplace

No matter which cryptocurrencies you’re looking to buy and sell, chances are that you can do so through Changelly. The platform supports a massive range of more than 200 tokens and coin offerings, ranging from large-scale offerings like Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller projects like Ravencoin and Komodo. 


Changelly’s easy buying platform is perfect for beginners and those who want to trade using a currency besides major fiat options.  

Changelly’s buying market is also built for those new to the cryptocurrency sphere as well. Changelly’s list of supported fiat currencies includes everything from the United States’ dollar to the Egyption pound — simply select your currency, enter the amount of money that you want to spend on your investment and Changelly will instantly serve you a list of the best rates on the market and where you can use them. 

Buying with a credit card or Apple Pay? Select your payment type to narrow down investment platform options. Changelly’s location-based trading makes it easier to find brokers that support your state or country and to find the best rate without opening accounts with multiple platforms. 

Changelly Crypto Pricing

Changelly focuses on providing straightforward, transparent pricing. When you place an order to exchange crypto, you’ll pay a 0.25% fee to Changelly as well as any network fees that are required to complete the transaction to your wallet. This fee is significantly less than most other crypto exchanges which charge around 2.5% per transaction. While trading crypto on Robinhood is free, the lack of access to your cryptocurrencies on Robinhood limits how you can make money with your crypto.

Though these fees will change depending on the cryptocurrency you’re transferring and market demand, Changelly provides you with a price breakdown before you execute your transaction. Any necessary fees are deducted from the total amount of crypto that you receive when you close your exchange.

When you place a buy or sell order, Changelly will include any broker and network fees in the final transaction. This easily allows you to compare offers across partnered platforms and confirm that you’re getting the best price before you place your order. 

Benefits of Changelly Crypto 

Changelly offers tons of benefits over competing exchanges. Some of our favorite features include:

  • An easy and transparent platform: Even if you’ve never bought or sold cryptocurrency before, you’ll have an easy time using Changelly to start trading crypto. Simply select the crypto you want to buy, sell or trade, select the currency you want to use to complete your transaction. Then, simply make 1 click to finish. You’ll even see the fees that you’ll pay before you place your order.
  • Fast transactions: When you buy or send cryptocurrency, it can take upwards of 30 minutes to see your investment in your wallet. When you choose Changelly, you won’t need to wonder how long it will take for your transaction to close — you’ll see an estimation when you place your order, and many transactions close in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Instant comparisons: Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to find a better exchange rate when you buy or sell crypto? Changelly makes it easy to compare rates between platforms — and it’ll even show you where to find the best rates based on price and transaction time.
  • 24/7 live chat support: Changelly provides users with live chat support around-the-clock — so no matter where you are, you have help standing by. 

Customer Service

Changelly offers a few methods that you can use to get in-touch with customer service:

  • Via live chat: Changelly is one of the only cryptocurrency brokerage platforms we’ve seen to offer live chat around the clock. When we tested Changelly’s live chat support, we received a reply almost instantly.
  • Via support ticket: If you’re experiencing a specific problem with an existing Changelly account, you can submit a support ticket through Changelly’s system here.
  • Via email: To request help from Changelly via email, send a message to

Changelly also offers a comprehensive FAQ that includes answers to some of the most common account-related questions. 

Changelly Crypto Overall Rating

With an intuitive platform, plenty of options to customize your buying experience and one of the largest ranges of available fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies we’ve seen, there’s plenty to love about Changelly. 

Whether you’re a new investor searching for a straightforward buying experience or a seasoned professional interested in high buying limits and plenty of coin offerings, Changelly offers something for everyone. In the future, we’d love to see Changelly add phone support for clients and customers living with visual limitations. 

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