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October 27, 2022
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Capital Market Laboratories (CML) or CMLviz assists traders to form a trading plan with its charting and pattern software (Pattern Finder) that provides technical signals and screeners as well its option backtesting software (TradeMachine). Platforms identify chart patterns and trade setups while providing intra-day alerts.

The stock research service (CML Pro) breaks down the information barriers that retail traders face and helps identify booming trends. CML is an analyst of record through Refinitiv and Factset, has quarterly calls with CEOs and CFOs and shares the transcription with members.

The CML free site (CMLviz) offers free technical and fundamental resources such as real-time news, stock charting, fundamental data, and custom portfolios. 

Best For
  • Charists and Technicians: Traders wanting to identify chart patterns and setups
  • Retail investors seeking stock market research
  • Options traders requiring software that provides real-time data, scanners and alerts
  • Stock traders who need technical trading ideas and custom alerts
  • Offers free resources to incorporate into technical and fundamental analysis
  • Saves traders the time and effort of identifying setups by providing real-time alerts
  • Helps technical analysts and chartists identify chart patterns and trends
  • Offers stock market information previously available only to institutions
  • No live chat on the site to provide immediate feedback

CMLviz Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
Customer Service
User Experience

CMLviz Product Offerings

Stocks and options traders can access a complete trading package. CMLviz provides software that offers backtesting, scanners identifying potential setups and customized intra-day alerts. 

Traders wanting to optimize their technical analysis will benefit from the pattern finders tools. A chart without the pattern finder tool requires traders to identify market trends and entry points. 

CMLviz Pattern Finder

CMLviz’s Pattern Finder tool reduces time spent analyzing charts by identifying patterns. The tool serves as a trading plan that reveals profit and loss zones, guiding traders about the price levels to open positions and lock in profits.

The tool identifies patterns on charts such as cup and handle, flat base, double bottoms, ascending bases and consolidations. In a cup formation, Pattern Finder identifies the peak and helps the trader determine if the price is bullish or bearish according to the price movement. If the price fails to break through the peak, Pattern Finder establishes a resistance level, guiding the trader to take profit at the base of the cup.

Pattern Finder determines new inflection points when the price has broken through repeated zones of congestion. 

This tool also identifies horizontal pivot points as another profit-taking level when the price reaches support after failing to break through the resistance that the trend lines set.   

Besides identifying key support and resistance levels, Pattern Finder enables traders to customize layouts and technical overlays. 

An additional feature that augments a trader’s plan is the screener — it’s in real-time and enables traders to customize fundamental data such as institutional buying, exploding volume, heavy selling, heavy buying and relative strength collapses, relative strength explosions, free cash flow and more fundamental data. 

The screening capability is vast, and traders have numerous options they can incorporate to get the optimal data. Without the Pattern Finder tool, traders may fail to identify price action determined by fundamental factors such as earnings reports, executive changes, product launches and other elements.

The CMLviz Pattern Finder contains all the tools that traders need to become more profitable, and the best part is that it costs 70% less than competitor offerings.


Through CML Pro Research, Capital Market Laboratories is one of the most sought-after boutique firms in finance by clients and public company executives. 

The company’s research sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multi-billion dollar institution as members of Factset and the famed Thomson Reuters First Call.

CML Pro lowers the barriers of entry to stock research and market sentiment. Retail investors weren’t privy to knowledge institutional investors held for a long period. But CML Pro offers an inside scoop into first-hand information shared by company CEOs and CFOs. 

CML Pro gathers market research and examines macroeconomic factors that change trends for the coming decades. It compiles the Top Picks list that consists of companies likely to provide investors with massive returns in the long-term future. The one-year returns are consistently ranked in the top 3% of all experts by Tip Ranks.

TradeMachine Pro

TradeMachine Pro is the ideal software for options traders with a focus on backtesting. It won Best Trading Idea Platform in the 2018 Benzinga Awards.

One of the features is the real-time ideas delivered to your inbox or the platform’s homepage. 

The scanner consists of multiple strategies the CML team implements to search the market for ideal stocks. This feature enables you to sort and filter the backtest results and receive alerts aligned with your trading goals.

The backtest feature allows you to select up to fifty stock tickers at once to receive strategies and technical signals of the best-performing historical patterns. Alerts of trade setups are sent to your phone or email.  

Free Resources

The CMLviz website is packed with useful tools to improve your trading. Fundamental traders can use real-time data, market news and financial data to study potential price movement. 

Technical traders can position themselves better in the market by using CMLviz’s back-testing dossiers, stock charting and insider trading charting.

CMLviz Customer Service

CMLviz should offer various forms of communication methods. Currently, it enables traders to receive support only via email. During peak business hours, you can expect to wait a few hours for support to answer your query.

Traders who require instant feedback cannot receive it via phone or even live chat on the website. Subscribers of CML Pro, TradeMachine and Pattern Finder have access to a live community of traders and highly active support staff.  

CMLviz also has a Twitter and Facebook page. The website contains a vast range of tutorial videos about using the platform and how to do technical analysis. 

CMLviz Security

CML provides access to four different portals: Pattern Finder, TradeMachine, CML Pro Research and its free web portal. It runs a web application firewall (WAF) for all premium products, along with multi-layer auto-scaling on AWS to prevent long outages from DDoS attacks and continuous monitoring of its free services to protect against hacks, scrapes and SQL injections.

It has not experienced a successful DDoS attack on any property nor has the platform or its users been hacked, had any of its tens of thousands of paying accounts compromised nor experienced account interruptions due to malicious actors.

CMLviz uses encrypted hash passwords and unique salts; it stores no user financial information.  

CMLviz Pricing

CML Pro is a stand-alone subscription service discounted from $65 to $47 per month. 

TradeMachine Pro has also been discounted from $199 to $129 per month. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

The CMLviz Pattern Finder platform has also been discounted from $149 to $48 per month.

CMLviz’s packages cost 70% less than some of its competitors.

CMLviz User Experience

The trade alerts are presented in a convenient format that enables you to extract key information. The platform contains numerous features, and beginners may feel overwhelmed by the metrics.

The platform’s customization feature simplifies the data by enabling you to retrieve only information vital to your trading strategy. Numerous free tutorial videos are available on the website about how to use the platform. 

CMLviz vs. Competitors

The products offered by CMLviz are similar to its competitors, but it distinguishes itself by offering traders discounts and a wealth of tutorial content to help traders navigate the platform and enhance their trading strategies.

CMLviz Overall

CMLviz has found the perfect balance between providing market insight for fundamental traders and equipping technical analysts to optimize their strategies. Its platform contains numerous customizable features designed to help you become more profitable.

The key area where CMLviz needs to improve is support. More communication methods should be available to provide traders with prompt feedback. Additionally, its data security protocols should be featured on its website.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find research on stocks?


Many websites specialize in market monitoring to provide research, but most providers offer information available to the public. CMLviz offers the Pro research product, featuring interviews with company CEOs and reports on market trends looking into the long-term future of assets.


What do you look for when researching stocks?


Investors researching a stock look at the company’s financial performance, leadership team, innovative technology, mission and goals. Some investors are concerned about a company’s impact on the environment and its contribution to communities.

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How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Excellent coverage & ranking system, better than many others' deep dives. Portfolio growth-oriented. Just added well-priced technicals service in Pattern Finder, should complement the commentary style well. Educational, inquisitive, critically-minded.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Stock recommendations, technical analysis

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