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June 15, 2021
Brave Browser
Overall Rating:
securely through Brave Browser's website

Brave, the speedy privacy-focused browser that pays you for browsing, is all that and more. The Brave browser promises 3 to 6 times faster browsing speeds by optimizing its memory usage. It accomplishes this feat by blocking ads so your computer’s resources can be entirely focused on the web site. This optimization also improves battery life and your computer’s ability to run the browser with other applications simultaneously.

Best For
  • Internet privacy
  • Browses the web with confidence that ads won't track your information
  • Earns the crypto basic attention token (BAT) just by using the browser
  • Automatically blocks unnecessary ads
  • Easily imports your Chrome profile
  • Specialized feeds that track your data to give you relevant information can be useful
  • Has many features that can complicate the browser experience

Brave Browser Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
Overall Rating

Why Use the Brave Browser?

The scariest part of internet security is not knowing if you are secure. With the Brave privacy browser, you can enjoy all of the functionalities of Google Chrome and more with a speedier connection and total browsing privacy. On top of this, it offers a reward system that lets you earn crypto the more you browse. Remember, you’re looking at a TOR browser, the fastest browser you could use to work online, but you’re also getting something back for all the browsing you do.

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

The Brave browser also offers a reward system that switches ads on websites with ads of its own. By opting into this program, you retain your browsing privacy and earn 70% of the ad revenue from the switched ads. 

You earn these rewards in the form of a BAT. This token, built on the Ethereum network, was created to reward users' valuable attention on Brave. The token's initial coin offering in 2017 raised a total of $35 million in under 1 minute. This token has seen a recent spike in price, shooting up 600% in 4 months. Such a dramatic increase brought  excellent news for long-time Brave browser users.

Brave Browser Interface

Brave has a super-customizable interface that goes far beyond mainstream browsers with many different attachments and customizations to the browser. But, all of this extra modularity mainly plays to a niche audience and can seem overly complicated. The Google Chrome homepage is simple and consistent, which is a nice attribute to a homepage. The Brave browser's home page can also be as simple or as complicated as you want, but you have to set it up to your desired parameters.

Where the browser interface shines is for crypto investors, offering the Brave software that goes beyond a privacy browser. You can trade on Binance, Gemini and straight from the homepage with the customizable dashboard. The accessibility of these popular trading platforms, along with Brave's built-in firewall and VPN, makes it an excellent tool for any crypto trader. 

Brave Browser Speed

The 3 to 6 times faster browsing speeds are true and are beneficial for weaker computers with a hard time handling many open tabs and applications. Previously, the only other way of protecting your online data was by installing addons and other applications that siphon extra resources from your computer. Services that protect your valuable information to boost your browsing speed by using fewer computer resources is quite genius. Even if you don't care about internet security, the browsing speed you gain from protecting yourself is a huge benefit hard to find in other browsers. 

Brave Browser Rewards

Browsers other than Brave allow invasive ads that essentially charge you for your time on that browser. A lot of those ads use your browsing data without your consent. Brave is different. Cutting the user in on the profit for their valuable attention is something unheard of in other browsers.

Brave estimates that the average participating user earns over 100 BATs per year. At the current price of around $0.65 per BAT, you could earn $65 a year. If you got lucky and sold your 100 tokens at the peak of BAT’s price, you would have $150. These reward dollars won't pay for your new sports car anytime soon, but with recent market volatility, a bull market for BAT could make Brave users very happy. At the end of the day, it's a free browser that pays you to use it, lets you use your preferred search engine, offers an incognito window and makes it easier for you to manage your crypto assets safely. Making money without any extra work doesn't get much better than that.

Brave Browser Customer Service

With all of its browser modularity, the solution to problems can usually be found with a simple Brave search. Brave’s active community resource center will solve most of your problems, and its extensive array of settings gives users access to modify how the browser works. 

Brave Browser Overall Rating

Overall the Brave browser is everything you could ask for, especially if you trade crypto. It efficiently loads websites, making them faster and easier for your computer to run. It is an automatically secure and ad-free environment the instant you load it onto your computer. It retains all of the functionality of Google Chrome by allowing you to easily import your Chrome profile and extensions. And, you get paid to do what you're already doing just by making this your default browser and focusing on browser privacy. 

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