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July 1, 2021
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Bit2Me allows you to manage cryptocurrencies and traditional money without complications. You can receive, store, send, buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies along with cash to manage your finances. Customers from Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Australia and dozens of other countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas are welcome to join.

Best For
  • Customers seeking freedom from traditional banks
  • Serious crypto investors
  • Users who also need help with virtual payments
  • Cryptocurrency and cash in 1 place
  • Bit2Me Card
  • Shared International Bank Account Number (IBAN) payment protocols
  • Crypto swaps
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrencies
  • Complex site with many options
  • Not available in the U.S. or Canada

Bit2Me Ratings at a Glance

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Customer Service
Customer Pricing
Mobile App
User Benefits
User Experience
Overall Rating

Bit2Me Account Options

When you register on Bit2Me, your account supports several banking, financial and monetary tools. Considering how expansive the offerings are, Bit2Me seems to be the ideal confluence of a traditional bank and a crypto investing firm.

Bit2Me’s wallet supports 69 cryptocurrencies (as of press time), including 66 lite wallets and 3 full wallets. These wallets offer several features that help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can purchase cryptocurrency at any time or sell your assets for a profit or to prevent losses as prices fluctuate. 

Bit2Me offers virtual payment services that require nothing more than a phone number and email address. You can easily send money to friends around the world, ensuring that you can manage your finances without downloading a specific app for just 1 transfer.

You can set up business accounts to accept both cash and cryptocurrency as payment. Keeping several business accounts in 1 place also helps you manage payroll, purchases, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

If necessary, you can use Bit2Me for secure custody of your cryptocurrency holdings. The bank is backed by 100 million euros in insurance, uses cold storage and has the infrastructure available to manage VIP clients. Compliance and security issues are handled in-house, but any currency stored by Bit2Me remains available at your convenience.

Bit2Me keeps a complete directory of locations where you can spend cryptocurrency either on a website or in a physical store. 

You can also purchase or redeem Tikebit vouchers through the platform.

You can buy cryptocurrencies on the OTC market, allowing your business to trade in large amounts of cryptocurrency at once. Because you can accept crypto payments as a business owner, it only makes sense to invest in cryptocurrency as a business owner both to improve your bottom line and give your company a bit of financial security. 

The Bit2Me Card offers both plastic and virtual versions that allow you to pay with cryptocurrency. This is a powerful buying option, especially if you are saving through your investments. Because Bit2Me hosts all these options, you need not use a separate platform to spend your cryptocurrency.

A unique part of the Bit2Me experience is the cryptocurrency exchange. You can swap one cryptocurrency for another in moments, working with other customers who wish to swap their currencies in a no-hassle environment.

Use the blockchain explorer to search for the status of any transaction, address or block of currencies on the market. This is a critical research tool that makes Bit2Me even more valuable as an investment platform.

Use the price converter to determine the real-time value of any supported cryptocurrency against your preferred currency or another cryptocurrency.

Premium options include:

  • 24/7, 365-day customer support via WhatsApp for OTC transactions
  • The team calls European customers back after service requests through WhatsApp
  • Expert advice
  • Ability to purchase more than 1 million euros
  • Investment webinars for premium clients
  • Exclusive news and alerts
  • Ability to buy more than 50 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in the decentralized finance (DeFi) system

Bit2Me Customer Service

More than 30 financial professionals are available to help you with any issue via email or WhatsApp. 

Bit2Me is the only exchange in the world offering free phone support. Round-the-clock support ensures you get answers to your questions as quickly as possible. 

The FAQ section alone is powerful, answering questions in language you can understand. Comb through each category purely to learn about the site, or search a particular question for which you need an answer.

There are several support channels, including tickets, phone calls in Europe, live chat and the Bit2Me Academy. The Academy is more than just a customer-support option as it educates you on what cryptocurrencies can do for your net worth. The Academy, in fact, helps Bit2Me rise above the competition by teaching consumers about cryptocurrency investments even though the site offers so much more than crypto investing opportunities.

The customer support team offers service in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

Bit2Me Customer Pricing

Bit2Me starts customers with a demo account they can use to test investment theories and reduce their risk. A demo account is helpful whether you are a novice or experienced investor.

Common fees include:

  • 2.5% for all cryptocurrency purchases and exchanges
  • No mining fee
  • Free deposits to the Euro wallet using any method
  • 0.25% withdrawal fee with bank transfer to a SEPA account

The 2.5% fee for cryptocurrency buys is a bit high, but for the number of options you get through the site, it’s understandable. This price by no means is exorbitant.

You aren’t losing money working with Bit2Me — this bank helps you earn money in as many guises as possible. You can even invite friends and earn up to 1,000 euros.

Bit2Me Mobile App

The Bit2Me mobile app downloads quickly, has a clean design and closely mirrors the website. Make sure you change your preferred language so that you can make use of the app and enjoy all its benefits. (The reviewer needed some time to switch from default Spanish to English.)

Available on both Android and iOS, the mobile app helps you stay connected on a phone or tablet. 

Bit2Me User Benefits

At Bit2Me, you can do all your banking and investing in one place. Mixing cryptocurrency with your bank helps you take control of your finances.

Virtual payments, educational tools and the Academy make your experience that much better. You even get a 5-euro bonus when you sign up and verify through Benzinga. 

Your money and account are protected through 2-factor authentication. You can transfer cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, and there are more than 55 currencies available to trade. The deeper you dig, the more it’s obvious that Bit2Me has everything you need.

Bit2Me User Experience

The site is well-organized, easy to navigate and renders well on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Simply reviewing the website itself is convincing enough for a new customer. Every section is well-explained, and the products are worthy of anyone’s attention. The bank seems to have thought of everything, allowing customers to centralize their banking and investments. 

The robust customer support program is enough to settle the nerves of any banking customer or investor.

The mobile app is lovely and easy to use, offering lots of options for the customer on the go.

Bit2Me vs Competitors

Unlike most banks, Bit2Me happily mixes cash and cryptocurrency in 1 account. Instead of keeping several accounts across the internet, you can handle everything in 1 place.

The Bit2Me Card is a fantastic way for you to use your account to pay for anything, anywhere Mastercard (the partner) is accepted. A debit card using Bitcoin for payment helps you avoid awkward questions when you want to complete payments with local businesses.

You can send payments to your friends with just a phone number and email.

Bit2Me educates you more than most investment platforms — and this is a bank!

Bit2Me Overall Rating

Bit2Me is rich with information, banking options and investment opportunities. Users can control their finances in a central location, manage payments to a wide range of people or businesses and review their spending on the website or app. It’s a struggle to find any negative points, making Bit2Me an excellent place for novice investors, banking customers and advanced traders.

Bit2Me Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you instantly buy and sell Bitcoin?


Instant exchanges are available. Bit2Me says it can complete most transactions in a few seconds, but that depends on several variables.


Is Bit2Me legit?


Bit2Me is a safe banking institution regulated by the Bank of Spain. The site uses state-of-the-art, secure servers and cold storage to protect its customers. The firm also carries insurance to protect account holders from theft and hacking attacks. 

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