Best Stockbrokers in Ireland

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June 27, 2023

On the hunt for the best online brokerage for stocks with services in Ireland? Trading stocks has been a tradition in Ireland since the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) was founded in Dublin in 1793. The exchange ended its 224 years of independence when it was bought by Euronext, the mega-corporation that operates the main stock market exchanges in Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels. The sale was completed on March 27, 2018 for €137 million. Not all stock brokerages offer the same services or security, so make sure to carefully consider your needs and check to see that a broker is well-regulated before you open an account. Get started with our review of the best stockbrokers in Ireland.

Quick Look at the Best Stockbrokers in Ireland:

The Best Stockbrokers in Ireland

The top stockbrokers in Ireland mostly consist of locally-based brokers. Many major online brokers headquartered outside of Ireland avoid registering to trade shares on the Irish Stock Exchange. As a result, they can't offer the Irish stock trading services a local broker can. But they may allow you to trade other stock markets through them. You can find our top 6 picks for the best stock brokers that accept clients from Ireland.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IB) is an online broker based in the United States that lacks a presence in Ireland, so Irish clients are unable to trade directly on the Irish Stock Exchange using this broker. IB still makes our list because some traders living in Ireland may wish to trade in a wide variety of other markets outside Ireland.

This top international broker lets you trade numerous assets listed on more than 120 exchanges around the world in its Integrated Investment Account. IB offers an execution service in stocks, forex, ETFs, futures, options, metals, bonds, funds and structured products.

IB’s trading platform includes its easy to use Client Portal platform designed for less experienced traders and its pro-quality Trader Workstation (TWS) trading platform, which has numerous features seasoned traders can find helpful. Interactive Brokers also gives clients access to markets on its web-based IBKR WebTrader platform.

Traders can also use their IB account via its IBKR mobile app written for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The broker also provides its IBot hands-free add-on that is available for the Client Portal, TWS and IBKR mobile trading platforms.

Some traders might balk at IB’s hefty minimum deposit amount of $10,000. You can reach IB’s customer service department 24/6 via live chat, email and telephone.

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eToro has more than 13 million users in 140 countries worldwide. The broker is known for its social investing platform that allows you to copy the trades of other investors and its commission-free stock trading.

eToro runs multi-asset brokerage. It offers stocks, commodities and forex trading, in addition to cryptocurrencies. The online brokerage is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It also retains a cross-border license to operate in other European countries.

The account minimum is $50, and you'll need $200 to use the eToro CopyTrader. Customer service is available 24/5 via live chat and support tickets.

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    eToros securities trading offered by eToro Securities, Inc, (“the BD”), member of FINRA and SIPC. Investing involves risk.

Davy Select

Based in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway and London, Davy Select is Ireland’s largest stockbroker, financial advisor and asset and wealth manager. The company offers “execution only” accounts for self-directed traders and investors who do their own research. Davy Select offers over 7,000 equities and 700+ investment funds that include over 330 ETFs.

The cost to make a €100,000 Irish equity transaction via Davy in an execution-only account is 1.9%, or €1,900. While that cost may seem high, the broker offers excellent research and other personalized services.

Davy Select’s award-winning research allows clients to access the latest articles and videos over a range of different economic areas that include the financial, industrial, pharmaceutical, transportation and leisure sectors.

The company’s trading software consists of a web-based platform that gives clients a solid foundation to make investments based on informed decisions. Davy Select also offers a mobile and tablet version for trading on the go.

Customer service can be accessed through email, telephone or by requesting a call back. In addition to the comprehensive FAQ section on Davy Select’s website, the broker offers several “myDavy” videos to instruct clients on trading shares, funds and ETFs online, withdrawing funds, setting up watch lists, and how to log in to your account.

Cantor Fitzgerald

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland has had a presence on the Irish Stock Exchange since 1995 and has provided Irish clients with stock brokerage, wealth and fund management, debt and capital markets and corporate finance services. The company’s clientele includes individual investors, corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, charities and credit unions.

The broker is fully registered with the CIB as an investment firm, money broker and insurance and reinsurance intermediary under EU regulations. In addition to acting as a stock brokerage, Cantor Fitzgerald gives private clients access to trading in ETFs and investment trusts. Other investment products offered by the broker include private equity and loan notes, bonds and structured investments. The broker also offers portfolio management services.

Trading through Cantor Fitzgerald is done over the phone. The company does not have an online trading platform. The company offers excellent research resources, including its Daily Note, Weekly Trader, Investment Journal and Forum and newsroom. Cantor Fitzgerald’s research team gives traders and investors daily and weekly insights into macroeconomic and corporate events.  

Cantor Fitzgerald has offices in Dublin, Limerick and Cork, and it charges a minimum of €55 per transaction with a 1.5% surcharge for transactions worth between €0 and €20,000, and a 1.0% fee for transactions of €20,001 to €40,000 in execution-only accounts.    

Goodbody Stockbrokers

Originally a milling, tobacco and manufacturing company, Goodbody is now a sophisticated financial services firm that has been a part of Ireland’s economic history for more than 140 years. A part of the FEXCO Group of companies, Goodbody is a member of the Irish and London Stock Exchanges and has full oversight from the CBI.

Goodbody has a strong presence in the new offerings sector and is 1 of the leading stock underwriters in Ireland. The company has advised and raised equity for many new issues in Ireland, which makes the broker a great choice if you are looking to participate in Irish initial stock offerings. In addition to executing stock orders for clients, the firm also manages funds as an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) with over €16.5 billion under management.

Other services offered by Goodbody include private wealth management and advisory services for credit unions. The broker offers 12 different funds for varying share combinations and risk profiles such as dividend income, global smaller shares and global leaders, to name only a few.

Goodbody offers an online platform and a mobile option for Android and tablets. In addition to its Dublin office, Goodbody’s offices are located in London, Cork, Galway and Kerry and can be reached by telephone or through email from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. GMT. Commissions per stock transaction are a minimum of €25, in addition to a Stamp Tax of 1.0% for Irish shares and 0.5% for U.K. shares.

Campbell O’Connor

Founded in 1960. Campbell O’Connor has memberships on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges. The company executes trades on the Irish and London Stock exchanges through Direct Market Access, although European, U.S. and Canadian shares are traded through an agent like the Bank of Montreal, while Australian shares go through WH Ireland.

Campbell O’Connor’s trading platform consists of an order entry page on their website. The firm offers clients a trading service in equities, bonds, funds, warrants and ETFs.  You can open an execution only or advisory account with this broker.

Customer service is addressed through email and telephone contact. The broker charges a minimum commission of 40 units of the currency in which you deal, plus a 1.5% fee for 12,500 units of currency and 0.5% for 12,501 and up. The commission on U.S. and Canadian stocks is $50, while the fee on trading European stocks is at least €50 per transaction plus a Foreign Transaction Tax when applicable.   

A Brief Overview of Trading Stocks in Ireland

The Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) is responsible for the Irish Stock Exchange in accordance with the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). In January 2019, the CBI placed a prohibition on the marketing, distribution and sale of binary options, as well as a restriction on the marketing, distribution and sale of contracts for difference (CFDs) by firms regulated by the agency.  

Since December 2012, the capital gains tax in Ireland has been 33%. This rate applies to both citizens and non-citizens domiciled in Ireland. Capital gains consist of money made from the purchase and sale of assets, including stocks. While this tax rate seems high, the 1st €1,270 of your gains are not taxed.

Some special rules apply for calculating capital gains made from selling shares in Ireland, such as the First In, First Out (FIFO) rule. This rule dictates that equivalent shares must be sold in the order they were purchased. For example, if you buy 2 sets of ordinary shares of the same stock which were acquired on different dates, then the shares bought 1st must be sold before the 2nd set can be sold.

The FIFO rule doesn't apply to stock bought and sold within a 4-week time frame. And if the shares are sold at a lower price than they were purchased, you can offset this loss against any capital gains you or your spouse have realized in the same or subsequent tax years. You'll also have to declare any capital gains realized from a stock sale and pay taxes due on those gains.

Ireland is 1 of the fastest growing economies in Europe. This is good news if you’re interested in accessing the Irish stock market. The Irish economy previously depended largely on agricultural exports, but it now focuses on high-tech industries and services. Industry presently accounts for 46% of GDP, while exports make up approximately 80%.

Between 1985 and 2002, private sector jobs in Ireland increased by 59%. Economic growth averaged 10% from 1995 until 2000 and 7% from 2001 until 2004. These strong economic conditions could make Ireland an excellent place to invest and/or trade stocks.

What to Look for in a Stock Trading Account

Several common elements should be considered before deciding on a stockbroker, and these are listed below in order of importance. Remember to take these considerations and your particular needs into account before deciding on a broker.


Any stockbroker doing business in Ireland must be regulated by the CBI. This gives you legal recourse in the event of the broker becoming insolvent or if you have another problem with the broker. You can also check to see if a stockbroker is registered and regulated by the CBI.

1. Exchange Membership

In order to properly execute orders for stock on the Euronext Ireland Exchange, a broker would have to be a member of the exchange or a clearing member authorized to execute orders for clients on the exchange.

2. Online Presence Trading Platform

An easy-to-use, intuitive trading platform to enter orders, receive confirmations and research individual stocks is a big plus. Most quality stock brokers offer decent trading platforms with real-time stock quotes and online research capabilities.

3. Brokerage Fees and Costs

If you trade short term strategies that require you to actively trade throughout the day, then commissions and dealing spread costs could add up considerably and cut into your profits, if any. On the other hand, if you trade infrequently or buy stocks as a long-term investment, then fees probably won’t make that much of a difference to you.

4. Other Services

In addition to stock trading, many stockbrokers offer access to other markets, such as forex, commodities, stock indices, CFDs, futures and options. Some brokers also offer educational resources for novice traders, as well as having a responsive customer service department.

Get Started Trading Stocks with Stockbrokers in Ireland

Now that you’ve done your research, you can select a broker and begin trading or investing. Take some time to develop a trading plan and strategy you can follow before you make your first trade.

Having a plan gives you confidence as you trade and helps you avoid emotional pitfalls and analysis paralysis as you deal with volatile markets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best stockbrokers to use for investing in Ireland?


Cantor Fitzgerald, Interactive Brokers and eToro offer investing options in Ireland. 



What are good ways of investing in Ireland?


You can invest in ADRs, mutual funds, ETFs and a broker with access.


Where can I find stockbrokers to trade in Ireland?


You can find stockbrokers to trade stocks in Ireland on the list above.

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