Best Podcasts for Personal Finance, Ranked

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Contributor, Benzinga
October 12, 2022

Looking to increase your financial knowledge or pick up some new money tricks and tips? If you're short on time, listening to podcasts for personal finance is a great way to learn new things on the go. Financial podcasts are often hosted by experts in the field and can impart a lot of really good information.

If you're looking for a podcast, use our guide to the best podcasts for personal finance to find the best options.

9 Best Podcasts for Personal Finance

Podcasts can help businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals easily. In our review, we listened to several podcasts that offer a wide variety of services that range from investing, retirement goals, financial advice and more. Looking for investment options? Be sure to check out Benzinga Podcasts.

1. Best for Quick Market News: Robinhood Snacks

Everyone loves a good snack, and the Robinhood Snacks podcast is the perfect morsel for news-conscious investors. This is a 15-minute newsletter that gives you the 3 big stories you need to keep up with the markets. If you’re too busy to read or listen for hours on end, subscribe to Robinhood Snacks.

Jack Kramer and Nick Martell haven’t missed a day since starting the podcast in 2012, and they still give you all the information you need to make the most of your day on Wall Street or off.

2. Best Daily Watchlists for Markets:  Crypto Breakdown, Ring The Bell and Cannabis Daily

When it comes to daily financial headlines and trade ideas, Benzinga Daily Podcasts are a must to follow. Aired before the opening bell on weekdays these bite-sized podcasts give you the headlines, stocks to watch and investment tips in a wide rande of industries before you start your day. Be sure to tune in and stay up to date on the markets.

Crypto Breakdown

3. Best Personal Finance Podcast for Finance News: National Public Radio

NPR is an acronym for National Public Radio and is a private media company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and offices in Culver City, Calif. It’s one of the oldest companies in the United States that offers news and broadcast content.

The company is keeping up with technology, and in 2005 it started creating podcasts. The podcasts are widely spread and encompass news, arts, lifestyle, music, politics, business and shows. When you click on the categories, you can read and listen to a wide variety of content. What makes NPR unique is that it has daily podcasts where you can get up-to-date content. You can listen to Planet Money for personal finance, one of the most popular podcasts on NPR. Here you'll get mind-boggling facts about money, and the episodes are available at least twice every week.

4. Best Podcast for Managing Your Crypto: Moon Or Bust

Moon or Bust is a bi-weekly podcast for everything about altcoins and the DeFi space.

5. Best Personal Finance Podcast for Freedom From Debt: Clever Girl Finance

Clever Girl Finance was founded in 2015 and has grown from a personal blog to a vibrant Instagram following of over 300,000. The business has online courses, coaching sessions, videos and podcasts. The Clever Girl Finance podcast talks about investments. The podcasts aim to empower women to stop borrowing and start saving to build wealth.

As a financial platform, the podcasts are a source of financial advice and are very engaging as well as fun. Here you'll find podcasts about setting financial goals, money habits, tracking spending, budgeting, debt freedom, real estate and more. The podcasts are available on the website, and you can listen to old topics during your free time.

6. Best Podcast for Learning Personal Finance Tricks: Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a digital platform that focuses on investing and personal finance. Its valuable podcasts teach people about various aspects of personal finance.

Some of the most popular podcasts include career advice, money principles, retirement and financial decisions. You'll also get podcasts on how to maintain a positive life and work balance.  Others include personal testimonies of how individuals doubled investments and cost savings. Another notable aspect of Afford Anything is interviews with celebrities, entrepreneurs and money experts. Also, listeners can ask any questions about finances and business. Lastly, there are weekly podcasts that last 90 minutes.

7. Best Podcast for Wealth Building: Brown Ambition, Founded in 2008

Brown Ambition is run by 2 financial advisers who offer weekly 60-minute episodes regarding business and personal finance. These episodes run every Wednesday, and you can make a date with the hosts. You can still listen to the podcast because the recorded versions are available online.

You can listen to podcasts and get valuable advice on money issues, building wealth, success, and relationships. Some of the most popular episodes include women and finance, rules on wealth building, how to double money during the pandemic, planning for your children's finance and advice on mortgages.

8. Best Podcast for Student Finance: The College Investor

The College Investor has regular daily shows or podcasts about various issues facing students in financial planning. There are many topics that students can listen to and get important information about financing and investment.

The host offers expert advice, and students can subscribe to receive regular updates. Topics on student loans and how to create a side hustle to earn money are available. The episodes talk about how students can forego debt and build wealth. Some of the most popular podcasts include offsetting student loans, the average net worth of the millennials and many ways to make money.

9. Best for Financial Independence: Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch was founded in 2016 and has remarkable podcasts about financial independence. The podcasts talk about how to escape from debt burden, save money and increase your network. There's more you can learn here about achieving financial freedom. Many episodes cover a plethora of issues, and you can find any that match your demands.

Some of the famous topics cover investing wealth, retirement, finance, budgeting and entrepreneurship. There are several contributors, and the episodes are regular. Additionally, you can subscribe and listen to the podcasts anytime.

Personal Finance Podcasts are Modern Tools for Financial Advice

Listen to the podcasts on our list to get valuable advice about finance, wealth, financial freedom and saving for retirement. Here, you'll find important advice on how to build wealth, savings and financial planning.
Looking for more great podcasts, blogs, local listings and other resources? Check out Benzinga: Ranked to find more best-of-the-best content.


What are the 6 personal finance topics?


The six personal fianance topics are covered by personal finance podcasts. The topics are banking, budgeting, estate planning, investments, insurance, mortgages, tax, and retirement.



Who is Andrew Giancola?


Andrew Giancola is a personal finance expert who runs a blog and podcast called Dollar after Dollar. The information he shares is for people who want to better understand personal finance.


What are the three principles in personal finance?


The three priciples in personal finance are to spend less money than you earn, make the money that you have work for you, and always be prepared for an emergency.

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