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July 28, 2022
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securely through Albert's website

Albert is a unique financial planning app that provides an all-in-one space for budgeting, saving, spending and investing. Though Albert is not a bank itself, its partnership with Sutton Bank and Coastal Community Bank allows it to offer checking account services, complete with cash back and debit card programs. A.I.-assisted saving and investing services make the process of building an emergency fund or saving towards retirement simple. If you’re a more experienced investor, you can also choose individual securities to invest in or invest by theme.

Plus, there’s a Genius savings bonus of 0.25% for every $100 saved or a Savings bonus 0.10% for every $100 saved.

Best For
  • Hands-off investors
  • New investors
  • Anyone looking to save towards multiple financial goals
  • Up to $250 advance cash with no hidden fees
  • Robust product offering with plenty of saving and budgeting tools
  • One-on-one access to real human experts available from $6 a month
  • Limited investing tools

Albert Ratings at a Glance

Albert Products

Managing your household finances is a multi-step process — from tracking your savings to making a budget for day-to-day purchases, financial health requires a holistic approach to spending and saving. The Albert app is a unique all-in-one financial center that provides you with a single place to save, invest for the future and manage your spending. The Albert app comes with a range of major features that can help you better manage your money, including the following.

Checking Account Services

While Albert is not an online bank, it has partnered with Sutton Bank to provide you with an online checking account and account services. Like any other type of bank account, your checking account comes with $250,000 worth of insurance for cash deposits from the FDIC. Your checking account also includes features above and beyond what you might expect with other checking accounts, including:

  • Up to 20% cash back on purchases for Genius subscribers
  • $0 minimum account balances
  • Customer service available 7 days a week

Your account also includes debit card services and Genius subscribers have access to more than 55,000 fee-free ATMs located across the United States.

Robo-Assisted Savings Account Services

In addition to checking account services, a Genius account provides you with access to unique robot-assisted savings account features through its partnership with Coastal Community Bank. The Albert app uses A.I. to automatically analyze your spending and set aside small amounts of money throughout the week to help you reach your goals. This “set it and forget it” strategy offers a painless way for you to save by using your unique spending patterns to save without seriously impacting your day-to-day account balances. While you can automatically save by enabling “Smart Saving,” you can also turn this feature off and set your own automatic deposit schedule. The Albert app also allows you to assign specific goals to each savings account when you enable Genius.

Albert also provides you with savings bonuses — just for saving and using your account features. You’ll get a 0.10% annual bonus on your savings, which rises to 0.25% when you take advantage of Genius-level services. If you’ve had issues saving in the past, Albert’s native A.I.-enhanced saving can make building an emergency fund painless. If you run into an unanticipated expense, you can also easily transfer funds between your savings and checking account without limits or fees.

Easy, Low-Minimum Investing

Investing through the Albert app doesn’t require any prior financial experience or knowledge. First, you’ll answer a few questions about your income, your saving goals, the amount of time you have left for your investing goal and your current assets. Genius will use this information to create an allocation between major stocks and funds. Each time you make a deposit, the Albert app will automatically divide your deposited funds between the investments according to your portfolio. You can manually deposit funds each time you want to invest, or you can set up automatic transfers from your savings account according to your schedule.

If you’d like a little more control over your investing, you can also choose individual stocks and funds to invest in. You can use your account in much the same way as you would use other online brokerage accounts to purchase securities and hold them in a taxable brokerage account. Albert also allows you to invest in “themes,” focusing your investments on women-led companies or companies focused on sustainability.

Advance Cash

Albert does not charge overdraft fees. In exchange for a small fee, Albert will advance you up to $250 instantly from your next paycheck to cover unexpected expense. Just repay it the next time you get paid. If you have an expense coming up but you don’t need the money urgently, Albert can spot you up to $250 from your next paycheck in two to three days without paying a fee.

After accessing your money, your debit will automatically be deducted when your next paycheck arrives in your account. You’ll pay $0 in interest on your advance cash, no matter how much you receive — no hidden expenses besides a small fee if you choose instant delivery. You also won’t need to worry about late fees, as Albert will automatically calculate and process repayment. Finally, borrowing advance cash won’t leave a mark on your credit report, with no soft credit check required for approval. 

Albert Customer Service

Albert provides you with a few different options that you can use to get in contact with its customer support team.

  • Via text: Text messaging is Albert’s primary method of customer support, available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get in contact with a representative via text, send a message to (639-37). When you access customer service via chat, you’ll always be connected with a real human being. You can also access customer support via chat directly through the Albert app.
  • Via voice: Though Albert does not currently offer customer service via phone, you can call (844) 891-9309 to access basic account support options. You can also leave a voicemail.
  • Via email: To get in touch with Albert’s customer support team via email, send a message to

If you’re a Genius member, you can also connect with a finance expert via text or Zoom. 

Albert Security

Though Albert is not a bank itself, you get bank-level security when you use the app. After creating your account, you can set up additional security measures like face ID and touch ID access requirements. This biometric data ensures that only you can access your account.

In the unlikely event of a hack, your cash and investments held by Albert’s partner banks and custodians are safe and insured. Cash deposits are protected with up to $250,000 worth of FDIC insurance, and investment accounts are SIPC-insured up to $500,000. While you will need to submit your Social Security number and banking information through Plaid in order to use Albert, you can rest assured that your data is protected. 

Albert Pricing

As a Genius member, you can connect with human finance experts through chat, asking any questions that you have about debt repayment, savings and general financial planning. From credit cards to paying back student loans, Genius members get tailored advice to help them on their financial journeys.

To access Genius, you’ll pay a monthly fee starting at $8 a month. Genius uses a “pay what you think is fair” model, which means that you can access services for whatever price you feel comfortable paying so long as it’s at least $6 monthly. You can also currently access a $150 cash bonus when you sign up for direct deposit after opening your new account. More details below.

Albert User Benefits

The Albert app includes an impressive number of features and benefits that can help make saving and investing easier. Some of the app’s most notable features include the following.

  • Automated saving features: If you struggle to save, Albert’s A.I.-assisted savings features might be the key to finally helping you build up an emergency fund or save towards any other goal. After you begin using Albert, the app will automatically begin to analyze your spending patterns, locating areas where you can save. The app will cultivate a savings strategy that you’re unlikely to notice based on your unique patterns. You can create and manage multiple savings goals, helping you build towards a full financial future.
  • Fee-free ATMs and a full range of banking services: Though Albert is not a bank, its partnership with Sutton Bank provides you with all of the benefits you expect from any bank. Albert provides Genius subscribers with access to debit card services, such as withdrawals from more than 55,000 fee-free ATMs and cash back services. If you need an ATM in a new location, open the map on the Albert app to locate a fee-free ATM near you — no matter where you’re located.
  • Real-time alerts: Effective household budgeting requires monitoring your day-to-day spending habits. The Albert app takes much of the guesswork out of budgeting by providing you with real-time alerts and updates on your spending. Set a budget for a number of categories and receive notifications as you approach (or go over) your allocation each month.
  • Affordable one-on-one assistance: If you’re looking to make specific strides towards a future financial goal, Albert’s Genius feature can help guide you with professional financial advice. This one-on-one assistance is available from just $6 a month, meaning that most users will be able to fit Genius platform support into their monthly household budgets.
  • Subscription monitoring: Subscriptions that you’ve forgotten about can be taking a major toll on your checking account. Albert will automatically flag recurring subscriptions for you to review on a regular basis, ensuring that you’re only paying for the ones you’re currently using.

These are just a few of the most unique features you’ll have access to when you use Albert. Additional tools for spending and saving are also available after opening your account. 

Albert User Experience

Getting started with Albert is exceptionally easy. You can begin by creating your account online, or you can download the app for free and get started there. Albert uses a straightforward question-and-answer setup process to collect personal information and data on your financial goals. Most users will be able to open their new account in as little as a few minutes, and you can connect your banking information through Plaid on the app.

Though Albert offers a wealth of features, its app’s design remains user-friendly and easy to use. Its saving and investing features were created with beginners in mind — and minimum investments start at just $1. If you do have more experience, you can also customize your budgeting and investing processes, meaning that Albert can be a suitable choice no matter your financial experience level. 

Albert vs Competitors

While Albert offers a wealth of features, it’s not the only budgeting and investing tool on the market. Albert competitors like Acorns, Stash and Betterment provide similar services and benefits. Compare the options in the table below to learn more about which app might be the right choice for your budgeting and investing needs. 

  • securely through Albert's website
    securely through Albert's website
    Best For:
    Cash Back
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  • securely through Stash's website
    securely through Stash's website
    Best For:
    Casual investors
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    1 Stash Banking services provided by Stride Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. The Stash Stock-Back® Debit Mastercard® is issued by Stride Bank pursuant to license from Mastercard International. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated. Any earned stock rewards will be held in your Stash Invest account. Investment products and services provided by Stash Investments LLC and are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed, and May Lose Value

  • securely through Acorns's website
    securely through Acorns's website
    Best For:
    Prepping for future investing
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  • securely through Betterment's website
    securely through Betterment's website
    Best For:
    ETF Investors
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Albert Overall

Albert offers an impressive range of financial services and tools at exceptionally affordable pricing. From checking account services to automatic alerts that keep you on track with your monthly budget, Albert offers a one-stop-shop for many day-to-day services you might need. While more experienced investors might not be satisfied with Albert’s investing component’s lack of tools and charting options, those who have never invested before will love the app’s streamlined platform. Those looking for more personalized financial assistance can access one-on-one chat with finance experts for as little as $6 a month with Genius subscription. Overall, Albert offers diverse benefits and affordable pricing that those looking for basic financial planning tools will likely enjoy using. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Albert app legit?


Yes, the Albert app is legit.. Albert Cash and Albert Savings accounts are held at FDIC-insured banks, including Sutton Bank, Coastal Community Bank, and Wells Fargo, N.A. This means that any funds you have in your Albert Cash and Albert Savings accounts are protected with up to $250,000 worth of insurance. 


How does the Albert app make money?


The Albert app makes money through its Genius platform. Genius-level account services are available from $6 a month and enable the Albert app to fund their free services and make money to cover operating expenses. 

Albert is not a bank. Banking services provided by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC.

The Albert Mastercard® debit card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Cash back subject to terms. ATM fees may apply.

Banking services provided by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. Albert Savings accounts are held for your benefit at FDIC-insured banks, including Coastal Community Bank and Wells Fargo, N.A. Savings bonus may vary.

All investments involve risk. Advisory services provided by Albert Investments, LLC. Securities products and services offered to self-directed investors through Albert Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.

Download to see if you qualify for Albert Instant. Repay the Instant advance with your next paycheck. Fees may apply.

To be eligible for direct deposit bonus, receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $500 within 45 days of sign up and every 30 days for 90 consecutive days. Spend at least $200 on qualifying goods and services with your Albert debit card every 30 days during the same 90-day period. Terms apply. See app for details.

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