Benzinga offers a full suite of research and quality analysis. Our data points highlight the necessary valuations for you to make the wisest of investment decisions. We include financial reports (balance sheets, income statements, cash flow analysis) and income ratios according to industry average and percentage. Our figures are adjusted during every quarterly report and show the most current statements.

Many individuals base their investment theses around company fundamentals. Provide all of the information that your users need to make actionable trading decisions within your app by integrating fundamental data.

Company Fundamentals API is also useful for developers and data scientists who need to integrate fundamental data into their applications or models. With real-time access to this data, developers can quickly build applications that provide insights into a company’s financial health and performance.

Fundamental investing is back in style – provide your users the information they need to invest like Warren Buffett.

*Note: The endpoint /fundamentals is the umbrella endpoint that encompasses the 4 specific fundamentals (/valuationRatios, /earningRatios, /operationRatios, /financials). The /fundamentals endpoint will output all the specific endpoints.

Data field descriptions




Company ticker symbol


Primary exchange the security is traded on


CIK identifier


ISIN identifier

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