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January 1, 2024

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Workers’ compensation insurance assists employees suffering work-related illness or injury. It is a government-mandated program, so companies are required to have it.

Workers’ compensation insurance is basically disability insurance providing healthcare and cash benefits for employees injured on the job. Workers’ compensation laws differ by state. Texas is the only state that does not require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance.

This article covers the basics of getting workers’ compensation insurance quotes online. Read more here to find out how.

How To Get Free Workers’ Compensation Insurance Quotes Online

Getting workers’ compensation insurance quotes online is the best way to see options and rates from providers that fit your needs. Follow the below steps to help you find comprehensive plans with rates in your budget.


Price is the first thing most customers look for when purchasing anything, including insurance. Keeping it within your budget ensures you do not overspend. But having a budget that’s too low could lead you to a provider with poor customer service and coverage, which may cause issues when you make claims. 

Coverage Options

After you have established your budget, consider your coverage options. Make sure your budget is slightly flexible so you can adjust it to accommodate the coverage your business needs. Some businesses may want to provide employees with full salary replacement, while others may only want to partially cover salaries. 

Provider Reputation

Reputation plays a significant role in selecting a provider. Familiarize yourself with how insurance companies treat their customers. Knowing how well a provider is doing is crucial because it will affect the quality of service its customers receive. Look for customer complaints, reviews and satisfaction while analyzing its reputation. 

Get Quotes

Getting a quote is the final step in the process. Asking independent brokers and local agents or searching online are the most popular ways to get a quote. An online quote is the quickest and most convenient option.

Factors to Consider

Workers’ compensation insurance protects both the employee and employer from having to pay costs arising from accidents or injuries in the workplace.

With so many choices available, it’s easy to become confused. Here are factors to consider when choosing workers’ compensation insurance.

State Laws

Every state has its own workers’ compensation rules. Each state sets benefit and premium amounts based on business risks and economic status. Texas is the only state that does not require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Understanding Policy Coverage

Your policy differs from one carrier to another. A workers’ compensation policy has two main parts: work-related illnesses and injuries. Benefits may include disability, medical aid and lost wages. Some providers offer these benefits regardless of who was at fault. 

Workers’ compensation does not cover diseases or injuries from self-inflicted wounds, drug use or criminal activity. Work with your provider to get a holistic view of the plan you purchase. 

Creating a Safety Plan

Having a safety plan on top of your workers’ compensation plan is smart. Having insurance does not mean you can be reckless. A simple safety plan, including proper signage, worker training and emergency procedures, creates a safer working environment and reduces accidents.

Fewer accidents will result in fewer claims, helping your insurance premium stay remain low. A significant increase in insurance claims will likely increase premiums. 

Safety Rewards Programs

Some providers offer a safety rewards program for businesses with minimal to no claims over time. A provider may provide cashback or a discount on your premiums. Ask the insurance company whether it has a rewards program. 

Insurance Cost

Businesses look closely at the cost of insurance. Premiums vary across providers. Large companies usually pay higher premiums than medium and small businesses. 

Customer Service

You want an insurance company that answers your questions and is easily accessible. Lean toward providers that offer digital services, such as a website, a mobile application, email or phone support.

Insurers with an online portal where you can pay your premiums, file and manage claims, report injuries and view reports will make everything more convenient for your business. 

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Find Cheap Workers’Compensation Insurance

Key factors affecting cost are claims history, payroll and industry. Your state’s workers’ compensation laws also impact your premiums.

Claims History

Has your business had any claims in the past? If yes, chances are your premiums will be higher. Providers consider the gravity and frequency of claims when computing the premium. You also must provide this information to get free online quotes. 


Businesses in riskier industries, including construction and financial services, will have higher premiums because accidents are more likely to happen. Providers will charge more to compensate for claims they anticipate. Lower-risk businesses, including dropshipping, consulting and real estate, will have lower premiums. 


Providers will use a business’s annual rolls to calculate its workers’ compensation insurance premium. Knowing what your salary expenditure is every year will help you find the best workers’ compensation insurance. Online quotes will also require you to provide pay details for the staff. 

State Laws

State laws vary and will impact your annual premium. Research local laws or talk with the insurance provider for guidance.

How to Compare Workers’ Comp Quotes

Workers’ comp coverage and costs depend on the provider. Core features you can compare across providers include:  

Work Accidents Response

Workers’ compensation covers employees who experience injuries on the job. It can cover costs related to medical expenses, including emergency room visits and ambulance rides.

Treatment for Work Injuries

Medical bills related to treating occupational illnesses and work injuries are covered. Workers’ compensation also covers long-term medical treatment of injuries, including rehabilitation. 

Partial Wage Support

An illness or work-related injury may prevent an employee from performing their job. Partial wage support covers a portion of an employee’s salary if they cannot work. 

Workers’ compensation plans protect business owners against lawsuits over work-related illnesses or injuries. It is only effective if the business follows a safety plan. Settlements and legal fees are covered.

Some businesses cannot afford to shell out money for litigation, so coverage is a good investment and protection even if it’s not required. 

How Much Does Workers’ Comp Insurance Cost? 

The average monthly premium for workers’ comp is $45. Premiums are affected by various factors, including industry, employee count, business location and annual payroll.

The table below describes the average cost per industry with varying workforce sizes.

Business IndustryAverage Monthly Cost
Construction and Contracting$254
Cleaning Services$147
Food and Beverage$107
IT and Technology$34

The following factors influence insurance premiums:

Workforce Size

The number of employees on your payroll affects your insurance premium. Businesses with more employees have higher premiums than businesses with fewer employees. A bigger workforce increases the risk of claims, leading to a higher premium. 


The state your business is in also affects insurance premiums. For example, Florida has an average premium of $46 per month, while California is $62. Some states, such as North Dakota, Washington and Wyoming, require employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance from state-run funds. 

Annual Payroll

The annual salary costs affect your premiums. Companies with high annual payrolls will pay more in workers’ compensation insurance.

How Do You Get the Cheapest Workers’ Compensation Insurance Quote? 

Below are four steps to get the lowest possible workers’ comp quote.

Classify Your Employees and Business Correctly

Provide your business and employee details as accurately as possible while getting quotes online. This information affects your insurance premium. For example, if your business is in the real estate industry, specify if it only includes sales and consulting or offers construction services. 

Compare Insurance Providers’ Costs

All businesses should shop around for the best workers’ compensation offers. Compare cost and coverage to decide the best plan that fits your needs.

Managing Risks Keeps it Affordable

Insurance providers will charge you more if you run high-risk operations. But you can keep costs down if your claims history is clean and you address pain points in your business. Communicating a clear safety plan to employees will reduce risks, minimizing the claims frequency.

Promote a Safe Workplace

Eliminating or minimizing hazards at your business reduces employee-related injuries. Fewer accidents mean fewer claims.

Why is Workers’ Compensation Insurance So Expensive? 

Providers use your annual payroll, workforce size, industry and location to determine how much workers’ compensation costs. The bigger your workforce or more dangerous your industry, the higher your premium will be. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are workers’ compensation insurance quotes?


Workers’ compensation quotes estimate how much an insurance provider will charge you for a policy.


Are workers’ compensation insurance quotes free?


Yes, quotes are free, but the insurance will cost you.


What is the best place to get insurance quotes?


The provider’s website is the best place to get insurance quotes.


Which company offers the cheapest workers’ compensation insurance?


Next Insurance offers workers’ compensation insurance for as low as $14 per month.