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July 1, 2022
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It’s not often that something new and wonderful becomes available, but when it does, it delights the people who discover it. That’s what you’ll find when you check out Trustworthy, a platform that turns a crammed security deposit box into a marvel of docketed digital organization. To know all your most important documents are in one safe, accessible-only-to-you location is worth more than 100 hours of meditation. 

Trustworthy is the maker of The Family Operating System®, an online service that helps successful modern families protect, organize and optimize their important information. Families can store all types of financial and legal documents and data relating to identification, finances, property, passwords, insurance, taxes, emergency instructions and family archives. 

As an easy-to-use storage system, you’ll find that Trustworthy provides an efficient and secure alternative to traditional document storage and filing methods. While everyone can benefit from securing their most important information, Trustworthy is ideal for families or people with complex financial lives. 

Trustworthy users are able to digitally upload and store their critical information in an easy-access format. Trustworthy’s system is embedded with next-generation security measures that help keep documents organized and safe. Through the Family Operating System, families can access secure organization tools that help them prepare for all of life’s moments across generations.

Best For
  • Families who need help organizing and securing their critical documents
  • Multi-generational families
  • People with complex financial lives
  • Estate planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Collaborating securely with accountants, lawyers and other family members
  • Secure document storage, complete with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance
  • Easy-to-use interface for document organization and retrieval
  • Reminders to renew important documents, like IDs
  • Secure collaboration and customization tools
  • Dedicated concierge services
  • Documents accessible 24/7 through mobile app or desktop
  • Pricing on the higher-end side

Trustworthy Ratings at a Glance

Trustworthy Product Offerings

With Trustworthy, you won’t ever have to worry about losing a critical document again. Even life milestones, such as getting married or starting a company, can be greatly delayed by a single missing document. And when emergencies happen, searching for medical information or a passport adds an extra layer of unnecessary stress. 

Most importantly, as people's lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital realm, you want to ensure you and your family have the proper measures in place to protect your important information from hackers or cyberattacks. 

Trustworthy offers a family document management system that boasts next-generation security features within an intuitive design. Its technology allows for efficient document organization and retrieval. 

Trustworthy strives to make it easy to secure, organize and optimize your most important information and documents. Through Trustworthy you can:

  • Access family IDs, vaccine cards and medical documents easily 
  • Add documents quickly with high-quality mobile scanning tools and API integrations
  • Organize and share family passwords
  • Catalog valuables for insurance purposes
  • Manage financial accounts, investments and documents
  • Turn on artificial intelligence (AI) auto-reminders for renewing insurance policies, reviewing forms and completing other tasks
  • Secure storage for estate and legal documents and tax returns
  • Invite secure collaboration with family members and trusted advisors
  • Access important information easily wherever you are with a strategically organized interface on mobile or desktop
  • Work with a dedicated Trustworthy concierge to get help, find missing documents and build out your Family Operating System 
  • Upload missing information to your system with Trustworthy Marketplace partners like Trust & Will, Storyworth, Life360 and 1Password
  • Share documents safely with embedded secure links that control who can review your information and for how long

Trustworthy makes it easy to manage and control your critical information. You also have the added flexibility to customize, make changes and update your information as needed. For example, users can input bicycle VINs, vault combinations, passwords and phrases for cryptocurrencies and other details. 

Trustworthy also goes beyond the basics of a secure password manager and organized document management system. Users can access their own dedicated concierge to assist with developing the most optimal documentation storage centered around specific needs. 

Even more significantly, your concierge will assist you as you set up your Family Operating System, helping you find, locate and manage documents as needed. You’ll also be able to invite your trusted contacts, attorney or other family-planning professionals to collaborate within a controlled setting. 

Trustworthy Customer Service

Trustworthy has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on sites like Customers cite convenience, ease of use and impressive features as key benefits. 

Trustworthy offers several methods for contacting customer service. For starters, it maintains a dedicated AI-driven chatbot on the website to answer frequently asked questions and connect users with the customer support team for more in-depth assistance. The chatbot is available 24/7 and can be located on the bottom-right of the Trustworthy homepage. 

Users can also contact the customer support team via phone or email. Trustworthy will also respond to inquiries and concerns through its various social media pages. You can find Trustworthy’s contact information below.

Direct phone line: 1-888-254-0696.

Headquarters address: 1390 Market Street #200, San Francisco, CA 94102

It offers many ways to contact the customer support team, but Trustworthy does not maintain 24/7 live customer assistance. 

Users can also connect with their dedicated concierge for personalized help, including seamless document management and document location services. The Trustworthy concierge also connects with your family professionals, such as attorneys or accountants, to assist with estate planning and critical processes. 

Trustworthy Security

As everyday data and personal information become increasingly intertwined with the digital realm, cyberattacks, hackers and identity theft threaten everyday families and individuals. The need for strong security measures has never been greater.

Trustworthy considers security to be at the forefront of its technology. The entire system was designed to center on safety and data privacy. Trustworthy’s next-generation security measures feature user authentication, data protection and compliance with mainstream security requirements and certificates. 

Identity verification

Trustworthy requires users to validate personal identity before creating an account and adding documents. Passwords are highly secured, ensuring a minimum of 8 characters with numbers, symbols and upper- and lower-case characters. 

Two-factor authentication is also required as a default at each login attempt. You can also choose to add-on additional layers of security. The Trustworthy platform supports two-factor authentication in a number of ways, including:

  • SMS
  • Voice verification
  • Authenticator apps

Trustworthy also provides hardware security keys (also known as a security token) that allow users to add a second authentication factor to online services.

On Trustworthy’s iOS mobile app, biometric (facial or fingerprint) authentication features ensure identity protection at each log-in attempt. Biometrics can only be provided by living human people, making it difficult for robots to impersonate or breach accounts.

Data protection 

Trustworthy ensures your data is encrypted on multiple fronts to ensure top protection with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. This process is accompanied by an industry-leading security technique called aliasing. 

Aliasing helps safeguard user information by removing sensitive data from system servers and replacing it with a corresponding alias. In this way, it keeps information protected and separated from an account rendering it useless to potential cyberattackers.  

Trustworthy also tracks account changes through audit logs to make it easy to review who made what changes to your account.

Security certifications

Trustworthy regularly ensures it is up to date with the latest compliance and security protocols, which includes being AICPA SOC2 type one certified. The SOC2 Type one report is verified by a third-party to ensure Trustworthy follows top security protocols. 

Trustworthy is also compliant under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which means security is managed in accordance with the extremely formal and rigorous requirements of HIPAA. 

Other security certifications include: 

  • PCI DSS Level 4
  • McAfee TrustedSite Certified Secure
  • Norton Secured by Verisign

Trustworthy Pricing

Trustworthy offers a 14-day free trial for new users. From there, users can choose between three distinct annual pricing plans. 

First Responders Plan: $120 per year

A special plan for Military and First Responders includes The Family Operating System®, state-of-the-art Trustworthy security measures, 30GB vault space storage and a 30-minute personalized onboarding session with a dedicated concierge. 

Gold Plan: Starting at $240 per year

This plan includes all the essentials like The Family Operating System®, state-of-the-art Trustworthy security measures, 30GB vault space storage and a 30-minute personalized onboarding session with a dedicated concierge. 

Platinum Plan: Starting at $480 per year

This plan goes beyond the essentials outlined in the Gold plan to include an additional three hours of one-on-one, personalized service with a dedicated concierge and a total of 75GB of vault space storage. 

Trustworthy User Benefits

Trustworthy offers a number of impressive features that work to organize and safeguard your personal information. The system is also easy to use and simplified enough to be efficient for complex family financial and legal matters. 

Aside from Trustworthy’s essential features, additional benefits include: 

20% Early Bird Discount: Offered to everyone who subscribes within the first 24 hours of starting a free trial. 

First Responders and Gold plans: 30-minute personalized onboarding with your dedicated concierge. Phone and email support is offered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.

Platinum plan: Support includes the benefits listed above plus three hours of one-on-one, personalized service with your dedicated concierge, which covers: 

  • Onboarding your spouse/partner and family members
  • Research to replace or upload documents 
  • Personalizing The Family Operating System®
  • One-on-one productivity sessions
  • Additional assistance upon request

Trustworthy User Experience

Trustworthy’s The Family Operating System® replaces antiquated DIY systems with a secure, centralized hub for storing and accessing essential information. Documents are organized,  protected and easy to access 24/7.

Top-notch security features and an advanced technology system are presented in an intuitive interface that’s also easy to navigate. Users are guaranteed secure log in via desktop or mobile app. 

Trustworthy Video Tutorial

Watch a tutorial of Trustworthy to understand how the system works. 

Trustworthy Overall

Managing a family’s financial and legal documents is becoming increasingly complex. Traditional filing cabinets and spreadsheets just don’t cut it anymore. It can cost an exorbitant amount of time to locate the right documents, which in an emergency, you may not always have.

Trustworthy has developed a modernized approach to family document management, covering everything from estate planning to password manager solutions and more. Trustworthy aims to implement the highest standard of security measures to safeguard user information, including 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, SOC2 and HIPAA compliance. 

All these features are presented in an accessible interface that’s easy to navigate. Ease of use is one of the major benefits Trustworthy has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find all my saved passwords?


A password manager keeps your password in a safe, centralized location that’s also easily accessible to you but not to hackers. 


Are password managers safe?


The vast majority of specialists agree that password managers are one of the most secure ways to protect passwords. 

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