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June 24, 2021
Token Metrics
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Token Metrics is a unique platform that uses algorithms and machine learning to provide price projections for the cryptocurrency market. After signing up for an account, you can learn about each coin or token’s fundamental analytics, technical indicators, expert sentiments and more with just a single click. 

The platform also includes a wealth of graphs and visualizations to make digesting large amounts of information easier. Though the platform’s highest-level features come at a price, professional investors and hobby traders alike will all find something to love on Token Metrics’ comprehensive offering.

Best For
  • New cryptocurrency investors
  • Long-term investors looking for assets likely to increase in value over time
  • Day traders and short-term investors interested in streamlined technical analysis
  • Wide range of analytics to enhance investing
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Expert-led artificial intelligence (AI) development
  • Pricing can be prohibitive for some low-level investors

Token Metrics Ratings at a Glance

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If you’re interested in cryptocurrency investing, you probably already know that knowledge is power. Token Metrics is a unique platform that provides you with access to expert-level trading data and price projections. But is this platform right for your needs? Our Token Metrics review will help you learn more, compare pricing and get started opening your account. 

Token Metrics Product Selection

Token Metrics is a cryptocurrency data provider known for offering a wealth of analytical, fundamental and technical data to crypto investors interested in learning more about what experts think of some of the most popular cryptocurrency offerings. Token Metrics is unique because it uses 3 sources of information to inform its recommendations.

  • Professional analysts: Professional analysts, developers and investors with experience from major names in finance (like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan) create systems for evaluating cryptocurrencies.
  • Analytics: Using more than 70 individual data points from each of the 6,000 cryptocurrencies supported through Token Metrics’ analytics, the team creates data-driven evaluations on the long-term and short-term profitability of individual cryptocurrency offerings.
  • Artificial intelligence: Using the collected data, artificial intelligence algorithms and price prediction-models are created and tested against one another to provide you with the most accurate pricing information and ratings possible.

Token Metrics offers a wealth of information you can use to inform your cryptocurrency trading or investing strategy. Let’s take a look at a few of the features you can access through a Token Metrics Professional account.

  • Quant grades: The quant grade takes Token Metrics’ performance metrics and runs them through its machine-learning models to determine which coins are currently the most undervalued. You can change the time parameters to adjust the algorithm to serve you undervalued coins and tokens based on your unique investment horizon. 

Quant grades provide you with price predictions based on your unique investment strategy (trading or holding) and your investment time frame. 

  • Custom alerts: In the fast-paced cryptocurrency market, ratings and analyst sentiment can change on a minute-to-minute basis. Token Metrics allows you to enable SMS and email notifications based on specific parameters you set for cryptocurrencies that interest you the most. You can set alerts based on percentage price movements, downgrades or upgrades in analyst ratings, predicted price changes and more. Simply select a cryptocurrency and set your own frequency preferences for receiving notifications. 

Token Metrics’ custom alert system ensures you never miss a trading or investing opportunity by serving you only the alerts that you request. 

  • Past and future price projection: Token Metrics uses its analytical models to predict the future price of cryptocurrency assets down to the day. Select a token or coin and view itemized price prediction information as well as a graph detailing both projected price and the actual price changes of the asset.

Compare Token Metrics’ estimated price prediction with the actual price of the coin or token you’re interested in to gain a more accurate conceptualization of price movement. 

To remain transparent, Token Metrics also provides you with information on past price predictions and how the actual value of the asset changed during that period. This allows you to compare the accuracy of prediction models to further inform your investments and make the most profitable orders possible. 

These are only a few of the many features and analytic options you’ll have access to when you open an account with Token Metrics. Keep in mind that some assets and information are only available to higher-tier subscribers.  

Token Metrics Pricing

Token Metrics currently offers 3 pricing tiers. Each pricing tier comes with a unique set of features.

Name of planHODLerInvestorProfessional
Included benefits and metricsTop 100 Visual Trend Indicators

Top 100 Mcap Quant Grades     

Crypto indexes and examples portfolios

Daily investing newsletter

Access to Token Metrics TV     

Portfolio tracking features
Everything included on previous tier level

Top 500 Mcap price predictions

Top 500 Mcap Visual Trend Indicators

Top 500 Mcap Quant Grades

Email alerts
Everything included on previous tier level
SMS alerts

Price predictions for 6,000 coins and tokens
Visual Trend Indicators for 6,000 coins and tokens

Quant Grades for 6,000 coins and tokens

Access to exclusive private investor network, available through Telegram

Private investor webinars hosted weekly and accessible only to Professional tier subscribers
Price per month$29.99$74.99$299.99
Price per year$359.99$899.99$3,599.99

While we found Token Metrics’ information, data and visualizations to be exceptionally useful and easy to navigate, the platform’s higher-tier plans likely will be out of budget for most smaller investors. New subscribers can claim a discounted 7-day trial period for both the Investor tier and the HODLer tier plans. 

Token Metrics Customer Service

Token Metrics currently offers 2 methods you can use to learn more about using the platform or to get assistance with your account.

  • By phone: To contact the Token Metrics customer service team by phone, call 888-908-6536 24/7.
  • By email: To contact the Token Metrics team via email, send a message to or chat on their website.

In addition to contacting the Token Metrics team independently, you can also leverage the platform’s comprehensive Help Center, which contains answers to a number of the most common troubleshooting inquiries. The Help Center also features a few tutorials to help you learn about how you can get the most out of the platform and its features.  

Token Metrics User Experience

We were impressed with Token Metric’s functionality and easy setup for new users. Getting started on the platform and setting up our account was simple and only took a few minutes. We were able to find all of the assets we were looking for by searching each coin or token’s ticker, and data and analytics pages were straightforward and simple enough for even new investors to navigate efficiently.

We also found it exceptionally easy to customize our experience with Token Metrics by setting up watch lists and signing up for custom alert messages. User experience is further enhanced with pop-up information bubbles guiding new users through the account exploration process and information tabs that allow you to learn more about a specific metric by hovering over it. 


Hover over an investing or trading term to learn more about what it means in the context of the cryptocurrency market. 

Token Metrics User Benefits

The following types of investors are most likely to benefit from a subscription to Token Metrics:

  • New investors who are searching for a more in-depth look at the analytical side of the market
  • Long-term cryptocurrency investors looking for investments that are likely to increase in value over time
  • Day traders, swing traders and scalpers interested in learning about what technical indicators say about upcoming market movements

Anyone interested in taking a more data-driven role in their cryptocurrency investment strategy can benefit from a subscription to Token Metrics.

Token Metrics Overall Rating

With a wealth of data and analytics, customization options and a platform that is easily navigated by professional investors and newcomers alike, Token Metrics is a stand-out tool in the realm of cryptocurrency investing. Though the platform’s pricing won’t make it accessible to every investor or trader, anyone who’s interested in adding streamlined alerts or investment analysis to their trading strategy can benefit from a Token Metrics subscription. If you aren’t sure whether Token Metrics is a good fit for your investing skill level, we recommend starting with a limited 7-day discount trial period before making a yearly commitment.  

Token Metrics vs Competitors

A few competitors compare to Token Metrics’ level of analysis and team composition. The platform sets itself apart using the following factors.

  • Human analytics professionals: Token Metrics’ algorithms were developed and tested by financial professionals with experience working with major names like JP Morgan.   
  • Comprehensive range of tools and trading ideas: You’ll be able to view price trends, social media sentiment, price predictions and more for each individual cryptocurrency listed with Token Metrics to build a more comprehensive and profitable investment portfolio.
  • Complete alert customization: Set up SMS alerts and email alerts depending on specific price movements or changes in investor sentiment through Token Metric. This allows you to monitor the market for specific price action without needing to be tied to your desktop at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Token Metrics cost?


Token Metrics provides 3 unique tier packages, and the package that you choose will determine what types of analytics and features you have access to as well as what you’ll pay per month. Expect to pay between $29.99 and $299.99 per month for your subscription depending on which tier you choose.  


Is Token Metrics legit?


Yes, Token Metrics is a legitimate source for cryptocurrency analysis, news and trading ideas. In our review, we found the platform to be comprehensive and easy to navigate.   

User Reviews

lagente em loca

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

Not everything is smooth often. The prices in the ratings table are often incorrect. And every now and again, somehow top coins do not show up at all. Somehow I suspect AI is vetted by humans. Sometimes incorrectly. Overall still a good product

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