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November 29, 2022
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TiiCKER offers a new investment experience where you can view your stock portfolio by connecting brokerage accounts, trade for free and see all your shareholder perks. Along the way, you can discover brands that fit your goals. Many shareholders who join TiiCKER find out about rewards they would otherwise have missed. They can also discover new investment opportunities. Despite being fairly new, TiiCKER already has an enviable list of brands offering shareholder rewards. Big brands benefit by connecting with their shareholders – TiiCKER provides listed businesses with a communication channel for their investors.

Best For
  • Retail investors wanting to benefit from shareholder rewards
  • Investors seeking to explore new companies that align with their lifestyle and values and invest in brands they didn’t know were publicly traded
  • Listed companies that want to reward shareholders for their loyalty and have open communication channels with shareholders
  • Shareholders obtain benefits and stock rewards at no additional cost
  • Investors can find new investment opportunities
  • Listed brands open communication channels with shareholders
  • A unique and growingproviding investors with the promise of future opportunities
  • TiiCKER is still working on adding a broader range of brands

Tiicker Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Experience

Shareholder perks start here!

TiiCKER invented verified stock perks and direct-to-shareholder marketing through its web-based and mobile app software platforms, providing consumers and investors a revolutionary way to engage with the brands they love. For America's more than 100 million retail investors, TiiCKER provides unique access to shareholder perks, commission-free trading and custom articles and content. For its public company partners, TiiCKER creates and markets shareholder loyalty programs, helping companies engage and reward their consumers and owners to maximize Shareholder Lifetime Value™.

Start earning perks today!

Tiicker Products

TiiCKER connects everyday investors to rewards from the publicly traded brands they invest in. Investors are also entitled to commission-free trades. Users can connect as many as 20 trading accounts on the TiiCKER app, and TiiCKER isn’t just for investors; listed companies benefit from the product too.

TiiCKER helps businesses set up shareholder reward programs and grow programs the brand already offers. Brands already on the TiiCKER program include big names like Accor, Berkshire Hathaway, Carnival, Lionsgate, Whirlpool, Wolverine and more. 

TiiCKER also has an education center where investors can research all their favorite brands,  allowing them to invest in brands that align with their values and interests. TiiCKER notifies users of the rewards that they can claim. These rewards may include event invitations, discounts gifts and exclusive deals.

You can use the app to search for your favorite brand and find out what investor benefits the company offers before you invest. When you register and connect your brokers, the app authenticates the connection and you’re ready to collect shareholder perks for existing holdings and trade in the stocks of participating companies at no commission. 

Tiicker Customer Service

Contact TiiCKER at the following phone number ‪(616) 320-4642‬ or email If you have a problem accessing your TiiCKER account, you can ask any questions you may have at 

TiiCKER is active on the biggest social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Tiicker Security

Users connect their brokerage accounts through Plaid and native integrations, which uses encryption protocols to protect financial data, for seamless and secure information access. Industry-leading password security company Auth0 manages password protection on TiiCKER. TiiCKER has no access to your usernames or passwords.

TiiCKER also has limited access to your brokerage accounts. Once you have linked your accounts on the app, TiiCKER can validate your account to check available investor benefits. It has no further access. TiiCKER uses this information to notify you of your shareholder perks. You are free to disconnect your broker accounts whenever you want to.

Tiicker Pricing

TiiCKER is free to sign up for and use. Users create an online profile and connect their brokerage accounts to access unclaimed benefits and redeem rewards. Users with at least $100 in holdings qualify for a TiiCKER benefit, an $11 gift card when they connect their broker accounts.

Tiicker User Experience

TiiCKER is a secure app with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The registration process is simple. It will take around five minutes to complete your profile. The platform is also free to use and creates a satisfying user experience.

TiiCKER vs. Competitors

TiiCKER is spearheading a whole new industry, and it hasn’t been around for long. The core premise upon which the company is built is the concept of rewards for loyalty. Rewarding loyalty isn’t a new idea, but rewarding shareholders for their loyalty is. 

TiiCKER may have hoped to be the only company in the industry, but StockPerks entered the market in 2021 with a similar product. StockPerks is still new, the website appears unfinished and it doesn’t appear to provide any stock trading functions. Both apps are free to use.

Find rewards and notify usersYesYes
Free stock tradingYesNo
Communication channel with brandsYesYes
Investor news and blogsYesNo
Market sentiment gaugeNoYes

Tiicker Overall

Some stock traders and investors buy shares in companies partly because they enjoy the products. Investing in a popular brand that has fans means you could make a decent return on investment. However, you may not know about shareholder benefits offered by companies. Now you can download the free TiiCKER app and receive notifications when investor benefits come your way. 

Investors have nothing to lose by trying out TiiCKER and many benefits to gain. Retail stockholders can sign up for free and benefit from shareholder rewards. The platform provides useful information about participating brands, and users can buy stocks commission free on the app. 

The company is still in its infancy, yet it has caught the attention of big brands like Lionsgate and Whirlpool. As the product grows, users are bound to find new investment opportunities and gain from more investor benefits. And if you’re yet to start trading stocks, it may be time to find a broker to help you onto the first rung of the investment ladder. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is TiiCKER safe?


TiiCKER is safe. The organization has partnered with Plaid for financial data safety and with Auth0 for password protection. Your username and password remain undisclosed, so only you can access the data on your brokerage accounts. Authentication is using Open ID Connect, and is considered as secure as it gets.


What does TiiCKER do?


What TiiCKER does is connect brands with loyal shareholders. TiiCKER collects information on available shareholder perks and informs users. TiiCKER also helps listed companies to set up rewards programs and benefits to reward shareholders for their loyalty. 

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