The Ultimate Short-Term Renter’s Checklist

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May 23, 2022

When it comes time to move, you might’ve found a short term rental that allows you to stay in your new home for less than a year. Short term leases are common in property management because contract workers move in and out of town quickly, you might move to help your company open a new office or location, you might stay in town to care for an ailing loved one, etc. 

Irrespective of why you’re signing a lease that’s less than 12 months long, you need a checklist that helps you prepare for the move. Use these tips to transition smoothly, quickly and with the joy that accompanies a new adventure. 

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Organize Your Move

When it’s time to move, you must prepare yourself to leave one location and move into another quite quickly. The landlord hands you the keys, the place is yours for the next few months and you must pull your whole life through the door in the next day or two.

As part of your moving plan, look for:

  • An affordable mover
  • Packing materials for your entire home
  • A safe place to store precious valuables or collectibles
  • Friends who can assist with the move 

Make absolutely certain that you know which appliances are included in your rental. There is no industry “standard” that dictates what you should and should not get. Make a checklist and determine if the home has:

  • Washer/dryer—if not, you need to find a laundromat
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage disposal
  • Refrigerator

While a short term rental generally offers robust amenities, you never know until you check. You can make alternative arrangements, purchase appliances, work out a deal with your landlord, etc. 

Plus, you want to pack a few special items that will make the move simpler once you get everything inside:

  • Pack a “go bag” with a few days’ worth of clothes and toiletries
  • Bring all your electronics, chargers, charging cables, etc.
  • Grocery shop, pack those items in a cooler. then load up your fridge
  • Pack bedding you can set up on your first night
  • Bring all pet supplies and food so their routine isn’t upset too much

Schedule Utilities

You should reach out to the local utility companies to move the utilities into your name, schedule inspections, or set up installations. This is especially important if the gas company must inspect the home or your ISP must send a technician to install a new router, turn on service, etc. 

Check Out Local Amenities

Even though you’ll only live in the rental for a short time, you want to check out the local amenities. Find restaurants, bars, grocery stores, entertainment, etc. in the area. 

In the information age, you can search for these amenities in the GPS/maps app on your phone. You can make fast friends in these locations, avoid long drives around town in search of gas or food and get to know the neighborhood that much faster. 

Change Your Address ASAP

Moving into a new home—even for a short time—requires you to change your address. Reach out to the landlord before you move in and ask if it’s alright to forward your mail a few days before move-in. 

Because you’re sliding into a short-term rental, you want your mail to forward as quickly as possible. To keep an eye on your mail, register with the Postal Service to receive “Informed Delivery” updates that display images of the mail coming that day.

If you work and live in a relatively tight cluster of towns, you might lease a P.O. Box that allows your mail to go to a central location without the need for an address change every few months. 

Get Lemonade Renters Insurance

Every renter needs insurance. In fact, your landlord might require you to purchase a renters policy before they will let you sign the lease. Plus, it’s possible that the landlord might force you to carry coverage and buy it for you.

Remember, the landlord has insurance that protects the building you’re living in. You need insurance that protects you and all your belongings.

You can avoid all this by getting a quick quote from Lemonade Insurance. Lemonade renters coverage is an affordable way to protect yourself when you move into a short-term rental. Because Lemonade offers low rates, solid coverage, and an all-digital experience, you can buy a new policy or transfer your coverage with ease. 

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