The Top Finance Influencers on Twitter

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Contributor, Benzinga
April 6, 2022

As you search for financial information, you have your likes and dislikes. Some people prefer Tiktok, some turn to YouTube, others enjoy Instagram and still more like Twitter. When you head over to Twitter, you will find it’s stretched to the limit with influencers from the top of the food chain on down. 

As you review these influencers, remember that everyone gives their own advice, they have their own goals and they have their own manner of speaking. Because there’s usually not a visual reference, there’s a bit more left to the imagination and interpretation. Keep this in mind when you start scrolling through your Twitter feed. 

The Big Dogs—But They’re Not Influencers

Elon Musk @elonmusk

Elon Musk is not an influencer so much as he’s a market mover. Musk knows that he can tweet about Dogecoin, for example, and impact the token’s price. He recently purchased a massive stake in Twitter, and he’s often been critical of the platform and how its policies impact free speech. Now that he runs Twitter and has folded the firm into his X corporation, that can dramatically change how the platform plays into the war surrounding free speech.

While you might not follow Musk to learn about personal finance or investments—someone as rich as him simply doesn’t understand the scope of your portfolio—you might follow him to learn what the topic of conversation of the day is, if nothing else. Like this, "Oh hi lol" resulting in nearly 1 million likes! If nothing else, you'll be amazed at the following.

Billy Markus @BillyM2k

For the record, Billy Markus calls himself Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, a nod to the creator of Bitcoin. Markus is the co-creator of Dogecoin who sold his share in the token early on to buy a car. He’s also quite blunt about the state of the markets and how you should manage your portfolio. If you need a bit of brutal honesty injected into your Twitter feed, this is a good place to go.

1. Vijay Shekhar Sharma @vijayshekhar

Vijay is an Indian billionaire who is the founder of Paytm. He was ranked as India’s youngest billionaire in 2017, and now he dispenses missives and talking points on Twitter. Now, Vijay might not fix your personal finances, but he can be very inspirational along with being practical. You can follow the news cycle based on what he posts, learn how to have a more positive outlook and better understand why the global economy does what it does. 

2. Tina Weeks @TheFinanceCoach

Tina Weeks is a Certified Financial Planner who helps people manage their money and offers advice that is actionable in everyday life. She’s also married with kids, so she knows what it’s like to budget with a family to feed, activities to pay for, etc. She also makes a point of reminding people that being organized and comfortable is the first step—not trying to get rich quick.

3. Karlene S Robinson @KarleneSinRob

Karlene Robinson wrote the best-seller ‘Spank The Bank’, advocates for small businesses and shares motivational tips on her Twitter feed. Because she’s working to help main street businesses, you can see why she is a good person to follow. Also, she offers tips for minority business owners, shares grant programs, loan funds, etc., and explains what small business owners can do to improve their situation today.

4. Michael Kitces @MichaelKitces

Michael Kitces calls his Twitter feed “One nerd’s perspective on the financial planning world.” He is a certified financial planner, publishes his own blog and works as a fintech advisor. Michael tends to share documents that you can use to maximize your financial situation, such as retirement payments or tax-advantaged savings accounts. This means you can reference his feed often or simply take notes as you scroll. 

5. Delyanne Barros @delyannethemoneycoach

Delyanne Barros used to be an attorney and is now a millionaire due to her investing acumen. She makes everything she posts fun, and you can follow her on Twitter if you want to avoid the Tiktok videos or all the imagery from Instagram. She shares actionable information that you can use to invest wisely, grow wealth and gain financial independence. 

6. Ryan Avent @ryanavent

Ryan Avent actually writes about the global economy for The Economist, but he’s also an excellent person to follow on Twitter because he shares real-time information and perspective that you can only get from reporting on the economy. Take his tweets to heart so that you can make wise decisions and see the big picture of the economy, even as you make relatively small investments.

7. Vivek Mashrani @MashraniVivek

Vivek Mashrani is a CFA who is also an investor, techie and mechanical engineer. He shares unique tidbits that help you make decisions while looking through your portfolio. However, these tips are very specific, like a recent tweet that read, in part, “Why understanding price volume action is important even as an investor.”

8. David M. Brear @Davidbrear

David Brear is the CEO of 11FS and a financial blogger that talks about the other side of finance. He recently asked about stories of people who have failed with startups and the lessons we can learn. Plus, he shares real tips that anyone can use. Not long ago, he couldn’t get a good price on a bed in the store, so he went home and got a discount code from the same store’s website. Plus, he shares all about the work he does at 11FS to impact the financial services industry.

9.  Susan Weiner @susanweiner

Susan Weiner is a CFA who shares her thoughts on the world, technology and finances. She’s a fun person to follow because she has gripes about things like autocorrect—just like you and I, but she also has thoughts on the economy, investments and more.

10.  Nouriel Roubini @Nouriel

Nouriel Roubini is the CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, a Professor Emeritus at NYU and author. He analyzes how the world impacts its own economy. For example, his most recent tweet (at press time) reviewed how the war in Ukraine was impacting the global economy—often in ways we could not imagine. 

11. Annamaria Lusardi @Dr_AnnaLusardi

Annamaria Lusardi is an Italian national, now working as a professor of economics at George Washington University. She offers webinars on financial wellness, discusses financial literacy and shares tips that you can use to reimagine how you think about your finances. 

12. Manisha Thakor @ManishaThakor

Manisha Thakor is the founder of MoneyZen, advocates for women’s financial literacy, and is also an author and speaker. She shares her thoughts on how money plays its role in our lives, how to manage your money and how to avoid mistakes people are making with their money. 

13. Ajay Bagga @Ajay_Bagga

Ajay Bagga is a former finance CEO, but he doesn’t offer advice. He shares what’s going on in the world, and he touches on topics that many people in the financial world miss. For example, he recently discussed a digital census, how President Biden is addressing Russian sanctions and how that could impact the economy and your investments.

14.  Arun Mukherjee @Arunstockguru

Arun Mukherjee is a stock guru who offers advice, stock alerts, etc. Many of his recent tweets speak to things that investors forget like when to sell a winner, types of businesses, buying decisions, etc. 

15. Nick Loper @nloper

Nick Loper is a side hustler who can help you make the most of your financial future by teaching you how to bring extra income into your life. He shares real tips from side hustles that work, how to manage your money and what you can do to help others get their side hustle going.

16. Tiffany Aliche @thebudgetnista

The Budgetnista is a Twitter feed that brings you in touch with financial educator and best-selling author Tiffany Aliche. She focuses on how women can become financially literate, how they can achieve their financial goals or how they can start businesses of their own and grow wealth in a meaningful way. 

17. Chelsea Fagan @tfdiet @Chelsea_Fagan

Chelsea Fagan is an upfront blogger that founded The Financial Diet, and she also is willing to speak the truth. For example, one of her recent tweets says, “get in loser, we’re talking s*** about Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman and Ronald Reagan.”

18. Deepak Shenoy @DeepakShenoy

Deepak Shenoy is the CEO of Capital Mind Wealth, and he shares tips on how to invest wisely, highlighting techniques you can try yourself or that you might bring up with your accountant or financial advisor.