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Swell Investing gives investors a platform for their trades to benefit the world they live in. If you want a portfolio with high-impact companies, Benzinga’s promotional code will help you get there with Swell.

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Contributor, Benzinga
Updated: September 22, 2020

Swell Investing, a venture backed by the 150-year-old insurance company Pacific Life, believes in companies that want to benefit the world. Swell selects high-potential, impactful themes that focus on goals from healthcare innovation to clean tech. It attracts investors by:

  • Maintaining objectivity in stock picking, especially for a robo-investor.
  • Having no expense ratio.
  • Multiplying money while bettering the world.

With their focus on worthy causes and flat annual fee, Swell Investing is a great option for those looking at purpose-driven investments. The only true stipulation is maintaining an account balance of over $50.

Want to learn more about Swell’s mission? Read our full review here, and access their flat 0.75% annual fee.

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