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October 31, 2022
Strikepoint Media
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Strikepoint Media is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation, media buying and customer acquisition. The company also offers a full suite of creative services, email marketing and other bespoke services. Strikepoint Media works with bothmid-market and enterprise level brands, with the main focus on driving sales and revenue through customer acquisition. So far, the company has generated over $1 billion in revenue for its clients. 

Best For
  • Startups that need to grow and expand their business
  • Finance, investing, B2B and e-commerce businesses that want to improve online visibility
  • Businesses that need personalized marketing strategies for their target groups
  • Companies that need highly skilled and experienced professionals to market their offerings
  • Businesses with low revenues that want to maximize profits
  • Deliver leads and revenue for clients
  • Offer full-service digital marketing solutions
  • Highly qualified team
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cost less affordable for startups

Strikepoint Media Ratings at a Glance

Striepoint Media Customer Service
Striepoint Media Pricing
Striepoint Media Client Experience
Striepoint Media Overall

Strikepoint Media Product Offerings

Strikepoint's vision is to be the most well-respected full-service marketing agency by providing effective marketing strategies that drive more sales and revenue to businesses. To achieve this, Strikepoint offers a wide range of digital marketing services that help businesses achieve their long-term goals. The main services offered by Strikepoint Media include media buying,, lead generation and customer acquisition. 

Industries commonly served include financial publishing, trading and investing, e-commerce, B2B, financial advisors and investor relations. Many of these industries are born out of its roots in the financial publishing industry.

Lead Generation

Funnel building is the process of creating a sales funnel, which is a system that helps businesses convert leads into customers. Strikepoint Media creates a custom funnel for each business based on its products, services and target market. The company also provides ongoing support to ensure that the funnel is working properly and that businesses can make the most of it.

Media Buying

Media buying involves planning, negotiating and purchasing advertising space to promote a product, service or brand. Strikepoint Media has a team of experienced media buyers who are experts in negotiating and securing the best advertising deals. The team deeply understands the media landscape and can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help businesses reach their target audiences.

Customer Acquisition

Strikepoint focuses on lead generation and acquiring new customers for businesses through various channels, including television commercials, direct mail and print media. The digital marketing agency develops a customized customer acquisition plan for each business, depending on its specific needs and goals.

Other services offered by Strikepoint Media include affiliate marketing, branding, web design, email marketing, photography and videography. The company generates powerful creative results to connect its clients’ products and services with ideal customers. All these services aim to help customers make the most out of their digital platforms and achieve their goals.

Striepoint Media Customer Service

Strikepoint Media believes in building honest and open relationships with clients to help them achieve professional and personal success. As a result, they have invested a great deal in their customer service. 

Based on client reviews, Strikepoint Media offers quality customer service. The team quickly responds to messages and is available to communicate with clients through chat, text or email. If there is something important to discuss, they will schedule a video call. Strikepoint professionals provide meaningful solutions to client questions.

Striepoint Media Pricing

Strikepoint Media does not make its pricing structure public, likely because each client solution is customized to fit different needs. Project budgets can run in the five-figure range and beyond, which may not suit smaller companies. However, many of those who have used the company's services believe that the cost is worth it based on the results they get. Strikepoint has generated over 3 million leads, over $1 billion in revenue and over 400% in revenue growth.  

Striepoint Media Client Experience

Strikepoint Media customers seem pleased with the services they receive. The digital marketing company helps customers at all stages with the planning and execution of strategies. For customers unsure of what they need, Strikepoint Media offers a free traffic audit. 

The company arranges weekly and monthly meetings with clients to discuss the progress of their projects. Open communication helps ensure that everyone is on the same page to meet customer expectations are met.

The company's focus on return on investment (ROI) has helped businesses increase their sales and revenues. The professionals at Strikepoint Media are constantly available for communication, which helps build trust and transparency among their clients.

Strikepoint Media vs. Competitors

Some of Strikepoint Media's main competitors include HiveMind and WebOrganic. These companies offer personalized digital marketing packages designed to meet the needs of their clients. They also work with businesses of all sizes, including startups and already-established companies. However, there are some key differences in terms of pricing and the number of services offered. 

Striepoint Media Overall

Strikepoint Media is dedicated to helping businesses receive online visibility and convert visitors into paying customers. The motto “from clicks to customers” drives its full-service solutions offerings. Its offerings range from lead generation and media buying to customer acquisition. Given its deep experience in the financial publishing industry, the agency has grown an expansive business across finance verticals while also expanding into other niches like B2B and e-commerce.

Customers rely on Strikepoint to plan and execute marketing strategies that deliver results. By offering out-of-the-box ideas, actively pursuing lead-generation efforts and generating revenue for clients, Strikepoint has won fans. These conversion experts also offer a monthly digital marketing newsletter and a weekly podcast to deliver marketing advice.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I scale financial marketing services?


You can scale financial marketing services by understanding how to convert leads to customers. Digital marketing agencies can help you develop a strategy to reach your target audience effectively.


What are the different types of financial marketing?


Different types of financial marketing include direct response, paid media advertising, direct audience bookings, and audience monetization.. 

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