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December 30, 2021

Investing in the stock market helps solve your financial planning puzzle, laying out the pieces for you to use as you prepare for retirement or earn additional income. Technology has made it easier to invest online and monitor stocks or markets on a daily basis. 

Whether you’re a passive investor who intends to build a strong portfolio or an active trader looking to generate returns on strategic short- or medium-term trades, it can be easy to track your portfolio with a stock alert app. It may be challenging to choose a stock alert app as there are several options out there. This article takes a look at how you may pick the right stock and stay up to date with developments in one or more markets.  

The Best Stock Alert Apps

Check out the list of best apps for alerting you on stock movement!

Personal Capital

Over the years, Personal Capital has established itself as one of the most popular finance management services available. Of its two programs, the free financial dashboard is mostly a budgeting program, although it does provide a number of investing tools. The other program is a full investment management service that works somewhat like a Robo-advisor.

Getting started with Personal Capital is easy and completely free. Although it seems targeted at people of higher net worth or savvy investors, anyone can sign up and get a look at its finances and investments. The biggest benefit is the personalized insights that guide you through your day-to-day financial decisions. With this information, you are able to see where you can improve your finances and what accounts are costing you money or not bringing in enough.


MoneyPatrol is a personal finance app that monitors all your financial accounts securely and assists you in tracking your spending and managing your personal finances. The app tries to set itself apart by offering advanced money tracking, monitoring, alerting, and budgeting tools.


Morningstar Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN) is one of the biggest names in investment research and with good reason. Premium-level membership includes resources to guide your investment decisions, focusing on the best stocks and funds. It covers over 620,000 investments, and discounts are available on multi-year subscriptions. 


Based in Hong Kong, Ticker lets you see real-time prices, analyze daily profit and loss and see the time-weighted rate of return. The app helps you curate relevant news based on the ticker symbols in your portfolio. It offers users watch lists and alerts to assist with every trade. However, it requires a little more manual interaction than some of the other apps out there.

Alerts Keep You Informed

The best stock alert app is one that is built for all kinds of assets you currently trade or want to trade. For traders or investors who prioritize a short-term strategy or regularly engage in swing trades and day trading, you may be best served by analytical tools. Furthermore, automation can ease your trading strategy.

For long-term strategies or retirement planning, look for stock alert apps that offer a range of in-depth research that dig into fundamentals. These alerts tell you what types of stock you hope to keep in your retirement account. Whatever stock alert app you choose, don’t hesitate to come back to Benzinga for more information. 

What Is a Stock Alert App?

It’s hard to keep track of the many publicly traded companies that sell stock. However, you can get a stock alert app to help you keep track of stocks in particular sectors. Stock alert apps are useful as they enable you to monitor the assets you invest in. Whether you are a day trader, investor or stock market analyst, stock alert apps can enable you to stay up to date with market-moving news. With COVID-19 and supply-chain shortages, stocks are exposed to wild swings, and it is important to keep current with market news in order to make informed trades. 

Benzinga’s list of free stock market apps for both Android and iPhones will enable you to find the right app. The selection has a number of applications that help you track prices, get alerts, invest better and manage your portfolio. A stock alert app is used to monitor and keep track of financial markets, indices, stock prices, and other financial assets. Stock alert apps differ, and some offer a range of services that monitor and track developments in any asset class ranging from commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. 

What Should a Stock Alert App Do For You?

A stock alert is any information related to changes in the price of a stock or asset class. In some cases, stock alerts are used to support limit orders, where you can buy or sell a stock after it hits a particular level. You can receive a stock alert directly via email, chat room, or text message. This real-time information reveals changes to market conditions, economic results, price action, or big news that you need to know to make informed decisions.

Stock alerts help you reduce the research work that you need to do because you can tap into the research for suggested buys and sells that other people have conducted. A news alert feature, for example, helps part-time traders who use limit orders but can’t stare at a trading screen all day.  As an investor, you probably invest in a range of financial instruments. Cash instruments are a useful tool for investors. Meanwhile, information about derivative instruments such as a synthetic agreement for foreign exchange (SAFE), forwards, futures, and options can be obtained via price alerts. Furthermore, it is possible to get alerts for foreign exchange instruments like spots, currency swaps, or outright forwards. 

The two basic asset classes are debt-based and equity-based financial instruments. Debt-based financial instruments are bonds or some variant of debt. Equity-based financial instruments are categorized as mechanisms that serve as legal ownership of an entity. As a trader, you will probably find that stock alerts are not enough. However, stock alerts can help you make effective trades. You can sign up to Benzinga for more analysis on stocks and bonds. 

How to Get Started

  • Download a preferred stock alert app. 
  • Set up tracking for the stocks you care about. 
  • Choose the stocks in your portfolio and other assets you plan to hold over the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a stock alert?


Stocks alerts give you information about a single stock and provide you with information on price action, volumes, and news related to a particular stock. 


What is a market alert?


A market alert is used to inform users about changes to market conditions, economic results, price action, or big news that you may wish to keep an eye out for. A market alert provides useful information about broad market conditions, unlike a stock alert. A market alert is useful for ETF investors or professionals whose assets and portfolios are subject to changes in market conditions.