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February 10, 2023
Spirit Dental & Vision
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Spirit Dental & Vision is a nationwide dental and vision insurance provider offering a series of preferred provider organization (PPO) dental insurance options. Pricing is available from $20 in most areas, and vision insurance can be added to your coverage package for $7 per month in most states. Plans are inclusive, with no waiting periods, multiple preventative appointments available annually and annual maximums of up to $5,000. Some plans cover orthodontia services, though this benefit has a waiting period in a few states.

Best For
  • Anyone looking for affordable individual and group dental insurance
  • Policyholders who need dental services shortly after enrollment
  • Seniors and those looking for combination dental and vision insurance
  • No waiting periods, even on major services
  • $100 lifetime deductible only needs to be paid once
  • Some plans include coverage for dental implants and orthodontia
  • Annual maximum benefits up to $5,000
  • As little as 10% reimbursements for services on your first year of coverage
  • Cannot buy vision insurance independently of dental benefits

Spirit Dental & Vision Ratings at a Glance

Spirit Dental & Vision Product Offering
Spirit Dental & Vision Customer Service
Spirit Dental & Vision Pricing
Spirit Dental & Vision Customer Experience
Spirit Dental & Vision Overall

Spirit Dental & Vision Product Offering

Spirit Dental & Vision is a dental and vision insurance provider offering a variety of policy choices across the country and multiple price points. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Spirit Dental & Vision has been providing dental insurance options for more than 20 years. In recent years, the company has also expanded to include vision insurance benefits, which can be added to dental options with just a few clicks.

Like dental insurance marketplaces, Spirit offers an intuitive online buying experience as well as multiple coverage options. Simply enter your ZIP code to view plans in your area, decide whether you’re shopping for individual or family coverage and begin directly comparing plan options. If you don’t have dental insurance and you want to compare multiple policies without individually requesting quotes, Spirit can be a strong place to start.

Spirit’s dental insurance plans come with a few unique inclusions and benefits that provide policyholders with more affordable dental treatments and more peace of mind when seeking treatments. Some of the most unique benefits offered by Spirit include:

  • No waiting periods: Most dental insurance plans come with a waiting period that dictates when you can use your benefits. For example, while you might be able to use preventative benefits immediately after enrolling in coverage, you may need to wait anywhere from 30 days up to 12 months before your insurance will cover services like cavity fillings or crown implementation.

Plans from Spirit include no waiting periods for preventative, basic and major services. This can be a major benefit if you or one of your family members need to seek dental services sooner rather than later. Note that some plans that include coverage for orthodontia do include a waiting period for these services.

  • $100 lifetime deductible: Dental insurance plans come with a deductible, which you must contribute toward your care costs before your insurance kicks in and begins covering your care. While most dental insurance companies require that policyholders pay an annual deductible, Spirit Dental & Vision charges a single lifetime deductible, meaning you only need to meet your deductible once for as long as you have your plan.

Spirit’s deductible is currently set at $100 for most policies. Once you meet this $100 deductible, you won’t need to pay it again if you need additional dental work next year. If you’re shopping on a budget or you don’t have a comprehensive home emergency fund in place, this exceptionally reasonable deductible can provide you with peace of mind.

  • Coverage for a wide range of major services: Unlike health insurance, there is not a federal list of services and benefits that dental insurance providers are required to offer. Each dental insurance provider chooses its own range of services to cover, which means that benefits and value can vary widely between policies and providers.

Spirit’s dental insurance plans include coverage for an impressive range of services. Major services like dental implants, restorative prosthetics and oral surgeries are included on most plans. These services may be severely limited or excluded on competing dental insurance plans.

Spirit offers a series of insurance plans in most ZIP codes, with annual maximums, reimbursement percentages and monthly premiums varying between plans. Most of Spirit’s plans have adjustable contracts, which influence the percentage reimbursement based on the number of years you have the plan. While this means you’ll have access to fewer benefits when you first enroll in coverage, it makes it easier for Spirit to provide low-cost policies with reasonable deductibles and plenty of covered services.


The percentage of your dental care bills that will be covered by your Spirit Dental plan might vary depending on how many years you have had your plan.  

Spirit Dental also allows customers to add vision insurance to their dental package from just $7 per month in most states. Plans cover new frames or contact lens prescriptions once every 24 months, and all plans include a $10 deductible for eye exams every 12 months. Customers cannot purchase vision insurance independently of dental insurance, but if you’re already purchasing dental coverage, this can present an affordable option for both individuals and families. 

Spirit Dental & Vision offers policies in all states except Washington. With a variety of plan choices, a straightforward application process, upfront pricing and wide availability, Spirit can be an appealing choice for anyone looking to get dental or vision insurance fast. 

Spirit Dental & Vision Customer Service

Spirit Dental provides a range of options that customers can use to get in touch with customer service, including:

  • Via phone: To speak with a Spirit Dental representative, call 844-833-8440. A representative can answer any questions you may have about your plan or help you select the right option for your family. 98% of calls made to the Spirit Care team are answered in 30 seconds or less so you won’t be left endlessly on call waiting.
  • Over email: Prefer to ask your questions over email? Send a message to info@spiritdental.com.  
  • Social media: Spirit Dental & Vision supports a series of social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Note that you will need to have a social media account with each site in order to message Spirit. 

Spirit Dental & Vision Pricing

Pricing for Spirit Dental & Vision plans vary depending on your location. To view local pricing, enter your ZIP code. You’ll immediately be served with a range of local options available in your area, which you can directly compare to find a plan that fits your budget and needs.

To help you get a better idea of pricing from Spirit, Benzinga requested a series of estimates for dental insurance plans. Browse a few plan options and premium pricing using the table below.

Plan nameMonthly premiumAnnual maximumFirst-year coverage for major servicesFirst-year coverage for basic services
Secure Network$19.61$1,25020%50%
Core Network$25.88$1,20025%50%
Secure Choice$30.35$1,25020%50% 
Pinnacle Network$31.91$5,00025%50%
Senior Preferred Network$38.27$3,50010%65%

Quotes listed in the table above were collected on 1/31/2023 using a sample ZIP code for Philadelphia. Coverage listed represents limits and pricing on individual policies.

Vision insurance packages are also available as an add-on for $7 per month for individuals. 

Spirit Dental & Vision Customer Experience

Finding a policy through Spirit Dental & Vision is simple and straightforward. Some of the features offered by Spirit that make shopping easier include:

  • Fast enrollment: Customers can begin comparing policy options from Spirit Dental & Vision with just two clicks — enter your ZIP code, choose who you’re shopping for and start comparing. After finding a plan that fits your needs, you can get enrolled immediately. With no waiting periods and plenty of covered services, you can get insurance and start seeking dental healthcare faster.
  • Plan comparisons: Spirit offers a variety of plan choices in most areas, which can make comparing your options more time-consuming. Spirit offers a plan comparison tool that makes it easier to see the differences between each option. Select plans that you’re interested in, click “compare” and continue exploring with less hassle.
  • In-network and out of network options: All Spirit plans are PPO dental plans offering both in-network discounts and coverage for out-of-network dentists allowing you to see whichever dentist you prefer. However, choosing a Spirit Choice plan will give you more out-of-network benefits. Pricing between Spirit Network and Spirit Choice plans are comparable, providing customers with more options. 

Spirit Dental & Vision vs. Competitors

Spirit Dental & Vision might not be the best choice for everyone shopping for coverage. The company does not offer policies in Washington, and it is not the best choice if you’re only looking for vision insurance. But dozens of dental insurance providers across the country offer policies. 

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following dental insurance providers. Consider continuing your search with a few of the links in the table below. 

Spirit Dental & Vision Overall

Spirit Dental & Vision is a strong nationwide provider offering a variety of unique plan options. Unlike most dental insurance providers, you can begin using your benefits for basic and major services as soon as you’re enrolled in coverage. There are no waiting periods for all services rather than only for preventative services, which is common with competitors. Though reimbursement benefits may be as low as 10% in the first year of your policy, this can be a major benefit if you need to seek dental work soon.

Spirit also allows you to pay a single lifetime deductible rather than an annual or one per condition or treatment. This can be beneficial if you’re living on a limited income or you know your family would struggle to cover a sudden deductible charge. Maximum annual limits are available up to $5,000, which can also be beneficial for those who may need to seek more intensive dental care.

While Spirit Dental offers a wealth of dental insurance options, its vision coverage choices are limited. Spirit does not offer multiple vision options, and you’ll need to already be buying dental insurance to get coverage. But with plans offered from just $7 per month, Spirit’s vision insurance is a low-cost choice available in most parts of the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Spirit Dental the same as Ameritas?


Spirit insurance is a product offered by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., a dental insurance provider with one of the largest provider networks in the United States. Depending on your location, Spirit Dental may be able to offer plans that differ from Ameritas-direct choices. 


What is the best dental insurance for major work?


The best dental insurance plan for major work will vary depending on where you live, as not every dental insurance provider offers plans in all states. Review Benzinga’s recommended dental insurance providers listed in the table above to research options in your area and compare reimbursement rates for major work. 

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