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December 16, 2020
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Simplifi by Quicken is a personal finance app to help you track your cash flow and provide an overall snapshot of your finances at any given time. 

While Simplifi by Quicken isn’t linked or integrated with the Quicken accounts or mobile app, it brings you the qualities Quicken is known for: innovation, user features and security and at-the-ready customer support.

Simplifi provides all-in-1 budgeting technology by linking your financial accounts and analyzing your income, monthly expenses and spending habits. Its spending plans mean your budgeting and saving blueprints are perfectly tailored to keep you within your spending limits to meet your savings goals.

The 1st 30 days of your Simplifi subscription are free. From there, you’ll pay as low as $2.99 per month. Sign up now to start your free trial.

Best For
  • People who want to link several accounts for tracking; Simplifi links to over 14,000 financial institutions.
  • People looking for straightforward budgeting and direct look at spending
  • Integrated holistic budgeting, taking your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments along with your monthly income to create a custom spending plan
  • 30-day free trial
  • Low cost subscription plans
  • Budgeting and saving technology only
  • No crossover with other Quicken financial products

Simplifi Ratings at a Glance

Account Minimums
Fee Structures and Pricing
Ease of Use
Overall Rating

Overview of Simplifi

Simplifi by Quicken is a personal finance app at its core, but a few features sets it apart. Its expansive network of financial institutions available to integrate into your big-picture financial snapshot to provide the most accurate, comprehensive view possible. 

You’ll always know if a purchase is within your budget. Simplifi dynamically balances your budget, calculating how much money you’ll have left after paying all your bills for the month. You can track where you’re spending too much by setting custom limits by category.

Your savings goals for those big life moments like your post-lockdown dream vacation or a long-awaited career change factor into the holistic view of your finances. You can set automatic contributions to your savings goals, making meeting them as quickly as possible easier. And you’ll get custom insights as you go, allowing you to make only the smartest financial choices to serve your long-term plans.


Simplifi’s features are what set it apart from other options. Take a glance at the analysis and tracking Simplifi can provide:

Integrated Financial Analysis

  • Keep a close eye on your finances with your banking, credit cards, loans and investments consolidated in 1 integrated hub.
  • Over 14,000 financial institutions integrate with Simplifi.
  • Tag and track recurring expenses, bills and subscriptions.
  • See how your finances look in weeks to come with a look at your upcoming cash flow in and out of your accounts will affect your overall financial snapshot.

Track and Manage Spending with Personalized Categories

  • Create personalized alerts for watchlist spending and limits on certain types of spending, which can be filtered by category, payee or tags.
  • Track and organize bill payments.
  • Keep an eye on all your spending from monthly essentials to the big splurges.

Create Budgets Based on Your Income

  • Construct a personalized budget with Simplifi, using data about your income and bills to create a spending plan that makes sure you don’t overshoot your money for the month.
  • Receive custom insights, empowering you to make well-informed financial decisions.

Set Savings Goal and Meet Them

  • Set goals for major purchases and milestones like home renovations, vacations and weddings. 
  • Monitor your savings progress with easy tracking tools.
  • See personalized financial insights for the quickest path to reaching your savings goals.

Account Minimums

Simplifi isn’t a bank account, so you don’t need to worry about making minimum deposits or keeping minimum balances. It can give you a comprehensive view of your financial accounts no matter how high or low your balances are in each account.

Fee Structures and Pricing

Simplifi offers monthly and annual subscription plans. If you pay monthly, it’s $3.99 per month. Annually, it’s $35.99 per year, which breaks down to $2.99 per month.

Simplifi offers new users a 30-day free trial, so you can give Simplifi a test run before you commit. There’s no extra fees or hidden expenses, so you won’t ever pay more than you expect to use Simplifi.

Ease of Use

Simplifi’s flexible, personalized budgeting plans are easy to use. Customizing your spending categories, limits and watchlists lets you dial into your exact needs and preferences. Both the mobile app and website feature clean designs with intuitive navigation. 

All features available to Simplifi clients are available on both interfaces, so you can get the same experience whether you’re at your desktop or checking in from your smartphone.

Get the Simplifi app on Google Play or download it on the Apple App Store. 

Simplifi also gets bonus points for its blog. In addition to the personal insights you’ll get for your own finances, you’ll find useful general insights. Topics range from COVID-specific financial management tips like getting back on track financially as we move through the pandemic to educational content on money market accounts and finding apartments within your budget.

Simplifi Overall Rating

Simplifi’s personal financial features appear basic at 1st glance, but a deeper look into the platform reveals a well-oiled machine that offers  intuitive budgeting and comprehensive financial analysis.

If you have a bunch of different accounts to link or want a clear picture of exactly how much extra spending money you have each month, Simplifi is your answer. Unlike some 0-balance budget trackers that force you to manually track each expense without rhyme or reason, Simplifi intuitively tracks your spending, expenses and income from your linked accounts and the information you provide to give you a usable, working knowledge of your finances.

Sign up with Simplifi now to take advantage of its 30-day trial.

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