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March 4, 2021
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ServiceTitan provides all-in-one software for field service businesses like HVAC, plumbing and electrical repair businesses. More than 100,000 contractors use it for reporting, dispatch, scheduling, inventory, customer service, payroll and more. 

Its founders started the company 8 years ago to help their fathers improve their contracting businesses. Since then, it’s grown into an award-winning business with a staff of more than 1,000.

The ServiceTitan mobile app makes it easy to keep tabs on your business even when you’re on the go. It offers a wealth of educational materials on its website to help you grow your business and take better advantage of its tools and software.

ServiceTitan also takes cybersecurity seriously. It is committed to act quickly if any vulnerabilities are found.

ServiceTitan has excellent reviews from its customers, but a few have complaints about challenges around its accounting software and reporting capabilities. It also doesn’t offer any pricing information, but you can request a free demo to learn more and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

Best For
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Garage Door
  • Other field service businesses
  • Offers integrated scheduling, reporting, accounting and more
  • Clear cybersecurity stance
  • Extensive educational and support resources
  • Reporting can be challenging
  • No information on pricing

ServiceTitan Ratings at a Glance

Product Offerings
Customer Service
Mobile App
Privacy & Security
Overall Rating

ServiceTitan Pricing

ServiceTitan doesn’t offer information on its pricing. Given that it’s used by more than 100,000 contractors, it’s clear many have found it to be a worthwhile investment. 

ServiceTitan does offer an ROI calculator and software demos to give you a sense of whether it’s right for you and your business. 

ServiceTitan Product Offerings

ServiceTitan divides its software capabilities into 4 categories: Grow Revenue, Streamline Operations, Real-time Insights and Impress Customers. Here’s a closer look at each category. 

Grow Revenue

This category includes:

  • Call-booking software: ServiceTitan offers phone integration that allows you to greet customers by name. Your customer service representatives can easily input information, and it automatically populates information as well. You can also record incoming calls to review what customers said or for quality assurance. 
  • Marketing Scorecard: Marketing is critical to the growth of your business. The Marketing Scorecard allows you to monitor your current campaigns, make adjustments when needed and create new campaigns easily. You can rank your campaigns by revenue, see what kinds of jobs your ads are bringing in, and see what geographic areas generate the most revenue. 
  • Service agreement software: This software assigns new equipment installs to customer accounts so you can set regular maintenance visits. You can also set up memberships and equipment-based contracts. 
  • Instant booking integration: ServiceTitan is a Google Partner, and you can take advantage of Google’s Local Service Ads to grow your business. Customers can schedule an appointment or a phone call in just a few clicks, and those appointments automatically populate in the ServiceTitan system. 

Streamline Operations

This category includes:

  • Dispatch software: ServiceTitan’s dispatch software helps keep your techs on time with intelligent schedule optimization. Jobs can easily be extended, shortened or rescheduled, and customers can confirm appointments via text to save valuable time. You can view all the day’s appointments on the dispatch board and move appointments using drag and drop. 
  • Service scheduling software: This software allows you to schedule complex jobs weeks in advance to ensure the right person is available to do the work. You can also categorize jobs based on the tools needed, languages spoken and more. 
  • Payroll software: You can easily document drive time and repair time, and staff can clock in and out within the software. Timesheets are also synced with the dispatch software so you know exactly who is available and when. You can also set up commission and bonus structures to incentivize employees. Employees can sign off on timesheets and flag them for errors in real time. 

Real-Time Insights

This category includes:

  • Field reporting software: The ServiceTitan dashboard can be tailored to display the metrics that are important to you. You can track revenue and trends, sort transactions and compile stats using its cloud-based sync. You can also track performance by technician and review customer service metrics to look for areas of improvement. 
  • Job costing software: This software allows you to track materials used, equipment and labor, which allows you to better manage your budget and your inventory. You can use the information to determine the profit on every type of job. It also allows you to track your accounts receivable so you can collect your payments on time. 
  • Accounting software integration: ServiceTitan also integrates with QuickBooks and Sage Intacct accounting software. For example, with QuickBooks, customer purchases can be easily exported from ServiceTitan to Quickbooks, which means you don’t have to input accounting data by hand. You can also generate invoices and purchase orders in ServiceTItan and push them to QuickBooks. 

Impress Customers

In addition to the mobile app we discuss below, ServiceTitan also offers:

  • Customer experience software: Customers are savvier than ever, and this software helps meet those expectations. You can send customers texts when your technicians are on the way. Customers can reschedule appointments via text and they can view your tech’s travel to their location with a map using tech tracking. 
  • Payment processing: Make life easier for your customers by offering flexible payment options. ServiceTitan Payments allows you to capture checks and credit cards with a photo or send customers a link to a personalized payment portal. ServiceTitan Payments deposits checks and credit card payments the next day, ensuring you get paid faster. 
  • Integrated financing: Financing can make big jobs more accessible for customers. ServiceTitan has partnered with companies like Financeit and Service Finance to back financing. You decide on your financing rules, and your techs can present financing options in the field using the mobile app. Customers can review approval within seconds. 

ServiceTitan Customer Service

ServiceTitan customers can reach support through their ServiceTitan account or by calling them directly at 818-877-4675. Live chat is also available on the ServiceTitan website. 

ServiceTitan Mobile App

ServiceTitan offers an impressive, full-featured mobile app. It syncs with ServiceTitan’s phone integration, which means that those working in the field can access all the information the customer service representative obtained during intake. You can pull up addresses, contact info, notes, estimates and even listen to a recording of the initial phone call. 

You can also review job histories so you know exactly what was done and when. Forms can also be uploaded into the mobile app, and they can be set to appear at certain points in the job cycle so the right forms are consistently completed at the right time. 

ServiceTitan Mobile also simplifies estimates and offers a simple checkout process for customers. 

ServiceTitan Privacy & Security

ServiceTitan has clear privacy and security policies you can view on its website. Its privacy policy spells out what information it uses and when. 

It also notes that de-identified data may be used to “monitor and analyze” the effectiveness of its service and marketing activities. It may share personal information to comply with legal obligations, to protect its rights, in the case of a merger or sale and in other circumstances with your consent. 

Its cybersecurity policy states that it follows the Carnegie Melon Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure for externally reported vulnerabilities and that any vulnerabilities found should be reported to

ServiceTitan Performance

ServiceTitan has excellent reviews from users. Users are pleased with its ease of use and that the software is being regularly updated with new features based on user feedback. 

There are a few complaints about glitches and that invoicing and refunds can be complicated. Overall, customers find that the software performs well and that ServiceTitan is responsive to the needs of its customers. 

ServiceTitan Overall Rating

ServiceTitan’s software can help you get a better handle on your business, improve your marketing and impress your customers. Field service businesses are complicated, and you need software that can keep up with the fast pace of your business. 

ServiceTitan has impressive reviews from its customers. While it’s not perfect, many reviewers note that ServiceTitan regularly rolls out new features and improvements. ServiceTitan was built specifically to serve the needs of field service businesses, and it shows. 

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