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November 14, 2022
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Seasonal investing is an age-old investment strategy that leverages historical data to try to predict how certain stocks or sectors will perform over a specific period. By leveraging readily available historical trends and performance data, investors can quickly identify and try to catch the next big trend. 

Seasonal investing can potentially return a year’s profit from a traditional investing strategy in under 20 days. It is an effective strategy that can outperform most other popular investment strategies, especially for multi-asset portfolios as shown by a comprehensive scientific study encompassing 200+ years and 68 markets. However, timing the market is vital for optimal return on investment (ROI). Without a distinct daily seasonal chart, traders may not accurately depict historical market changes, leading to losses over time. That’s where Seasonax comes into play.

Founded by Christoph Zenk and Dimitri Speck in March 2014, Seasonax is a seasonality trading analytics company headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The tool helps traders and investors identify and evaluate the seasonal trends of various tradable assets to maximize returns. It provides empirical facts drawn from up to 200 years of historical seasonal charts and trade data. By offering data-driven insights into optimal buy and sell timeframes for individual assets, the company allows investors to benefit from seasonality.

Seasonax delivers its services via a highly intuitive and robust web application that is highly versatile and easy to use across various browsers (Windows, Android and iOS). It incorporates features like data visualization, data import and export, scheduling, a screener feature and much more, which makes it easy for users to optimize investments. The company’s innovative service offerings and efficient delivery across the board position it as a significant trading analytic company. However, the company’s subscription services are relatively pricey.  

Best For
  • Risk managers
  • Fund managers
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Private investors
  • Access to seasonal trading signals for more than 20,000 instruments
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Comprehensive seasonal charts with up to 125 years of accurate historical data
  • Highly customizable
  • Educational and research materials (free bi-weekly newsletters, video tutorials, and more)
  • Subscription fees
  • No API
  • No mobile apps

Seasonax Ratings at a Glance

Product Offering
Customer Service
User Experience

Seasonax Product Offering

Seasonax delivers an innovative approach to seasonality investment that boosts investors' returns via its core service offering. Here is a look at some of the key offerings.

Comprehensive Seasonal Charts and Extensive Trading Signals

A successful seasonal investment is only achievable with an excellent seasonal chart. Seasonal charts offer the best representation of seasonal trends. Unlike conventional trading charts, seasonal charts do not display securities prices over time.

Information in a seasonal chart appears as a percentage that starts at 100%. Even when you shift the chart to a different month, it starts at 100% because of the way the algorithm works.

The seasonal chart provided by Seasonax leverages historical data. It allows you to view the precise pricing performance data for any chosen day of the year. By eliminating the complexities inherent in the traditional trading system, Seasonax provides easily recognizable seasonal trading patterns. Seasonax robust database of seasonal charts dates as far back as a century. It helps investors make the most of their daily trades via seasonality.

Additionally, Seasonax offers seasonal trading signals for more than 20,000 instruments. For each investment asset, investors can constructively evaluate pattern stability and analyze KPIs to identify optimal buy and sell opportunities that guarantee profitability accurately. Furthermore, you can upload your end-of-day data to create seasonal charts.

The Seasonality Screener

Seasonalities are recurring yet predictable market patterns that occur regularly throughout the year — year in and year out. Every industry displays distinct seasonal trends, which are supported by strong fundamental drivers. Some of the best-known seasonal drivers include earning reports, tax or balance sheet deadlines and investor sentiment at certain times of the year. It all depends on the asset sector.

Seasonax's seasonality stock screener is an invaluable tool for investors and traders looking to identify trading opportunities based on predictable cyclic seasonal patterns. It is an integral part of Seasonax's service offering, allowing investors to identify profitable seasonal trading opportunities in their preferred market. 

Once you've set your custom screening parameters, the seasonal screener automatically combs the various indices, including the S&P 500, Nasdaq, DAX, Commodities, EuroStoxx 50, Forex and many more. Depending on your Seasonax subscription package, you can screen over 50 indices. Subsequently, the screener will reveal which instrument within an index of investment opportunities guarantees profitability based on annualized returns, winning trades and average returns. As a business subscriber, you can create your own screener universes through the basket feature, which allows the setup of up to five baskets, each with as many as 100 instruments.

Advanced Filtering

Seasonax's well-structured and user-friendly data filter menu is a game changer for efficient event analysis and optimized data deep dive. With this feature, you can quickly analyze patterns around specific events or take a deeper look at bullish or bearish years. 

The feature is pre-programmed and very beneficial in streamlining trade research while saving time. For instance, you can seamlessly choose "only bullish" or "only bearish" years with a single click. 

Furthermore, the four U.S. presidential cycle filters are yet another fantastic extra. Given that election dates undoubtedly have an impact on fiscal and monetary policy, presidential cycles tend to affect securities prices. Therefore, you can use it to investigate how specific security prices perform during given presidential cycles. Overall, the advanced filtering one-click feature can save you from manually selecting trades that meet your requirements.

Detailed Statistics

Seasonax also provides access to an unrivaled depth of trade data — up to 100 years on most market indices. With this feature, you can quickly dive deeper into key performance indicators (KPIs) like percentage profit and losses, maximum rise and maximum drop for selected patterns and analyze potential profits at a glance.

Detrended Chart Views

Some securities like BTC are known to undergo prolonged and persistent down or upswings with a minute interruption. For such securities, identifying or evaluating periods of relative weakness is usually challenging. However, with Seasonax detrended chart, you can view all requisite fluctuations of your preferred security or tradable assets at a glance. This feature makes for clarity in decision-making. 

Besides providing insights and analytics, the Seasonax expert team regularly handpicks seasonal trading opportunities for users. These handpicked opportunities are known as featured patterns. They include individual assets' trading signals, recommended buy and sell dates and projected returns as predicted by the Seasonax editorial team. The featured patterns option is an additional trading option for investors that prefer hands-off investments. Benzinga rates Seasonax five based on its robust product offerings.

Seasonax Customer Service

Seasonax offers phone and email support. Reviews across platforms are minimal. However, the limited reviews were overwhelmingly positive, from customer service support to core service delivery (trading signals, pattern analytics and seasonality insights). The customer service representatives were deemed helpful and attentive. Benzinga rates Seasonax 4 out of 5 on customer service.

Seasonax Security

Seasonax leverages market-leading best practices to safeguard user information. Personal information shared with the company is handled following DSGVO and TKG 2003 legal regulations. Individual data is not used for marketing or other purposes unless expressly permitted by the user. Furthermore, users have express rights regarding the correction, deletion, limitation, data portability, revocation and objection. Benzinga rates Seasonax 5 based on its proactive approach to protecting data or user information.

Seasonax Pricing

Seasonax offers freemium and premium service categories. The freemium service provides minimal features, but it does allow users to analyze 20 selected instruments and assess bi-weekly seasonal insight reports. Examples of this feature include access to information on Adidas, the S&P 500 or the 25-year silver chart. The premium category encompasses Full service and Business service subscription packages. Each plan features the full range of Seasonax service offerings and a plethora of additional features. 

Additionally, there's a three-day money-back guaranteed free trial. For the Full service package, the monthly subscription is $49.95. However, you can save over $99.00 by opting for the annual subscription at $499.95 or save $19.89 when you opt for the three-month plan at $129.95. For the Business service package, the monthly subscription is $100. However, you can save over $240 by opting for the annual subscription at $960 or save $30 when you opt for the three-month plan at $270. 

Unlike the Full service, the Business service subscription offers many more markets to screen using the seasonality features. Additionally, it has a comparison feature that allows you to assess an instrument's seasonal pattern against another instrument or a specific year. Subscribers can also upload their custom data for analysis. Nevertheless, its high price makes it affordable for mainly institutional investors. Benzinga rates Seasonax 3.5 based on price.

Seasonax User Experience

Seasonax is an invaluable tool for traders and investors looking to take advantage of seasonal stocks and cyclic recurring patterns. The platform is highly customizable and user-friendly. Investors can quickly locate, identify and trade profitable patterns based on seasonal analysis without hassles. Hands-off investors can also trade the company's featured patterns to reap profit.

Seasonax integrates with its web app and Bloomberg Professional. The Seasonax App runs you $480 per month and is only available for Bloomberg Pro users. So despite not offering intraday data, investors can access intraday data within the Seasonax integration through these third-party ecosystems. Although it lacks a mobile application, its native web app is highly intuitive, with easy-to-use analytics tools and a high-volume trade data backlog. 

The platform's robust web architecture provides accurate seasonal chart data and pattern insights to allow users to execute trades that easily outperform the market. However, Seasonax needs a mobile application as that'll make for flexibility. Benzinga rates Seasonax 4 based on user experience.

Video Tutorial

Seasonax vs. Competitors

Seasonax core competitors include Tykr and UniBit. Like Seasonax, Tykr offers stock screeners and educational content like newsletters. It is also strictly web-based. However, unlike Seasonax, it is not focused on seasonality. Like Seasonax, UniBit provides traders with historical stock market data through its web-based application. Furthermore, it features interactive analytics and customizable market insights that help decision-making. 

However, although it also offers freemium services like Seasonax, its subscription services are costlier. Seasonax stands out among key competitors thanks to its proprietary algorithm, which generates detailed seasonal charts and accurate return calculations. This feature makes for fast identification of trading opportunities and saves users valuable time.

Seasonax Overall

Seasonax helps investors and traders identify, analyze and maximize potentially profitable seasonal trade opportunities. Its robust proprietary award-winning trading algorithms, efficient analytical tools, incredible data depth and several other premium features mean users with zero mathematical skills can easily recognize and interpret seasonal patterns.

Furthermore, its unrivaled depth of historical data can facilitate more profitable trades. Users looking for a hands-off analysis can leverage the editorial selections via the featured patterns service. Its native web-only platform is highly versatile and accessible via any device and makes for excellent ease of usage. Overall, Seasonax offers investors everything needed to optimize seasonal investment while reaping significant ROI. However, its pricing is a little over the top. Benzinga rates Seasonax 4.5 overall.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do trading patterns actually work?


Yes, trading patterns work. They indicate the most likely price movement based on historical data. More often than not, they can accurately predict price movement.


How do you learn trading patterns?


Learning trading patterns can be a complicated affair. Depending on the depth of knowledge you wish to acquire for your trading, you can start learning the fundamentals by enrolling in Benzinga’s trading school.

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