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June 27, 2023
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PrivateVPN is an impressive virtual privacy network (VPN) provider, combining a wide selection of countries with affordable pricing. PrivateVPN maintains a series of more than 200 servers located in more than 60 countries, providing wider access to region-restricted streaming and content. PrivateVPN is compatible with an impressive selection of operating systems and devices, including entertainment devices like the Roku Router and Apple TV. 

PrivateVPN offers the best pricing for subscribers who purchase 36 months’ worth of coverage at a time, while month-to-month users pay about $10. With support for streaming and torrenting, PrivateVPN supports the most common features users look for when selecting a virtual private network. Though split-tunneling isn’t yet supported, PrivateVPN is a solid and affordable choice for most general VPN uses. 


Best For
  • Anyone looking for an easy-to-use, general VPN
  • Budget shoppers looking for annual discounts and money-back guarantees
  • Entertainment enthusiasts who need streaming or torrenting capabilities
  • 63 international server options allow you to access content from around the globe
  • No-log policy for higher levels of privacy
  • No tech skill required for download or operation; connect in just 60 seconds
  • Affordable, competitive pricing
  • Does not currently support split-tunneling

PrivateVPN Ratings at a Glance

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Overall Rating

PrivateVPN Product Offering

If you bank, shop or work online, it’s worth considering using a virtual privacy network (VPN) when you’re online. A VPN is a type of program that provides you with a more secure way to access the internet, especially if you use public Wi-Fi networks regularly. This software allows users to create a secure tunnel over a public network and encrypts all the data transmitted between the user's device and the VPN server.

When you connect to a virtual private network server, your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel. This encryption ensures that your online activities, such as browsing websites, sending emails or accessing online services, are protected from unauthorized access and surveillance. The benefits of a VPN are innumerable, ranging from allowing you to access region-restricted content to preventing hackers lurking on public networks from seeing your user data. 

PrivateVPN is a top offering in the VPN sphere, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly model that requires no prior tech knowledge to use effectively. PrivateVPN offers all the benefits of major VPN services, providing users with fast connectivity to their local network using a private tunnel. In addition to fast connectivity, PrivateVPN offers a few unique features that set it apart from other VPNs on the market, including the following. 

  • Hundreds of servers: The number of servers a VPN has is directly proportional to the speeds you’ll enjoy when using it. If a VPN has many servers to divert traffic through, each individual server needs to assist fewer users, resulting in faster connectivity. PrivateVPN maintains more than 200 servers to direct traffic through, meaning that you’ll enjoy less slowdown due to bottlenecking. 
  • International functionality: Some users value a VPN because it allows them to tunnel into the internet through a foreign country, allowing them to access region-specific content. PrivateVPN maintains servers in 63 unique countries, allowing users to access a wider range of international content. 

From Cyprus to South Africa, PrivateVPN maintains servers in more than 63 individual countries. This can be a major benefit if you’re looking for a VPN to help you access your favorite region-locked content. 

If you’re using a VPN with privacy concerns, PrivateVPN’s no-log policy may provide enhanced peace of mind. Unlike some other VPN providers, PrivateVPN does not keep any logs of your internet activity, ensuring that no one can access your browsing history or personally identifiable information. By operating under Swedish privacy laws, which prohibit data logging, PrivateVPN guarantees 100% privacy and anonymity online. This anonymity extends to you as the user as well, as you surf with the confidence that your data isn’t being tracked or marketed. 

Another major benefit that PrivateVPN offers over competitors is its variety of app compatibility options. PrivateVPN offers an app for nearly every type of operating system on the market, including Windows, Linux and iOS. It offers VPN functionality for media apps like the Amazon Firestick, which can be ideal for traveling with kids or any other situation where you’re likely to need specific media on the go.  


PrivateVPN offers a range of app compatibility, making it easier to access region-locked content wherever you are. 

One area where PrivateVPN could improve is its lack of split tunneling. When using a VPN, you may sometimes want to divert only specific traffic through a private server. For example, if you need to log into your bank but you’re located abroad, you may want to create a specific tunnel with your bank’s local IP address to avoid getting locked out of your account. PrivateVPN does not offer split-tunneling features, which does put it behind a few popular competitors like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. 

PrivateVPN is an impressive offering in the internet security sphere. PrivateVPN combines affordable pricing with crowd-favorite features, including support for streaming and torrenting through a private network. While PrivateVPN doesn’t offer split-tunneling at this time, it’s a great option unless you’re looking for this specific functionality. For example, if you travel for business frequently and need to log into multiple international accounts simultaneously, this could be a deal-breaker. Otherwise, PrivateVPN is an ideal choice for general usage, especially if you’re looking for a VPN primarily for entertainment purposes. 

PrivateVPN Customer Service

PrivateVPN allows you to connect with customer service using a few unique methods.

  • Via email: To send a message to PrivateVPN’s team via email, send it to
  • Via live chat: PrivateVPN’s team also operates a live chat feature on its website, which you can use to get a faster response during normal business hours. To connect with PrivateVPN’s team via live chat, visit the company’s website and click on the chat box in the bottom right corner of the screen. Most customers who message the live chat system during its hours online receive a response in about 2 minutes.

PrivateVPN also operates an online FAQ section, which provides answers to some of the most common questions you might run into when using the software. 

PrivateVPN Minimum Investment and Pricing

PrivateVPN uses a tiered payment structure, allowing users who subscribe to multiple years’ worth of coverage to save. PrivateVPN’s current pricing tiers are as follows.

  • Month-to-month: If you elect to purchase PrivateVPN on a month-to-month basis, you’ll be billed $9.90 monthly.
  • 3 months: Customers who purchase 3 months’ worth of coverage at a time will pay $6 per month for a total billing of $18 per period.
  • 36 months: Customers who are looking for a long-term VPN solution can save the most by subscribing to a year’s worth of VPN coverage at $2 per month. This comes out to a total billing of $72 per period and is PrivateVPN’s most popular coverage option.

All plan tiers include a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test out the VPN service and cancel if its format doesn’t work with your needs or internet connectivity speeds.

If this isn’t your first-time shopping for a VPN, you might believe that Benzinga’s score for PrivateVPN’s pricing is too high when you consider that there are dozens of free options available. We ranked PrivateVPN above free options because the software offers a number of notable features over free choices, including the following.

  • Entertainment streaming services: Many free VPN services (like Hola VPN’s free version) limit streaming services, which use a large amount of bandwidth. Like many other paid options, PrivateVPN allows you to stream content from sites like Netflix and Hulu while also tunneling traffic through your VPN.
  • No-log policies: Even free VPNs need to earn income of some kind to keep their infrastructure functioning. Some VPNs accomplish this by tracking your browsing data as you work through the VPN and sell that data to advertisers. PrivateVPN’s location in Sweden allows it to benefit from no-log policies, which avoid the creation of a log that can be sold for marketing purposes.
  • Ideal for torrenting: Torrenting is a controversial online activity that some major VPN providers elect to block altogether, no matter the source of the torrenting. This practice is especially common with free VPNs, which often don’t want to shoulder the risk of running into trouble with local authorities. This isn’t a problem when you use PrivateVPN, as the VPN does not restrict torrenting access.

When you compare PrivateVPN’s pricing to that of other services and to the features it offers, most users will find PrivateVPN to be worth the price. 

PrivateVPN User Experience

One of the most impressive features of PrivateVPN is its ease of use, with no prior tech knowledge required to use it effectively. This feature can make PrivateVPN a stronger choice for those who are using a VPN for the first time and who want a one-click-to-connect experience.

Some of the features that make PrivateVPN most impressive in terms of functionality include the following.

  • Fast speeds: One of the most common complaints that users have about tunneling into the internet through a VPN is that it reduces browsing speeds. PrivateVPN maintains a large, global series of servers to maintain speeds for all users, no matter when you’re online.
  • Kill switch: A VPN kill switch is a feature that automatically disconnects your internet connection if the VPN connection drops, preventing any data from being transmitted outside the encrypted VPN tunnel and preserving your privacy. PrivateVPN features a built-in kill switch that keeps your data safe if you get disconnected.
  • User-friendly interface: PrivateVPN was designed with the layperson in mind, allowing you to connect to the internet with an encrypted tunnel in just 60 seconds. This quick connection reduces user frustration when using the software. 

PrivateVPN vs. Competitors

PrivateVPN is not the only option that you have for online security. Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following competing VPN providers. Before you invest in a protection plan, you might want to finish your search for coverage using a few of the links below. 

Overall Rating

Overall, PrivateVPN is an impressive offering in the virtual privacy space, combining affordable pricing with the features that users look for the most. While PrivateVPN doesn’t offer split tunneling like some of its competitors, unless you’re specifically looking for this feature, you’re unlikely to notice that it isn’t available. PrivateVPN’s support for streaming and torrenting makes it ideal for entertainment buffs, while business travelers will love the network of more than 200 servers located in 63 countries. Customers looking for a quick, functional VPN should check out PrivateVPN, especially in light of its money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of PrivateVPN?


PrivateVPN offers a host of benefits, especially when compared to free and less powerful VPN options. PrivateVPN encrypts your internet traffic, protecting your online activities from eavesdropping, monitoring and data theft. PrivateVPN’s servers are encrypted using military-grade AES-256 encryption to ensure confidentiality and anonymity while you browse. PrivateVPN also does not restrict streaming or torrenting services while you’re connected, which some paid VPNs do not even support.


Is PrivateVPN a good VPN?


PrivateVPN is a great VPN option for most general uses. From just $2 a month depending on your billing package, PrivateVPN is an affordable choice that will fit into most users’ budgets. PrivateVPN maintains a fleet of more than 200 servers spread throughout 63 countries, providing you with unprecedented access for most users. While it doesn’t offer split-tunneling services, its features make it ideal for most business and general uses.


Where is PrivateVPN based?


PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, which allows it to take advantage of Swedish anti-log privacy laws. This situation can make PrivateVPN an ideal choice if you’re an investor primarily concerned about using a VPN for privacy or if you’re worried about marketing data distribution.

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