Best Online Marketing Degree Programs

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April 14, 2020

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Marketing is a skill required in business and life. Companies use marketing tools to sell their goods and services and individuals market themselves to get what they want in life. 

An online marketing degree unlocks the door to several rewarding careers. You can also use the skills you acquire during your studies to move up the ranks and attain success in your personal life. 

Benzinga is here to help you find an online marketing degree that meets your needs, goals and budget. 

Why Choose an Online Marketing Degree?

An online marketing degree can serve you well in many industries. The demand for skilled marketers well-versed in consumer psychology is at an all-time high. You can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to join these ranks with the right program. 

Companies turn a profit by getting their products and services in front of the right prospects and converting them into buyers. Marketers play an instrumental role in the sales process — they journey into the mind of the customer to identify their most pressing needs and wants, which results in sales. If you’re able to help an organization find its prospect’s sweet spot, you’ll have job security as a marketer.

As you explore marketing careers, you’ll also find that a degree in the field is preferred by employers. It demonstrates that you have foundational marketing knowledge and are familiar with proven tactics to get the results the company is looking for. 

Marketing majors also have a ton of flexibility with career opportunities. Since there’s a general business education component to the curriculum, you can land a job in a related field if you grow tired of marketing. 

How to Choose an Online Marketing Degree Program

A quick search for online marketing degrees produces tons of results. But how do you sift through the pile to find the best fit? Pay attention to these factors as you evaluate programs. 


The ability to work when it’s convenient is the top reason many choose online marketing degrees. It’s crucial that the program you’re considering offers flexible start dates and gives you the option to fast-track your progress. This can be done by transferring hours from another institution or choosing an accelerated path. 

Student Support 

Online marketing degree programs are tailored to fit the needs of nontraditional students, but a certain level of student support is needed for them to be effective. A few questions to ponder: 

  • What is the student-to-faculty ratio? Larger class sizes usually mean delayed response times to your most pressing issues or concerns, which could hinder your progress. However, a smaller student-to-faculty ratio allows you to receive the prompt, individualized attention you need to successfully complete your courses on time. 
  • Will you have access to the same resources as your peers who are studying on campus? Are academic support services accessible online? Does the career counseling department also lend virtual assistance? Can you check out electronic books from the library?
  • When is tech support available? How are their response times? You may not be able to reach a representative in the middle of the night if the system crashes but the tech support team should be very responsive and address issues promptly.

Cost of Attendance 

The tuition and fees for online marketing degrees vary by institution. Eliminate programs with high tuition rates from your list. It's pointless to invest thousands more in a program that yields the same results as comparable options. Also, avoid colleges that implement steep price hikes every year. 

Jobs Waiting for You with a Marketing Degree

Marketing degree holders have tons of options when entering the workforce. Below are some of the most in-demand roles. 

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers oversee the company’s marketing department to achieve desired outcomes and boost profits. Responsibilities include planning and executing marketing objectives and programs, creating pricing strategies and following trends to identify potential products and services. 

Marketing managers earn $147,240 annually. 

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists help craft the public image of the organization they’re serving. The goal is to create a positive perception in the eyes of the general public, and they pull this off by responding to media requests for information, writing press releases, deploying advertising and promotion programs and so much more. They also perform damage control when organizations face public scrutiny or are in scandals. 

In 2018, the median pay for public relations specialists was $60,000 per year, or $28.85 per hour. 

Market Research Analyst 

Market research analysts help companies gauge the potential demand for a new product or service before releasing it for sale. Job duties include following sales trends to create projections, collecting data on market conditions, analyzing the performance of competitor’s products and services and producing written reports for management. You may also use statistical techniques and software to conduct research used to make recommendations. 

On average, market research analysts earn $63,120 annually. This equates to $30.35 per hour. 

Best Online Colleges for a Marketing Degree

Here are Benzinga’s top online colleges for a marketing degree. We’ve also included a description of each program to help you find the best fit. 

1. Florida International University 


Earn an online Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from Florida International University. This program is offered by the R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business and equips students with the skills needed to excel in the marketing field. 

You will develop a foundational knowledge of marketing principles and strategy. The courses dive into consumer behavior, presentation skills, research sales and best practices for marketing products and services to foster valuable relationships with customers. 

Electives are also required to enhance your knowledge. Topics include export marketing, retail marketing, social media marketing, international marketing, digital marketing, customer relationship management and integrated marketing communication. 

You’ll be paired with a success coach to ensure that you stay on track and graduate on time. Success coaches are also there to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

You need 120 credit hours to earn your degree. 

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2. Colorado State University 


Colorado State University Global prides itself on offering a world-class distance learning experience. A Bachelor of Science in marketing is one of the many degrees you can earn online. It’s accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and courses are facilitated by accomplished faculty. 

Through this program, you will learn the fundamentals of developing, promoting, distributing and selling products and services. The following core courses are required for successful completion of the 120-credit hour program: 

  • Applying Leadership Principles
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • International and Multicultural Marketing 
  • Introduction to Marketing 
  • Market Research
  • Personal Selling and Sales Management 
  • Promotion and Public Relations
  • Retail Marketing/Management 
  • Strategic Marketing

You have the option to choose a specialization that aligns with your career goals. This is an ideal way to garner the attention of employers and stand out from others competing for the same roles you’re interested in. 

The cost of attendance is the same for residents and nonresidents. Tuition is fixed for the duration of your time as a student. 

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3. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater 


Accredited by the AACSB, the online bachelor’s in marketing from UW – Whitewater Online prepares you for the workforce or a graduate degree program.

You’ll gain invaluable insights into marketing analysis, design, distribution, pricing, promotion, research and strategy. You’ll also learn proven strategies and techniques to help identify flourishing markets and forge strong relationships with customers. You can also make your degree even more valuable by adding a professional sales or digital marketing emphasis. 

You’ll have access to the same student support services as your peers on campus. You won’t have to wait several days for a response regarding academic advising, financial aid or technical support issues. You can also utilize mentoring and career services to help you stay on track and successfully complete your coursework. 

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4. University of Minnesota Crookston 


The online Bachelor of Science in marketing program at the University of Minnesota Crookston will help you become a valuable marketer. Instructors use a hands-on approach to help you gain real-world experience in the virtual classroom through experiential learning projects. 

You’ll discover proven strategies to identify the needs and wants of the markets you’re serving, ways to overcome common challenges marketers face in global business and how to leverage current technology and techniques in marketing. 

Alumni now work in the field as marketing and sales managers, market research analysts, public relations specialists and managers, copywriters, event planners, communication managers and marketing directors. The University of Minnesota Crookston boasts a job placement rate of over 93% within 6 months of graduation. 

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5. Arizona State University 


Become the driving force behind an organization’s marketing maneuvers. An online bachelor’s degree in marketing from Arizona State University equips you with the knowledge and skills to create and execute strategic marketing objectives. This program is offered by the AACSB-accredited W.P. Carey School of Business. 

The curriculum focuses on several core components of marketing, including: 

  • Market analysis, pricing, advertising, promotion and sales management basics 
  • Marketing strategies that position companies for growth
  • The growth and survival of firms in competitive markets
  • The role of marketing in organizations and society 
  • Product and service development 

You’ll be ready for a career as a market research analyst, marketing associate, marketing manager, public relations manager or sales manager. 

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6. University of Massachusetts – Amherst


The University of Massachusetts – Amherst features an online marketing degree program through the AACSB-accredited Charlton School of Business. It dives into the many phases of marketing and distributing products and services globally, customer analysis and effective decision-making to meet marketing objectives. 

You can join the thousands of alumni who have landed positions as advertising managers, directors of marketing communications, research analysts, sales managers and public relations managers. You can acquire the foundational knowledge needed to excel in a graduate degree program. 

Not sure if this program is a good fit? Get a sneak peek through the UMassOnline Course Demo. 

You need 120 credit hours to complete the program. 

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7. Temple University 


Offered by the Fox School of Business at Temple University, the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing also takes a hands-on approach to learning. It’s AACSB-accredited and covers an array of essential marketing concepts. 

These include advertising, communications, data analytics, digital media and market research. You can specialize your degree by diving into courses that cover consumer insights, retailing, digital marketing and sales force effectiveness. 

Courses are led by seasoned marketing faculty who use cases, simulations and projects to convey vital information. You will also have the opportunity to implement your new-found skills and knowledge through interactive assignments and internships. 

Want to reach the finish line faster or earn a master’s degree? You have 2 additional options: 

  • The accelerated 3-year BBA allows you to finish the program in just 3 years.
  • The 4+1 Master of Education (MEd) program enables you to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Education in either Marketing Education or Business, Computers and Information Technology. 

Consider this degree program to help you become an innovative marketer. 

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8. Oregon State University 


Oregon State University offers a Bachelor of Arts or Science in marketing. The degree program is offered by the AACSB-accredited College of Business and teaches vital marketing concepts and methods. 

It begins by covering management and organizational behavior and the entrepreneurial process. When you've completed the core coursework, you can transition into upper-level marketing courses. These include: 

  • Introduction to Careers in Marketing 
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Retail Management 

You need to achieve 180 credit hours to earn your degree.

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9. Washington State University 


If a well-paying career in marketing is on your list of professional goals, consider an online marketing degree from Washington State University. This degree program is accredited by the AACSB and shows you what it takes to attract, acquire and retain customers in many industries. 

You will acquire skills to become a well-paid, highly sought after marketing career professional. Plus, you will learn from some of the most distinguished researchers in the field. 

To complete your degree, you must take the following marketing courses: 

  • Consumer Behavior 
  • International Marketing 
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Promotion Management 

Two additional electives of your choosing are also required. 

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10. University of Alabama at Birmingham 


Want to know what it takes to manage ideas, media and money in the marketing industry? Enroll in the online Bachelor of Science in marketing program from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

The degree is brought to you by the AACSB-accredited Collat School of Business and helps prepare you for a career in advertising, marketing, public relations or sales. You can complete the coursework when it’s convenient for you and you’ll never have to step foot on campus. 

UAB accepts transfer credits, which means you can reach the finish line even faster. 

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Get Started with an Online Marketing Degree Program 

Don’t spend hours searching for an online marketing degree program. Start with our list of recommendations and narrow down your options to find the best fit. Our list is full of programs dedicated to providing online students with the support needed to excel in the virtual classroom and the workforce. 

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