Best Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

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Want to jump straight to the answer? Most people prefer to insure their bike or motorcycle with Harley-Davidson Insurance Services.

Some rate the Rock River Run as the best motorcycle route in Illinois, while others favor the ride to Starved Rock to leave the hustle and bustle of Chicago behind. But before you set out on your next great adventure, it’s important to make sure you have the best motorcycle insurance in Illinois for your unique needs and budgets.

The right policy can pay to repair damage to your bike while also safeguarding your savings. Start with our guide for everything you need to know to choose the best motorcycle insurance in Illinois.

Illinois Motorcycle Insurance: An Overview

Like most states, Illinois requires liability insurance for motorcycles. Liability insurance is often described as coverage for other people because it pays for injuries to others or damage to the property of others. 

Illinois Motorcycle Coverage State Minimums

The minimum requirements for Illinois are listed below, but you should consider higher limits in many cases. Often the difference in cost for higher coverage limits is more affordable than you might think.

  • State minimum insurance requirements
    • $25,000 bodily injury per person (per accident)
    • $50,000 bodily injury per accident (if more than 1 person injured)
    • $20,000 damage to the property or others

While Illinois has higher minimum insurance requirements than some states, it’s easy to see where a $25,000 per person bodily injury limit or a $20,000 property damage limit might not be enough.

Other insurance types, like physical damage coverage, aren’t required by law in Illinois. However, if you financed or leased your bike, the lender likely requires full coverage, which includes physical damage coverage as well as liability coverage.

In many other cases, full coverage makes good financial sense even when not required by law or by a finance agreement, particularly for bikes that hold their value.

What is Illinois Motorcycle Insurance Law?

Similar to your auto policy, your motorcycle insurance policy offers a selection of insurance types which can range from basic liability coverage to full coverage that includes collision damage or theft as well as medical coverage if you’re injured in an accident.

Liability Insurance

Illinois requires all motor vehicles that display license plates to carry liability insurance. Liability insurance is often regarded as coverage for other people, but this essential coverage also protects your savings and future earnings. 

Accidents happen. If you’re responsible for injuries to others or damage to the property of others, your coverage can shield your savings and assets up to the coverage limit you’ve chosen. Your liability coverage can even pay for your legal expenses if the accident claim goes to court.

It’s important to note liability insurance won’t cover damage to your bike nor will it pay for injuries you receive in an accident.

Collision Insurance

Collision coverage pays for damage to your bike due to a collision, which includes contact with another vehicle, a stationary object or the road itself. Damage due to contact with an animal is covered under comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Often referred to as “other than collision” insurance, comprehensive insurance protects against a wide range of other risks, such as fires, theft, flooding, contact with animals, falling or flying objects, vandalism and more.

Coverage for Custom Parts

Customization offers a way to personalize your bike or enhance performance, but standard insurance coverage may not fully protect custom parts. Ask about your coverage options if your bike has custom parts or if you’re considering customization. 

Many insurers offer a coverage allowance for custom parts or a way to specifically insure customization and special equipment. However, standard coverage typically only pays for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or their aftermarket equivalent. 

Agreed or Stated Value vs. Actual Cash Value

Standard motorcycle insurance policies insure the bike using actual cash value (ACV). This means the insured value of the motorcycle decreases over time due to depreciation. 

However, for motorcycles in particular, this type of policy may not be the best fit. If you own a custom or collector bike, you’ll want a policy that insures the bike to an agreed value that mirrors the bike’s market value.


In Illinois, you can also choose MedPay, which provides no-fault medical coverage for riders and may allow you to avoid using your standard health insurance coverage if you’re injured.

Road Service

Some insurers also offer towing and other road services, although these services may be part of a separate plan rather than part of your policy.

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  • Low milage riders could save up to 60% by switching to Pay Per Mile
  • No extra hardware or tracking devices necessary
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  • Currently available in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin (more states to be rolled out soon)
  • Requires both a monthly premium and a per-mile fee

Mile-by-Mile Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

Illinois winters can be harsh, cold and unforgiving to even the most dedicated riders. While it would be nice to hit the open road year-round, many motorcycle enthusiasts have to store their bikes for weeks and even months throughout the year. This can mean paying high insurance costs for your bike even when you’re unable to use it.

VOOM pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance offers a solution to this quandary. With VOOM, you’ll pay a low monthly base rate + a per-mile rate based on your miles ridden. Your rate is determined by a few different factors, like the make and model of your motorcycle. Tracking your mileage is super easy with VOOM — each month, you’ll submit a photo of your odometer, and that’s it. You don’t have to add a physical device or download an app to track your riding.

The offering does not require a physical device or mobile app to track mileage or behavior. Instead, riders must submit a photo of their odometers every month.

Managing your policy online is simple with VOOM. And riders can access a variety of other coverage options, too. Qualified riders may have the following coverage options available to them:

  • Liability coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Accessory coverage 

VOOM is especially perfect for motorcyclists who ride occasionally or have to store their bike for long periods of time throughout the year due to seasonality or other factors. And if you’re a lover of short rides, VOOM will work for you, too. VOOM lets riders customize their insurance throughout the year and only pay for the time they ride.

VOOM is currently available to riders in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Illinois Motorcycle Traffic Laws You Should Know

Illinois provides a motorcycle operator manual for the state’s more than 300,000 licensed motorcyclists. The manual details laws and safety guidelines. 

  • Must have a motorcycle endorsement on their license.
  • A Class L license refers to bikes under 150cc, while a Class M license is needed for larger bikes. Mopeds require only a standard driver’s license.
  • Motorcycle traffic laws in Illinois parallel those for other vehicles, but there are some rules specific to bikers.
  • Lane-splitting is illegal, as is passing on the right within 8 feet of another vehicle. 
  • In some cases, Illinois motorcycles may be allowed in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) or high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. Be sure to read the signage before using a high occupancy lane.

Illinois Motorcycle Insurance Rates Per Bike

Insurers weigh hundreds of rating factors to determine the right premium for your insurance policy. Your premium is the total you’ll pay for the whole policy duration, which in Illinois is a 12-month period. 

Your rate reflects the risk the insurer sees, but also includes the insured value of the bike and the cost of insurance for policy choices like liability limits. Risk is often the biggest factor, though, and the type of bike you choose can play a role in the cost of insurance.

For example, you can expect many sportbikes to have higher insurance costs than touring bikes with similar engine sizes. Insurers consider data from across the country, comparing crash statistics such as frequency, injury severity, and repair costs. 

Because sport bikes are often ridden more aggressively, accident rates may be higher increasing insurance costs as well. However, features like anti-lock brake systems (ABS) may help offset the cost because some insurers offer a discount for ABS. 

Before buying a new bike, reach out to a few motorcycle insurance companies to get a quote.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Illinois

Compare both price and policy features when choosing the best motorcycle insurance in Illinois. A low premium isn’t always the best value and often a mid-range or top-tier provider can offer more complete coverage.

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Dairyland is an auto and motorcycle insurance provider offering policies throughout the United States. Although the company isn’t available in every state, it’s an affordable choice for anyone who lives within its service area. In our review, Dairyland offers among the most affordable quotes for a 1-year policy. The company also maintains a high number of positive reviews on sites like Trustpilot and its generous discounts can lower your premiums even further.

Best For
  • Riders looking for the most affordable motorcycle insurance available
  • Riders looking for a wide range of coverage options
  • Exceptionally affordable insurance options; very low quote for a 1-year policy
  • Wide range of policies and add-on protections available
  • Easy, guided claims process assisted by a representative
  • Simple mobile app that allows you to track your claims and benefits
  • High number of positive customer reviews
  • Not currently available in all states
  • Fewer discounts available than some competitors
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Progressive is the top provider of motorcycle insurance in the nation. It’s the preferred choice of over 30% of riders and offers flexible policies that can be tailored to fit your needs. 

Whether you have a custom, touring, dirt bike, ATV or some other bike, you can get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. 

This in-depth review takes a closer look at Progressive’s motorcycle insurance. 

Best For
  • Coverage for vandalism, theft, collisions and more
  • Supplemental coverages
  • Customizable policies
  • Affordable premiums
  • Extensive standard coverages
  • Discounts to help you save
  • Refunds can be denied for canceled policies
  • Delayed repairs during the claims process
Best For
Comprehensive coverage/Business Owners’ Policy
1 Minute Review

If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you may want to protect your vehicle with a unique policy from Harley-Davidson Insurance. Harley-Davidson Insurance offers policies for nearly every type of motorcycle, and you can even claim a policy that provides enhanced protections for any upgrades you’ve made to the vehicle. If your motorcycle is your primary form of transportation, you’ll love Harley-Davidson Insurance’s rental replacement coverage option.

However, these unique policies come at a price — in our review, policies from Harley-Davidson Insurance were significantly more expensive than most competitors. The cost of your policy might be offset by Harley-Davidson’s generous list of discounts, available for everything from brand loyalty to experience on the road.

Best For
  • Riders with custom bikes that need extra protection
  • Riders who use their motorcycle as their primary form of transportation
  • Riders who want additional coverages beyond state-minimum requirements
  • Wide range of coverages available
  • Generous number of discounts; special discounts unique to Harley-Davidson owners
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Cannot bundle together auto and motorcycle insurance

Choose the Best Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois

Similar to auto insurance, motorcycle insurance can protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. But the right policy can also protect you against other losses that can be difficult to predict or measure, such as bodily injury liability or property damage liability. 

Get a few quotes to compare before making a purchase decision. The peace of mind that comes from having the right policy in place will make your sunny-day rides even more enjoyable.

Money-saving Motorcycle Insurance

Harley-Davidson Insurance Services provides services as a trusted motorcycle insurance agency that knows all about the motorcycle lifestyle. The company stands behind its policies with industry-leading services, coverage and support. You’ll also get money-saving motorcycle insurance discounts and experienced customer service and claims support. 

You can get Harley-Davidson Insurance today with a free, quick quote.