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February 9, 2023
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An all-in-one tax solution, Liberty Tax has been providing a host of tax return assistance services for more than 25 years. The company offers a series of online tax preparation software options for DIYers as well as in-person filing assistance at more than 2,500 branches across the nation. Liberty Tax also offers a unique mobile app that allows you to file an entire simple return from anywhere. While Liberty Tax might not be the most low-cost option (especially if you only need to file a basic return), it offers a robust series of tax services that can help with even complicated returns. 

Best For
  • Taxpayers with more complicated financial situations
  • Anyone looking for in-person tax assistance
  • Filers who need to get their returns in faster
  • In-person and online tax preparation services available
  • Thousands of in-person locations offering professional tax assistance
  • Option to borrow against your tax refund
  • Mobile app that allows you to upload tax documents and manage your return on the go
  • No option to file a free federal return

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Liberty Tax Product Offering

Liberty Tax is an all-in-one tax service provider offering a series of in-person and online tools that you can use to assist in filing your state and federal tax returns, including the following options.

Online Filing

If you’re looking to save money when filing your taxes, Liberty Tax offers low-cost tax solutions that make finding deductions and streamlining your return easier. For 2023, Liberty Tax offers three tiers of online tax filing software, with more expensive packages able to handle more complex tax solutions.

  • Basic: The Basic package includes coverage for filing simple tax returns. The Basic software from Liberty Tax can only cover basic tax situations — for example, single and married filers who do not have dependents to report. Millions of taxpayers qualify for a return using the Basic package, but the software is only equipped to handle single or married filers alone and those with Form 1040 and 8853 income to report. Basic software is not equipped to handle tax returns with more than $100,000 worth of taxable income to report.
  • Deluxe: Liberty Tax’s Deluxe software package provides filing solutions for those with more complicated tax situations. If you have investments, child care expenses, dependents who qualify for deductions and credits, college savings accounts or other types of basic considerations, the Deluxe package might be right for you. The software can support Form 1040, 4562, 8829, 4136, 8839 and 8853 income, as well as Schedule A, B and C forms.
  • Premium: If you are self-employed, work as a contractor or have another, more complicated source of income, Liberty Tax’s Premium software is right for you. This package allows you to seamlessly input information from Form 1040, 4562, 8829, 4136, 4684, 4835, 8839 and 8853 documents, as well as an enhanced list of deductions.

Liberty Tax’s online filing solutions for federal returns range in price between $45.95 and $85.95 depending on functionality. State returns are available for a flat-rate $36.95 when you use federal filing software to complete your return. While Liberty Tax does not provide a free option for filers with simple returns like some competitors, pricing is still in line with other preparation software options in the industry.

In-Person Filing

With more than 25 years of experience in the tax preparation realm, Liberty Tax has created a robust infrastructure of brick-and-mortar locations with tax experts standing by to help you file. Enter your zip code on Liberty Tax’s store locator to find the closest in-person filing option near you and make an appointment.

The company operates more than 2,500 in-person locations in all 50 states, each of which offers comprehensive tax services. Liberty Tax’s locations also accept walk-in appointments, meaning that you have a professional option to assist if you’re stuck filing at the last minute.

Mobile Filing

If you have a simple tax situation (like most Americans), Liberty Tax offers a streamlined mobile application that can help you file your return on the go. Access your records, scan and upload tax documents, check the status of your return and connect with professional tax experts from a convenient all-in-one app. While more complicated taxes may be better suited to online filing, Liberty Tax’s mobile app is a unique option for those looking to get their taxes over with sooner rather than later.

In addition to tax preparation services, Liberty Tax also offers an Easy Advance program that helps you take a loan against the eventual balance of your refund using a few simple steps.

  • File your taxes at Liberty Tax: You must use Liberty Tax as your tax preparation service provider to apply for the Easy Advance program. With hundreds of locations, you won’t have trouble finding a tax professional to file your return.  
  • Apply for an advance loan: After finishing your taxes, your tax expert will provide you with a calculated refund, which you may then apply to take a loan against. Tax refund loans are offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company to those who qualify. Applying for a loan takes only a few minutes, and your tax professional can help you in making sure you’ve got everything you need to maximize your chances of approval.
  • Get your loan: If approved, you can get a loan up to $6,250. When you receive your refund, Liberty Tax will take what you owe plus any fees, returning the remainder of your refund to you. Unlike other types of loans (like student loans or mortgages), there are no limits on how you can use the money from your return advance.

Not sure if you’ll qualify for a loan at the rate that you need? Liberty Tax offers a Tax Estimator calculator which you can use to estimate your refund and learn more about whether you’re likely to qualify for an Easy Advance. With multiple online choices, in-person assistance in all states and refund loan options, Liberty Tax is a comprehensive option suitable for most taxpayers. 

Liberty Tax Customer Service.

Liberty Tax offers a few different methods that you can use to get in contact with its customer service team if you have a question or problem with your tax refund.

  • By phone: To get in touch with Liberty Tax by phone, call 1-866-871-1040. If you’ve filed in person, you can get faster and more personalized assistance by contacting your local office by phone directly using Liberty Tax’s office directory.
  • Email: If you’d prefer to communicate with your local office over email, send a message to For questions about online filing and technical issues, email
  • In-person: Liberty Tax operates more than 2,500 individual locations in all 50 states, with tax professionals on hand to provide walk-in services. If you’d prefer more hand-holding when filing your return, you may want to start by researching local agents near you.

Liberty Tax also offers a robust FAQ section that will answer some of the most common questions that you might have about the company and the filing process. 

Liberty Tax User Security

Liberty Tax keeps customer data safe using a series of encryption techniques. Liberty’s online tax filing software and mobile app data are encrypted using at least AES-256-bit encryption and secure socket layer technology. This is the same level of encryption employed by some of the world’s largest banks and major governments, meaning that your data is as secure as functionally possible.

Additionally, Liberty Tax’s mobile app also institutes a number of additional features to keep your data safe and secure. Be sure to enable security features like password protections on your app so no third party can access your data in the event that you lose your phone. 

Liberty Tax Pricing

The price that you’ll pay for Liberty Tax’s online tax preparation software will vary depending on the functionality you need. Current pricing for the 2023 tax season is as follows.

Price for federal return$45.95$65.95$85.95
Price for state return$36.95$36.95$36.95

Note that pricing may increase as tax deadlines approach. Pricing on individualized services issued in-house will vary depending on your unique situation. Contact a Liberty Tax office near you to learn more about the cost of filing a professional return.

In the future, Liberty Tax can improve by offering a free option to file simple federal tax returns, as is offered by many of its competitors. Liberty Tax can also work to enhance its basic filing option to include support for routine tax situations, including childcare tax credit implementation and taxable income over $100,000. 

Liberty Tax Mobile App

If you only need to file a simple return, you may want to try Liberty Tax’s mobile offering. While the mobile app may not be suitable for all returns, it offers a host of features that allow most taxpayers to file a return entirely from their phone or tablet. Some of the most unique features offered by Liberty Tax’s mobile app include the following.

  • Estimation tools: Not sure how much you should have saved for your return this year? Liberty Tax’s app features a tax estimator tool that helps you predict how much you’ll owe.
  • Virtual Tax Pro: You can begin an entire tax return completely from your mobile app using the Virtual Tax Pro tool. Start by snapping photos of your income forms, and you’ll be led through a streamlined return process. If you run into problems, the app also allows you to connect with a tax expert from your local branch entirely online.
  • Return tracking features: After filing your return, you can easily track the balance of your refund or the status of your deposit using the Liberty Tax app.

The Liberty Tax app is available as a free download for Apple and Android devices. 

Liberty Tax User Experience

Liberty Tax’s user experience is streamlined and simple. While you might have a bit of trouble choosing which online tax preparation package is right for you if this is the first time you’re filing a more complex return, Liberty’s host of products offers something for everyone. If you have your documents in order, you can file a return online using Liberty Tax software in as little as an afternoon and submit your return in just 1 to 3 business days.

Liberty Tax also makes it easy to file taxes in person. By supporting thousands of local locations, Liberty Tax ensures that no user is ever too far from professional assistance. If you aren’t sure which filling choice is right for your unique situation, Liberty Tax offers free basic tax advice — call your local office to learn more. 

Liberty Tax vs. Competitors

No matter if you’re looking to file your taxes on your own, you want personalized assistance and consultations from a tax professional or you’d prefer to hand your entire return off, you have options when you file. Liberty Tax competitors like H&R Block and TurboTax also provide solutions that can make tax season easier — and less expensive for you.

Benzinga offers insights and reviews on the following tax preparation companies and software providers. Consider continuing your search for the best choice using a few of the links in the table below. 

Liberty Tax Overall

Liberty Tax is a solid choice for most returns and taxpayers. Though you won’t find a free federal filing option, Liberty Tax provides you with a host of unique tools that make filing a return easier (like a tax estimation tool and a mobile app). Liberty Tax also operates a network of physical locations, which can be beneficial if you have a more complicated tax situation and require in-person assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I borrow money against my tax refund?


Select tax preparers may allow you to borrow money against your tax refund when you hire them to prepare your federal or state taxes. Liberty Tax offers tax refund advances up to $6,250 depending on your tax situation and personal qualifications. 


How long does it take to get a refund from Liberty Tax?


It usually takes about 21 days to receive a refund when you file with Liberty Tax. 

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