Humana Health Insurance Review

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July 3, 2023
It isn't easy to choose a health insurance company. You want to ensure you select the best carrier that will offer you the ultimate protection and has an excellent reputation within the industry. With annual revenue in the billions, Louisville, Kentucky-based Humana Health Insurance Co. is one of the largest health insurance carriers in the U.S. and offers coverage for millions of people. Humana is available in all 50 states and sells individual insurance, Medicare plans and group health insurance plans to businesses.
Best For
  • People ages 65 and older and looking to enroll in Medicare
  • Extras such as dental and vision coverage
  • Free fitness program
  • A business of any size
  • Partnerships with Walgreens and Walmart to bring you expanded prescription drug coverage
  • Rewards for healthy habits
  • Large provider network
  • HMO plans only available in 22 of 50 states
  • No short-term plans offered
  • Costlier plan required if you need international coverage

Humana Health Insurance Ratings at a Glance

Humana Policy Options
Humana Customer Service
Humana Pricing
Humana Application Experience
Humana Overall Rating

Are you looking for a health insurance company that will give you the options you need? Many healthcare providers offer health insurance plans that will fit most people's monthly premium budgets. Each health insurance provider offers various health insurance plans that provide options for people who want the best coverage.

Keep reading to learn about Humana's health insurance plan with Benzinga's Humana Health Insurance review.

Medicare advantage through Humana can be purchased by people who qualify for Medicare. Three options are available: Humana HMO, Humana PPO and Humana indemnity plans. 

Dental and vision insurance through Humana follows a three-tier type of coverage: Dental Savings Plus, Preventive Value and Dental Preventive Plus. The summary of the costs and benefits of each policy is below.

  • Dental Savings Plus: no deductible, no annual maximum and a monthly premium of $7.99.
  • Preventive Value: includes a $50 deductible, yearly unlimited maximum and a monthly premium of $17.99. 
  • Dental Preventive Plus: requires a $50 deductible, an annual maximum of $1,000 and a monthly premium of $20.99. 

The main difference between these policies is the provider networks. Dental Savings Plus could be the cheapest policy among Humana's offerings. It will provide discounts if you visit in-network dentists. Preventive Value and Preventative Plus offer more flexibility for networks.  They offer essential preventative care and medical services to policyholders.

If you need vision insurance, you can purchase coverage through Humana. Humana vision insurance assists you in paying for services like routine eye exams, contact lenses and frames. Only one plan is available: the Vision Focus Plan. This policy's monthly premium is $14.99 with a one-time enrollment fee of $35. 

Humana Policy Options

Offers health maintenance organization (HMO)?Yes
Offers preferred provider organization (PPO)?Yes
Offers exclusive provider organization (EPO)?Yes
Offers point of service (POS)?Yes 

With $0 monthly premiums, Humana Gold Plus HMO plans are affordable. They offer more benefits than original Medicare and provide security of maximum annual out-of-pocket expenses. All HMO plans include coverage for prescription drugs, a broad network of providers, dental benefits, vision benefits and hearing benefits. Data suggests that roughly 60% of all Medicare Advantage plan members choose HMO plans.

Humana's PPO plans make for affordable health insurance because they provide affordable premiums and deductibles, potential Part B premium savings, over-the-counter allowance and an annual maximum out-of-pocket cost security. Humana PPO plans offer copayments and coinsurance with transparent prices to make it easier to manage your healthcare costs. One significant aspect of a PPO is that these plans do not require referrals for any service.

Because Humana offers a wide range of options, it receives a rating of 4 stars on a 5-star scale. Many of Humana's positive reviews highlight satisfaction with claims, healthy incentives, satisfaction with provider networks and great customer service experiences.  

Humana Customer Service

Some of the most influential rating organizations rank Humana among the top insurers. It received an A- rating through AM Best Rating. The table below displays Humana's ratings across various rating companies. 

One way to distinguish Humana from its competitors is by looking at the company's awards and recognitions. Human’s honors include the Dorland Health Award for exceptional services in the Medicare Advantage category for customers older than 65.

Humana also received the J.D. Powers and Associates award for highest member satisfaction among commercial health plans in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Overall, Humana struggles in the customer service area. While the good outweighs the bad, Humana should consider this an area that needs improvement.

BBB RatingA+
AM Best RatingA-
NAIC Complaint IndexN/A
Moody’s RatingA3
J.D. Power RatingN/A

Humana Pricing

The Humana Savings Center links members to health and wellness discounts. Humana's pricing depends on the insurer's age and rating, similar to Medigap plans from alternative insurers. For a 35-year-old nonsmoking female, the average monthly cost might be anywhere between $300 and $500. Because of its reasonable prices, the company earns 4 out of 5 stars.  

Maximum Annual out of Pocket$4,679
Minimum Deductible$1,400

Humana Application Experience

Humana members have access to the online MyHumana portal either over the internet or on the company’s app. The apps allows customers to pay premiums, locate doctors and find additional information such as a guide to drug prices.

Humana also offers members exclusive access to its Go365 wellness program. The objective is to help members save on monthly health insurance premiums.

The Humana app allows you to manage your healthcare. You can review your coverage, check claims, view your Humana ID card and find in-network providers with a few clicks. You can download the MyHumana app through Apple’s App Store or get it on Google Play. 

The Go365 app lets you track your progress and helps you stay motivated. If you invest in a policy that includes Go365, you can earn rewards by completing eligible, fun and engaging activities that can help you reach your health goals. The app is available through the App Store or Google Play.

The Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons makes it easy to:

  • Engage in healthy activities
  • Get help with your health goals
  • Earn rewards along the way

Lastly, the Humana Pharmacy mobile app lets customers order prescriptions from anywhere. You can request and refill medication, set pill reminders and check your order status.

With so many different ways to access Humana, its application experience receives 4 out of 5 stars. 

Humana vs Competitors

Some of Humana's top competitors include Aetna Inc., CVS Health Corp., Anthem Inc., Cigna and UnitedHealth Group Inc.. Humana stands out because it offers affordable dental coverage. Humana does very well financially, which enhances its overall reputation.

Humana Overall Rating

Solid financial performance helps determine whether an insurance company can meet its obligations. Humana is financially stable, according to Moody's and AM Best Ratings. Humana's 50-plus years of experience, in addition to its name of recognition, gives consumers plenty of reason to trust in its economic stability. Humana's overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I manage my Humana plan and benefits?


Setting up your account is a straightforward process. Once you do that, you can manage your plan and benefits online. You have easy access to forms like medical and pharmacy documents, making payments or checking payment details within the app or online.  


Is Humana Insurance owned by Walmart?


Yes, WAlmart purchased Humana Insurance in what would be its largest acquision to date.


Is Humana the same as Medicare?


No, Humana and Medicare are not the same. Humana is a private insurance company that offers Medicare Advantage insurance plans.

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