How to Stop Being Paranoid or Anxious When You Smoke Weed

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Contributor, Benzinga
December 2, 2022

Marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, mary-jane, hash, herb, reefer. It’s a magical plant with many names. Nearly everyone is aware of the benefits associated with smoking weed. Just like the different names people know it as, the user experience also depends on the individual. Some users discover they're more focused, creative, present and at ease when they consume marijuana. Unfortunately, marijuana's side effects can be unpleasant for some people and frequently involve anxiety or paranoia. 

This marijuana-induced paranoia is unsettling and may even be enough to drive some users away. But many people use cannabis as an anxiety treatment. A recent study found that 58.1% of medical marijuana users use cannabis for anxiety. Marijuana is proven to provide short-term anxiety relief for some but can cause anxiety or paranoia in others. So why does smoking weed cause some users paranoia when it’s supposed to calm you? How do you know the effect it’ll have on you? 

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Cannabis and the Brain

The amygdala's synapses play a role in why cannabis makes people paranoid. The brain region known as the amygdala, which is in charge of emotions like fear and memory, is covered in endocannabinoid (EC) receptors. EC receptors aid in regulating the transmission of information across synapses, frequently with the aid of naturally occurring endocannabinoids or cannabinoids.

A fight-or-flight response is brought on by stressful situations when the brain produces the endocannabinoid 2-AG in the amygdala. THC can affect these same EC receptors, either muting or amplifying its effects. 

Thus consuming THC may increase or decrease anxiety and paranoia depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Genetic vulnerability 
  • THC sensitivity
  • Trauma
  • Environment 
  • Stress

Despite weed’s reputation for being relaxing, anxiety is commonly reported by people who take too much, use too high of potency, are new to marijuana or just susceptible. 

THC is just one piece of the puzzle because marijuana contains more than 60 other cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG). It's possible that CBD may reduce the intensity of THC's effects by inhibiting endocannabinoid metabolism – effectively counteracting THC. This would make it less likely for you to experience anxiety but also will reduce the enjoyable effects of THC. It's also possible that CBD affects the serotonin receptor in your brain, reducing the stress response. 

But finding the perfect balance for the brain, retaining the enjoyable parts of THC without the unwanted side effects, isn’t as simple as just picking up a strain with less THC and more CBD. And despite what your dispensary may claim, you don't really know how much of each cannabinoid you're getting.

Bottomline: The way your brain reacts isn’t your fault, but it’s not entirely out of your control. 

Change the Way Weed Impacts You

While it’s helpful to know the science behind weed and the way it impacts the brain, what really matters is what can be done about paranoia and anxiety. 

Bud Love is the world

A Weed Paranoia Cure

When ancient herbs are infused with precious cannabinoids, they make bud better. They have the power to negate the unpleasant side effects many users experience. THC is then able to do what it’s meant to do in the brain — and that’s mellow you out. The ingredients used in Bud Love are proven to create a peaceful, happy smoking experience. Imagine the ability to get high without the anxious or panicked feeling. 

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Proven Ingredients 

Natural herbs like marshmallow leaf, CBG and terpenes together help alter the not-so-fun side effects. It’s like you’re adding a health supplement to your bud. The combination proves to have a profound impact on anxiety and paranoia. 

Marshmallow Leaf

The leaf of the marshmallow plant is used to treat respiratory tract mucous membrane inflammation and pain. It helps treat smokers’ cough, stomach lining inflammation, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation, urinary tract inflammation and urinary tract stones. Marshmallow leaf is said to promote calmness and relaxation when smoked. When combined with cannabis it makes the smoke smoother.


A non-psychoactive cannabinoid known as cannabigerol, CBG or the Mother Cannabinoid, is typically more prevalent in cannabis strains with low THC, such as hemp. In addition to reducing pain, nausea and inflammation, CBG works to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. 

According to research, it also significantly lowers glaucoma-related intraocular eye pressure. Cancer, Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease can all be treated with strains high in CBG. According to the National Library of Medicine, some clinical research suggests CBG may be helpful in treating brain disorders, including anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research conducted by Bud Love has shown that CBG can significantly reduce the risk of weed-induced paranoia or anxiety. 

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Cannabis gets its distinctive aroma from terpenes, which are the main components of essential oils. These are as important as the plant’s strain. Hundreds of terpenes are found in nature, and they all have various effects on the human body. The best ones for combatting anxiety are:

  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Linalool

Control Your Experience

You can take control of your experience with a product that helps create your desired balance. You no longer have to avoid certain strains or steer clear of marijuana because you had a bad reaction or you’re fearful of the unknown. 

Bud Love is an herbal mix-in for marijuana, similar to cocktail mix-ins. It’s the first of its kind — and totally legal. It contains marshmallow leaf, ancient medicinal herbs, CBG and terpenes. It helps reduce the risk of anxiety or paranoia and produces a smoother smoke minus the coughing. 

By choosing how much Bud Love to mix with your cannabis you control how strong your buzz is. As well as using less weed and making your stash last longer. Finally, you can choose from various delicious flavors and aromas that pair well with each strain so you can customize and change up your bud. The product is 100% natural and produced in the U.S. 

Bud Love premium herbal mixer combines with your favorite strains and makes bud better.

A multitude of health benefits is associated with weed, with the most common being relief from pain and anxiety. Instead of letting the paranoia and anxiety steer you away, enjoying the benefits of cannabis mixers, you can take the wheel. Bud Love gives you the ability to chillax, something anxious users could never dream of doing.