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November 21, 2022
Bud Love
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Branching out from San Diego, Bud Love claims to be the industry leader when it comes to herbal mixers designed to promote the ideal buzz. The company hopes to revolutionize the cannabis industry by allowing customers to personalize their cannabis flower experience. Bud Love has organized its products into four categories: neutral, active, inspired, and relaxed. The products are designed to complement different cannabis strains, enhancing their beneficial effects while reducing the risk of anxiety and paranoia. Benzinga reviews Bud Love by examining the product offering, customer service, price range, and user experience.

Best For
  • Individuals interested in pairing cannabis
  • Adventurous tokers
  • Modern cannabis users
  • Products are divided into four distinct categories
  • The company offers both flavored and unflavored products
  • Descriptions state which strain pairing would work best for each product
  • Clear and reasonable product pricing
  • Some products on sale may not refundable

Bud Love Ratings at a Glance

Customer Service
User Experience and Product Reviews

Bud Love Products

Bud Love’s product offering is comprehensive with clear item categories and easily visible prices. One key draw for the company is that it touts a reputation as the world’s first cannabis mixer. Bud Love provides four key product categories called neutral, active, inspired, and relaxed. Within each category, customers have the ability to select between sweet and classic flavored products, as well as an unflavored version. For example, the neutral category offers products that are tobacco flavored as well as unflavored. It’s indicated that the neutral category complements all strains. Other categories are designed to best match sativa, hybrid or indica strains so customers are recommended to read suggested pairing options before making a purchase.

The products come in two standard sizes: the larger size is 14 grams while the smaller option contains one and a half grams. The bigger size costs more but includes over nine times the amount of product in a collectable tin.

Additionally, Bud Love offers tins that include multiple flavors in both classic and sweet. The variety tins allow customers to sample three different 1.5 gram pouches. For example, the classic option currently includes Dutch Treat, Granddaddy Purple, and Super Lemon Haze pouches.

It’s important to note that the products include cannabinoids from US hemp. Cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant and usually fall into different groups such as THC, CBG, or CBD. THC refers to tetrahydrocannabinol and typically creates the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis. CBD stands for cannabidiol. CBD has been used to assist with anxiety but also counteracts the effects of THC. In contrast, Bud Love uses CBG, otherwise known cannabigerol or the Mother Cannabinoid. CBG is not considered psychoactive but the company has conducted studies that show that it complements and enhances the effect of THC. 

The products offered by Bud Love have no detectable levels of THC or cannabis and contain no nicotine (even the tobacco flavored version). Bud Love will not create a buzz on its own but instead will enhance the effects when coupled with cannabis. Bud Love’s stated benefits are:

  1. Custom Buzz: Mix 50:50 to find your zen. Add more to get social or focused.
  2. More Happy: Feel more relaxed and mellow, less anxious or worried.
  3. Silky Smooth: Enjoy our delicious flavors with no irritation or coughing.
  4. Bud Longer: Make your flower go further and last even longer.

The website also offers a section dedicated to describing the ingredients. The first ingredient listed is marshmallow leaf, described as an ancient medicinal herb. Other ingredients listed include natural cannabinoids and flavors including natural terpenes. Each package contains a batch number that can be entered into the website for a complete certificate of analysis of the product, including cannabinoid composition, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, residual solvents and pesticides. Given that Bud Love’s products are intended to be smoked, the usual disclaimers are found including that smoking is hazardous to health, not for use under the age of 21 and a suggestion that potential customers speak to a medical professional before use if they are pregnant, nursing, have any known allergies or medical conditions, or are taking medication. 

Overall, Bud Love ranks highly in terms of product offering by allowing customers to select various sizes, flavors, and types of premium herbal mixers. Such a selection allows customers to have options while also keeping the perfect pairings in mind. More notably, Bud Love is the world’s first mixer designed specifically for cannabis that improves the experience of smoking while reducing unwanted side-effects.


Bud Love Customer Service

The company offers multiple methods of communication to facilitate customer interaction such as using social media, various contact forms on the website as well as email addresses. However, clicking on the contact section directs users to options including becoming a partner, becoming a retailer, becoming a representative, and becoming an owner. There does not appear to be a general enquiry form in the contact section, instead this is placed under the stated learn area of the website. Because of this the organization of the website can potentially confuse customers. 

In addition to social media and online forms, once a customer places an order, a customer service email address is provided for further communication. Finally, various other email addresses, including for customer service, privacy, accessibility and terms of service can be found in the various policy documents linked to from the website footer section.

The customer service options have room for improvement given that web site visitors before making a purchase are funneled towards online forms, while email addresses are not obvious to find and there is no phone number included. However, Bud Love does have a varied assortment of social media accounts which allows customers to select their preferred platform such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn using the company’s handle #budlovemixer. 

Customer reviews collected on the company website reveal a high level of satisfaction with the products and mention an appreciation for the product design and concept as well as the flavors and effects.

Keep in mind that it’s often recommended to examine customer reviews placed on third-party websites such as Trustpilot in tandem with reviews located on a company’s website. Third-party review sites have the ability to collect an increasingly diverse selection of feedback. When examining reviews, read the most recent, least favorable, and most favorable to have a well-rounded understanding of both the company and its products. Due to the relative newness of Bud Love, third-party review sites have yet to collect enough data and reviews to create a useful representation of the company’s products. 

Bud Love has a number of customer communication methods although some are easier to find than others. Fortunately, the company manages a strong presence on several social media platforms. The review section of the website showcases many positive comments which indicates a high level of customer satisfaction. Social media presence remains increasingly important as customers turn to such platforms for both a source of entertainment and product recommendations. 

Bud Love Pricing

Product pricing is reasonable with items beginning as low as $6.99. Prices vary depending on size and format from one and a half gram pouches priced at $6.99 to 14 gram tins at $39.99. Individuals interested in a pricing middle-ground have the option to select a variety tin that includes three different flavored pouches for $24.99.

Customers can choose products that meet their needs and then proceed to checkout. Individuals can receive 15% off their first order with the code Love15. Shipping options depend on location. All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping in the US. As is common in the United States, taxes are typically not included in the price. Charges remain reasonable which allows customers the opportunity to choose different types of flavors without a noticeable price change.

Bud Love User Experience and Product Reviews

Customers are able to shop for several products from the convenience of an easy-to-use website. The website is thoughtfully designed with four main sections: home, product/shop, learn, and invest. 

Products are intelligently organized and prices are visible. The items offered by the company fall into four main color-coded categories. The products can easily be observed and added to a customer’s virtual cart. This intuitive design of the product section makes the area stand out and encourages customer interaction. The seamless integration of high-quality photos, ingredient lists, and simplified usage instructions bolsters the product section of the website and creates an engaging shopping experience.

Benzinga’s Malia Hang tried Bud Love herself and had this to say: 

“I tried Dutch Treat which I packed into a bowl. I noticed that I used less cannabis because about 25% of the bowl was packed with the herb and it really customized the flavor. Some other things that stood out to me about the product was that I felt more relaxed, less anxious, slightly euphoric and I coughed less which I believe is due to the smoother smoke that is attributed to Bud Love.” 


Bud Love vs Competitors

Bud Love stands out from the cannabis industry crowd. The beauty of reportedly being the leader in premium herbal mixers is that the competition remains few and far between thanks to an intelligently designed first-mover advantage. While Bud Love functions within the cannabis industry, it can be considered a complement rather than an actual provider. This distinction makes it an innovative addition to the cannabis industry with the potential to shift how people decide to smoke.

Bud Love Overall

Bud Love earns a total score of 4.5 out of 5. The company provides an innovative product in the form of a new cannabis mixer. The innovative nature of the items allows Bud Love to navigate the larger market with a first-mover advantage in terms of both product and pricing. The company earns remarkable marks in both product offerings and pricing. Items can cost less than $7. The notably affordable starting price encourages individuals to try the products thanks to a low financial barrier. The company even offers discounts that can encourage customers to purchase new products.

Overall, Bud Love earned a favorable score thanks to multiple factors such as engaging product offerings complemented by a clear pricing structure. 


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What herbs go well with cannabis?


Depending on personal preference, many herbs can go well with cannabis. Herbs often hold certain positive properties which mix well with cannabis. Bud Love is the only herb mixer designed specifically for cannabis and which alters the effect of cannabis while reducing unwanted side-effects.

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